There Will Be Pictures or Aspiring Armitage Part II ?

December 24, 2013

Richard Armitage YowzaA year ago I gave my opinion of the marketing of Richard Armitage. I still feel that way as the deluge of photos of him are released on the Web, but I’m a realist and figured if I didn’t want to just dig my heels in about my opinion, I could have some fun with this. Obviously, I chose the latter, and I’m probably always going to choose the latter, and when I don’t choose the latter, it would be just one continuous bitch session. That’s no fun.

But while I’m on this subject, I think I will vent just a wee bit.

I hope after four years (January 2011 to December 2014) of his life being invested in The Hobbit, that Richard Armitage gets some really fine roles. I long to see him in roles like Daniel Day-Lewis plays or Russell Crowe plays or roles that any number of actors of that caliber often play. Yes, I’ve said this before, but I’m compelled to say it again. This means I welcome him playing ugly and damaged characters, and he could shave his head and truthfully, it wouldn’t make me drink. I think it would some fans, and I understand that. When I was first a fan (too long ago to admit at the moment), I didn’t want to see him like that either although Sparkhouse was the role that sold me as a fan for life, and honestly, they could have ditched the makeover and it would have been a better show. Anyway, I’m long past needing to see the heartthrob, and I’m in the minority. But I can’t change the fact I’m ready for him getting down and dirty in some roles about the human condition.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to laugh and have fun with the plastic period and hope that he’s still in the mode of thoughtfully assessing what to do next.

And yes, I’ve wondered at times if Richard Armitage really is about 10 years or more behind in terms of life’s experiences. It’s hard to believe that, but sometimes I do think he’s naive and is more like a 20 something coming into notoriety instead of a man in his early 40s. That is not a criticism of him. Not at all. It’s merely an assessment, and most of the time he is so level headed. I guess I just really do hate to see him succumbing to something much younger actors succumb to and then have to work their way out of — the marketing of shallowness that others seem eager to foist on us.

If I had wanted to just be a fan of someone who had some really fine beefcake, or who was drop dead gorgeous, there was plenty to choose from. Plenty. I don’t see him that way or rather that’s not all there is to him, and it’s not the best part, but it seems to be mostly what we’re seeing lately. To his credit, he does try to elevate most discussion. I realize that and do give him tons of credit. I just hate like hell he has to go through the Hollywood machine to find great roles. Does it have to be that way? I really wonder.

edit: I started to call this “Becoming Jane.” :D No offense, Jane. I’m just teasing, but I also feel more as you do as I go on.

I will try to limit my criticism of the marketing ’cause I really do know it’s not fun to read this.


  1. I agree completely with your analysis! This is exactly what I’ve felt for a while as well (especially after I came across interviews of him looking haggard and worn out)- that the hollywood machine is (I dread) beginning to consume him. I really hope I’m wrong, and I hope it doesn’t turn out that way, but it sure seems like that at the moment (tragically).

  2. Amen, sister.

  3. I wonder what his agent is doing for his money, Richard deserves better.

  4. I have no problem whatsoever with the “marketing”, the premiers, the press junkets, the photoshots. Unlike some others I like what I see and hear and I do think it is actually only the minimum that is required that he does. The photoshots accompany the bigger articles and there are only a few of them, that is all. I prefer we get new and better photos with better photographers and a more relaxed model. It seem a lot because there is something for every audience worldwide but in fact I think he still only reaches a small audience with a special interest in movies. He doesn’t do the celebrity thing at all and I doubt he ever will. And because he doesn’t do that most people still have no idea who he is. Just look at other actors that are one of the leads in a big franchise – he is still a nobody in comparison to them.

    I am not blaming his agent the slightest, I think he is working hard and RA is trying hard to find something suitable. It just is a lot harder then we anticipated. The Hobbit helped less then we hoped. We knew that the big breakthrough didn’t happen for many LOTR actors and even for VM it took a while. RA is competing with actors younger then him and of more conventional looks, with actors his age that are a lot more established and with lesser know actors that have more high quality projects in their CV to recommend them. I hear him talking about Shakespeare and presenting himself as a classically trained stage actor, but while classically trained, he never was a renowned stage actor. He doesn’t have the background of Benedict Cumberbatch and can’t switch between Coriolanus and Loki like Tom Hiddlestone. All he has ever done is action and heartthrob. He was cast in the Hobbit to do that and it will be hard to try and break the mould.

    I have always suggested not to accept the first thing that comes along, but wait for something that may turn his career in a different direction, maybe he is trying to do that and feels he has enough money for now and enough exposure with two more movies being released next year, so he can afford that. Either that, or he is getting no offers at all. I remember I predicted that we will see him in several bad action movies, maybe that is not what he wants after all. He mention many thing he would like to do, no doubt keeping his options open, from TV to Batman, from stage to independent movie, but said, he wants something with out action and green screen, just two actors and a good script. I hope he finds such a project, but first he has to convince those that make such films/plays/TV series that he is capable of doing what they require. I don’t think a few “character moments” in the Hobbit are enough to convince casting people of his extraordinary abilities.

  5. I believe the respected British scriptwriter they flew in at the eleventh hour for Into The Storm to raise RA ‘s profile as widowed dad in this movie, was thanks to his Agency….

  6. Here, here!!!

    I’m a fairly new “well-wisher” and although I cannot deny that I thoroughly enjoy the heartthrob he is quite the gifted and actor and I would so love to see him in a meatier role….one where he gets down and dirty playing a complex, possibly emotionally and/or psychologically damaged….

  7. I think it’s a shame that the ‘Hollywood Machine’ as you call it, even has to be considered. The movies that come out of the UK are as good if not better. European movies as well. He strikes me as being a clear thinker and hopefully he won’t allow his agent to call the shots completely. An agent IS only and AGENT, after all.

    I expect him to make a quiet but strong mark on the screen – be it a big or small screen. Time will tell. I just wish with a passion that he would go back and read more audiobooks!

  8. re: the respected screenwriter (Simon Beaufoy): he is long gone from the IMDb listing of ITS, whatever that means.

    re: relying on the Hollywood machine: it seems he has no choice. The UK produces a lot of great stuff on big and small screen and stage. There should be no need for a British actor to rely on Hollywood. However, it hasn’t worked so far. Those that produce the good stuff don’t seem to be interested in casting Richard Armitage. So gaining clout via Hollywood may be an idea.

    Whenever I hear him talking about the effort he puts into his work, writing hundreds of pages of diaries, dreaming in character, withdrawing from the fun his co-workers have on set so he could stay in character, I think he deserves to be in the smart stuff. But it seem casting people don’t agree.

  9. BTW re marketing: tabloi-ty media still completely ignore him. British media don’t mention his presence at the premiers with one word or one picture, the same with German media, in spite of the big premier in Berlin. For them it is the premier of “OB’s new movie” and as he is “newly single” they like to speculate about an affair with EL, when there is just as much evidence for RA having an affair with EL. Female First has a few articles and a few fashion websites were complimentary about his outfits. I think the designer outfits and the stylist are definetely necessary to get a minimum of recognition but that alone isn’t enough.

  10. My thoughts are that this man deserves the world, except I don’t feel that anyone is working very hard to give it to him except for his fans and possibly, Peter Jackson). He needs an email write-in campaign so that blind casting directors will see what they’ve been passing up and get the hint that there are tons of people out there who WANT to see him on the big screen in major starring roles. At this point, do I care what kind? NOT! I want to see him in something (or several somethings) worthy of his talent and his presence–it would be wonderful if Richard Curtis could be prevailed upon to write a romantic comedy (or drama) role to add a new dimension to his career.

  11. I agree with all the above statements.. Richard is a Phenomenal actor!! And he deserves all the accolades coming his way.. I hope Hollywood doesn’t grab him in their claws and exploit him for his looks and bank ability at the box office! We all know how Hollywood could be.. I believe he is slowing getting more recognition. Didn’t Peter Jackson see him in North and South and decided to call him for an audition for the Hobbit? Maybe Richard is getting calls from casting directors, maybe he’s just not liking some of the scripts coming his way? I’m sure he doesn’t want to accept a anything being thrown his way, just for the sake of being on screen.. Maybe he’s waiting for some quality work to land on his lap.. In any case, I’m not worried.. He’s a brilliant brilliant actor (very few of those around) , and I’m sure directors will soon see for themselves what an incredible actor he is and they will all be begging for him to join their projects..

  12. It’s very frustrating to see someone we admire not getting what he deserves, but it’s something I remember well from post-LOTR. It seems that casting directors in Hollywood have a particular type or types they look for in both male and female actors: you are either a plastic Barbie/Ken or (and this only seems to work for men) ‘ugly’. RA is neither of these things, and now has heightened expectations after working with Peter Jackson, so it might be a while before he is established with other roles.

  13. Personally, photoshoots are photoshoots. That’s all. He has his charming side and I am happy that he even gets a chance to show that side of him at least on the papers and online photos since his character in the only major film work for the past 3 years doesn’t even look like him. I wish he could get something – anything that is going to make his name bigger. It might disappoint those who want to see the artist side of him but I think he will have much better options to choose from once he gets that “one big role” and make himself known more. That’s all I wish. I don’t want him to be the most famous actor in the world but at least it would be nice to see him not having trouble getting some good options because of the name value.

  14. BTW I’ve heard the story about Peter Jackson and North & South but I don’t think it’s accurate. I think it was Guillermo del Toro or Philippa Boyens that saw him. (North&South is not PJ’s style :-) ).
    I also thought I’d mention that if he’s looking ‘haggard’ or ‘worn out’ (which he certainly isn’t in the latest round of interviews) I doubt it has anything to do with photoshoots or interviews. Everyone does them, and if RA gets work, he’ll be doing a lot more of them.

  15. We don’t really know. Long ago GdT said he was looking at British TV productions to find actors and included “Gaskell”. It has never been confirmed if that was how they noticed RA. GdT could have talked about Cranford, not N&S for example. And it seems RA was only cast in 2010, after GdT left. Clearly his audition impressed instantly and they saw something in him, but it seems that doesn’t happen with every audition RA has. I imagine he had lots and lots of auditions by now that led to nothing and if he looks exhausted it might be because of that. I think the Hobbit may have opened doors insofar that he now can audition for projects that were out of his reach before, but it doesn’t mean Hollywood welcomes him with open arms. I also think next step may be doing the pilot season and trying to land a role in a TV series.

  16. I enjoyed reading your very thoughtful post. I think that RA wants to break into American cinema, and I wish him well. I would just like to see him do something other than another action movie. I hope that RA feels financially secure enough now to take his time and not agree to do just any film. He is extremely talented. I would like to see him be respected within the industry the way actors such as Henry Fonda, Spencer Tracy, and Cary Grant were.

  17. Thanks for your honest assessment. Refreshing to read. I do worry about him. I’ve admired actors in the past, like Sean Bean, who took a really long time to be recognized outside the UK. No one in the U.S. knew who he was until LOTR and then, really, Game of Thrones. Even though he was in a Bond movie! I remember that SB didn’t want to work in Hollywood and worked mostly in the UK for many years. Seems like RA is trying to break out of the UK only market and it seems to be taking a lot of time. What I don’t understand is how SO MANY Brit actors are in US television now, and he’s not. You’d think he could bring his UK television creds here with great success. Maybe he will. Here’s hoping, for that or something else wonderful!!

  18. Lots and lots of fine British actors have tried their luck in the US and didn’t succeed. We tend to see only those for whom it worked out brilliantly, but in case it doesn’t work out for RA he will be in very good company. And I am not sure I want to see RA trapped in another flawed TV series. As he said, actors have to commit for six years and depending on the number of episodes there may be no time for anything else. It has to be a great script and a great character to accept it if that is all he does for the next few years. And for every Damien Lewis and Andrew Lincoln there is a David Tennant and a Rupert Penry-Jones who got pilots and it led to nothing.

  19. Though I am a fairly new fan of RA, I agree with your honest assessment. You see young actors like Daniel Radciff and others getting better roles and to see RA just in few action movies, makes you wonder if the casting directors are blind. Though RA might look younger than his age, we cannot push aside the fact, that you cannot get much to choose as you age… some roles need to be done when young!!! Hope and pray that RA will get great oppurtunities to showcase his versitality.

  20. […] There Will Be Pictures or Aspiring Armitage Part II ? […]

  21. I can much relate to many of the comments expressed here in the last week. As a “second wave” RA supporter of nearly 4 years, I also find a change? in presentation. The Hollywood Effect? New York Man? It is chagrining to not observe that 3 years’ dedication to Tolkien and PJ are not yet indicating the precious “breakthrough” – assuming a North American breakthrough and conquering of the market is the actor’s ambition. The seemingly endless fashion photo shoots in lieu of concrete plans are perhaps conducive to a bit of ennui. Though he is very nice to look at indeed.

    Nevertheless, I continue to believe in the talent of this actor. It cannot be easy to be very much a character actor, with a very handsome exterior which is not entirely Hollywood cute. And is therefore a conundrum to the bottom line $$$ bankrolling backers and therefore to casting directors. It might be that a trans-continental career of the Colin Firth variety is just not in the stars. I would not be enthusiastic about endless Strike Back or Black Sky/ Storm whatever productions – but that is simply personal to me. Mr. A might not achieve the ultimate in North American fame, but the talent is there. He will be fine.

    (But please, the fashion shoots are getting tired :) Just me again – far from expecting universal agreement :)


  22. I’ve always had ambivalent feelings about him being in Hollywood. I just want someone with some power who sees his talent and how to use it to put him in a good role! Then again when I think of how many lousy movies there are these days, that may be too much to ask.

  23. As far as I can tell the man as become a model as opposed to being an actor. Please do not mention the one night only Proust reading or his reading of the Hamlet book…. You are right, there is mostly crap coming out of Lalaland these days. Only prequels,sequels,Comic book stuff and remakes of movies that should not be remade.I wish him good luck, Hollywood certainly does not seem to care for him.

  24. I have also been ” analyzing” his imdb page to see all the work he has done especially after his “breakthrough” in N&S (Sparkhouse was kind of a breakthrough but he was not noticed by the public) I find the whole thing fascinating, its like he is cursed. I know he has been to Tinseltown for auditions many times over the years for TV shows and movies (prior to the Hobbit ) and still more nothing.They are obviously not enthralled… What is up ?

  25. I have thought this for years and speculated all sorts of things. I come back to one thing: the powers that be do not want to invest in him, and they must feel they have a compelling reason; otherwise, it makes no sense that someone who has talent like that and who looks like that would not be jumped on by Hollywood.

    And the bit about his accent being a problem? I’m not buying that one. There was Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Not that I want Richard Armitage to go the way they did (Okay, yeah, Firth made good in the last few years after putting up with a bunch of garbage roles). Anyway, it is puzzling, and there is only one really good reason I can think that Hollywood would shy away.I say “good reason” but I find the reason, if it is in fact true, disingenuous of Hollywood who is supposed to be so damn broadminded. No, at the end of the day for them, it’s about money, and they know Richard Armitage has more or less been cast repeatedly as a heartthrob, and what happens when the heartthrob evaporates into something that cannot be a source of fantasy?

    Damn that box is getting smaller and smaller. And I’m sure someone is going to tell me how Thorin was a departure from heartthrob.

  26. And I hope I’m wrong about this and he has something going on that will thrill us all.

  27. Hi frenz (?) !! Happy I got an answer ! Love your blog, I do not post in too many places for fear of being ripped the shreads… I’m kinda sensitive that way ๐Ÿ˜ You on the other hand seem the have a great bullshit- o- meter and so do a lot of your posters ( Jane and pi spring to mind) You know what ? The producers have put him forward as a hot dwarf ( as well as AT and DO). As my husband said upon watching the Hobbit this fall, “that is not what dwarves should look like” (he read Lotr and the Hobbit, not me).The rest of the dwarves are unrecognizable.If you look at the DVD extras, they tried all sorts of looks for RA but they were not “sexy’ enough.So IMO he has been “used” as hearthrob. Just as EL was “used” as token female,just as OB was used as old LoTr heartthrob etc… BTW, he seems to be getting more attention than RA during promotion…Dull and insipid actor as far as I am concerned but I digress. I have noticed that Ra, with a few exceptions here and there, seems to get bit parts in ensemble casts or bit parts in bit material (Miss Marple etc…).It is just odd.You gotta ask if its him somehow. I mean could everything that is not happening in his career be external to him ? Does he have a hand in it ? Is it his personality ? I have a question for you that I do not dare raise elsewhere and it just popped into my head as I was rambling. Do you think producers,casting agents or the powers that be “troll” the internet for info on actors and actresses ?

  28. Glad you’re here, and of course I always appreciate someone who appreciates a bullshit detector. :D

    In case it’s not clear, my last response was hinting that it may well be him. I have all sorts of thoughts on that, but will posit one. Maybe he doesn’t want a big time movie. He’s also said he’s looking at American tv, and in the past that he’s more comfortable in an ensemble cast. Maybe that’s what he really wants.

    All I know is that I think he’s capable of so much more than heartthrob and especially Hollywood’s usual version of it which is all we’re probably going to get. They’re not imaginative enough for much else.

    As for the dwarves, I agree with your husband. Anyone who is a fan of Tolkien’s writings would struggle with it. And it’s very difficult for me to say that as Richard Armitage is the one who got me back into reading Tolkien,and I do appreciate what Peter Jackson has done, but I can also understand why Christopher Tolkien is damn near apoplectic over it and especially over The Hobbit. It’s not the same story. The richness of it is gone never mind the good looking and interesting looking dwarves or the special effects. Phew, Chris, you got me to say things I have hesitated about for quite a while. LOL!

  29. I’ve been watching this thread for a while and it’s really depressing,but it’s good to read a few new voices on the subject. There are a few scenarios that could exist – all as speculative as the scenarios expressed here. So, when I consider this drought, I boost myself up by thinking of these. First, as I have said before in other places, I believe he is working on changing his image from that of a dark,brooding smoldering type to something broader.Second, since he is still getting paychecks, I like to imagine that he is simply waiting for the roles he wants- that having decided to break into the NA market, he is willing to give it the time he thinks he needs. I completely reject the idea that he’s competing against younger actors, Lots of actors who are more successful, including Brits, are in his age range. I think the issue is he’s competing against bigger name/bigger box office draws. Age has nothing to do with it. I also reject the notion that no one knows him in Hollywood, but I’m just not going over that again, He’s a co-star/star of one of the largest grossing movies of all time and the biggest of this year. Any casting director/producer who doesn’t know him should be fired.
    So, in my fantasy scenario, he’s made a decision to break into Hollywood films, he’s rejecting the franchise, blockbuster and hoping for a real role, and, maybe he’s still having audition issues.
    At some point, if it doesn’t work, maybe he’ll consider British TV again, which is just fine with me.
    I also agree that it’s delightful and good news about the audiobook and Pinter/Proust – we can’t really hold those gigs up as progress.
    And about his agents and managers – I am not sure what I think. Just because he’s with the biggest and best, doesn’t mean he’s getting the biggest and best representation, or that the best individual on staff is taking care of him, because those same industry professionals have lots of talent to push. And it’s also possible he’s not getting good advice from them.
    Again, I presenting some alternative scenarios. I’m as frustrated and uncomprehending as the rest of you – but there are so many different things that can be happening back there, it’s impossible to tell what’s happening.The lack of good,original films doesn’t help matters either.

  30. I think I mentioned I hope he’s taking his time to thoughtfully assess what he wants to do. The presence of money to pay bills definitely affords that. LOL! Let’s hope that is the reality.

    When The Hobbit was first announced, I thought he was indeed going to change his image. Dumb me. Even SO told me I was out in left field on that one as he recalled Viggo Mortenson’s foray into Middle-earth. But as for lately, other than the Pinterest/Proust performance (and even that in some respects can be tagged a heartthrob gig albeit more high brow), I’m wondering on what you’re basing the idea that he wants to change his image. Most of what I’ve seen pushes dark, brooding heartthrob. I would love to see something that doesn’t. Since I’ve been out of the loop lately, there may certainly be something I’ve missed.

    I agree that he may not be competing against younger actors intentonally since roles can be for any number of actors, e.g., Poldark, and so he could at times be competing against younger actors and at other times not at all. Again, I agree that age is not so much the issue although it could be at times.

  31. It’s more accurate of me to say he is trying to broaden his appeal.I think the change in his look is one indication. He is handsome, but less interesting and sinister looking. Second, I think some of the lightness and joking we’ve seen in interviews lately is another indication. I know people point to earlier incidents of this easier conduct, but to me, it seems to be happening more often. Photo shoots,depending on the purpose are sometimes out of his control. It’s certainly possible that the roles he’s being asked to look at are too much like roles he’s done and known for. And,as long as we’re worrying together here, I am really worried about Into The Storm. Not his performance, or even his American accent, but the film is of a type that has a limited appeal, in my opinion and could be a disaster in more ways than one.

  32. Thank you frenz !! That last sentence at 7h34 am…. I got tears in my eyes., Swear to you on my 8 year old ‘ s head. I very humbly thank you. Well, he certainly does not want the extra attention does he ? Personally I am starting to think he wants financial security ร  la Hugh Laurie (who I am pretty sure is back home in the Uk- think he was making close to 1\2 a million per episode in House) .I read that Christopher Tolkien article and it broke my heart.About the change in image,do you think he is pushing too hard ? ie. presenting as someone he is not ? Or is he allowing himself to have fun and be less serious ? I have always been ambivalent about him ” going” Hollywood. Will he lose his essence or he is too real for that ? As per my last question pertaining to the possibility that producers or casting agents ” troll ” the internet for info on him… Well, they will discover that he is not a ” tight” little Lala land package.That is one of the things I like about the man….

  33. Perry,

    I hope you’re right about his demeanor. It very well could be!

    As for Into the Storm, who knows? LOL! I am looking forward to it though.


    I think Hollywood, agents, or whomever is affected financially would be fools not to “troll” the internet for info. How closely they troll I’m not sure, but I do believe they look at what’s going on. Then again, it’s my belief that most people who take their career seriously (no matter the field) do research on their market via the internet as well as other places. That’s a long winded yes with qualifications. :D

  34. Chris to Perry.. Hi Perry !! I am very worried about that tornado thing. I have a friend who use to be in the movie business and I remember him telling me that some months are typical “dumping months” for movies that may well flop…This thing has had all sorts of rewrites and it apparently did not test very well with audiences.It was supposed to be released this January (dumping month for crap) but was pushed back to August (another dumping month for crap; just before school starts) So it is not looking good and many people are worried.RA is the ” biggest” name attached to it so he will take the flack if it flops. Feels to me he took anything he could get his hands on.

  35. I heard that it did test well this summer, so I’m interested where your info is from. Problems with the original release were because the CGI company went into bankruptcy, though you are right about new writers having been brought in. I think he may have taken it or it was offered by WB as part of The Hobbit package because of the commitment to The Hobbit. At that point, just after the First Hobbit,it may have made more sense. Without knowing where your info comes from, I don’t know what you mean that people are worried ( besides people like us, who are definitely worried). I don’t know about August being a dumping month because I don’t know enough about the business,but Aug 8 is not just before school starts. Naturally they would not want it to compete with the summer blockbusters.
    Promotion will be starting soon. We’ll have to see what happens with that. How much WB puts into it.

  36. I’ve heard and read the same about Into the Storm, Perry. But the two “crap months” are a reality, which might be a good thing. Better to be under estimated and pleasantly surprise.

  37. @Jane, Why do you think he can’t switch between roles like Loki and Coriolanus if such roles were offered? I mean, do you think he hasn’t the talent?

  38. I mean of course people like us. I have read that feeling of Tornado movie all over blogs..It is also my gut feeling (which is worth what it is worth so maybe not much ๐Ÿ˜Š)As per not testing well, I think If memory serves me right that I read that on Facebook from people that gave me the impression (from their wording) that they were part of and/or knew of the movie business and had seen the info on imdb.I am not a member of Facebook but I read some of it and let me tell you people are wondering what is up with RA… I will try and remember the date that I read some of this stuff. It is really amazing to read people’s ideas and impressions.All of them supportive but many of them critical also….One woman (Facebook) made a comment about something and I thought ouch !!! But to me it is all ok.

  39. From memory, the review of the Into the storm test appeared on imdb and did not do well. When this was I cannot remember. From what I can recall they rewrote the entire beginning and ending of it.Sorry I will try and remember the date. I remember trying to see more comments but was not allowed to as I am not a member of Facebook.

  40. I seem to remember that the test was a mixed bag, but that was a long time ago, and I may not be remembering correctly.

  41. I am trying to find that post you said you wrote over a year ago about the marketing of RA… Having a hard time (you wrote a lot of stuff !) finding it.. Could you tell me the year and the month I can find it in ? Thank you !

  42. There should be a link in this post. It may or may not be obvious depending on the device you’re reading from. If it’s not obvious, then the piece is here:

  43. Thanks again !! Great post and many,many responses ! Wow !! Again, amongst posters,you,Jane and pi standout for me .

  44. He is supposedly auditioning in LA as we speak… I’m telling you, if we do not here anything between now and December of this year,do we consider that he has missed the boat ?Or casting directors,producers etc.. just do not get it ? BTW frenz, hope you are feeling better….k

  45. Sorry,it reappeared ๐Ÿ˜

  46. Do not worry about that at all. I think it’s created confusion hence my latest post about my comment moderation policy,which I hope is temporary.

    And thanks for the good wishes. I feel much better. I’m just playing catch up now.

  47. Glad you are feeling better ! Sorry ,comment moderation policy ? I so do not have a clue..What is your opinion on my comment from 5:10 to 5:21 ?

  48. I’m optimistic. I also realize it’s our tendency to get anxious because the world around us says everything has to happen NOW! Don’t worry. He’s a smart fellow, and as such a fellow who is somewhat conservative by nature. He knows the choices he makes now are crucial. That’s my take on it anyway.

  49. Regarding your comments not coming through, I just got rid of the dupes. But I hope my latest post about comment moderation clears up any confusion about where the comment goes before it’s approved for publishing. I see the comments unless somehow it gets in my spam folder. That does happen on rare occasions.

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