Further Thoughts on FanstRAvaganza 2014

[edit: we are not calling this FanstRAvaganza but rather a Flash Fan event. Details here, and no worries, it’s simple.]

This is a follow-on to my last post with a proposal for a spontaneous FanstRAvaganza to begin on Monday with a theme of “I Saw Something Fine.” My thinking was to have a literal tide of posts that are conveying in cyber world what it is that made so many of us ardent fans. I’m going to further suggest we make this really easy, and that there are no rules other than to focus on something you think is fine in relation to Richard Armitage.

Here’s what I’m going to do and hopefully can get some others to help:

1) Aggregate (aka curate) the posts by categories on Fanstra.com. Hopefully, it will be a magazine style. I’m working on that now. As to tags, I or someone(s) can come up with the tag names. I hope someone will take this up, but I’ll do it if no one wants to. If you want your site included in the aggregation, then let me know via email if possible. That way I won’t miss a request. If you would, put Fanstra in the subject line.

2) Provide badges for people to place on their sites. They can be housed on a page on the Fanstra site for a blogger to save and load to their site. Given this, I’m making a call to all of the wonderful artists out there to provide both badges and/or banners (whatever you want to do) for people to use. The badges should be square or a vertical strip. Banners should be large enough that they can go across the entire top of a page without being blurry. If you want to submit for placement on the Fanstra site, send it to me. If you don’t, no biggie. Just do one and pass it around. Whatever is done, it would be great to have badges and banners of some sort, but we do not have to have the same graphic on every site. However, to show solidarity, it would be helpful if we had the same verbiage. Hopefully they would all have FanstRAvaganza 2014 or Fanstra 2014 and perhaps a tagline about “Something Fine,” “I Saw Something Fine.” I leave that to your discretion.

3) If you don’t have all of this together by Monday, don’t sweat it. This is supposed to be fun and a celebration of Richard Armitage, his artistry and what that inspires. So just do a post and/or a badge or whatever sometime in the next several days if possible. Which brings me to a point I meant to make in the first post. Can we run this thing longer than a week? I think we could, ’cause I think it can gain some legs. Should it go on and on? I’m not thinking it’s perpetual, but it depends on who gets on board and then pushes it. If some of you feel strongly that it should have a definite end, then say so. Say whatever about it ’cause I’m really hard to offend.


All I ask is that you speak up about what you want to see, and I’m thinking about the Fanstra site when I say that. Other than that, everyone is free to do what they want!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Off to get with Traxy to figure out about the FanstRA site.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com


  1. Yup. I am in. :D

  2. Wow, you are quick. I have to amend tomorrow’s post again.
    Great work. I am in. Not sure if I really would want to sustain it for any longer than a week, but that is just me – I am a fickle blogger. Plus, I think it might be nice to still announce another “scheduled” FanstRA 2014 where people have a little bit of time to get ready for. (I know of a few people who have already thought about FanstRA 2014 and have plans up their sleeve but need a bit of time to produce their contributions.)
    Off to make some badges now :-) Thanks, Frenz! I’ll reblog this to tumblr, too.

  3. Maybe this should be called something else?

  4. Or just put “impromptu” in front of it?
    Brainstorming, anyone? :-) – I am gonna ask my scrabble word finder ;-)

  5. Flash FanstRA?

  6. Yay. That sounds good! Go for it! I like it.

  7. I’ve always enjoyed FanstRAvaganza and in the past also enjoyed being a contributor as an author, but do you think making such a thing perpetual would lessen the excitement and anticipation of the event for fans? Just a thought…

  8. I agree. Someone had suggested to let it go as long as it would. I do think that takes something away from it

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  9. I think because it is late notice that this impromptu fan Stravaganza should last 2 weeks and that should be it.

  10. Since it is impromptu, it would be completely appropriate for someone to highlight a previously posted blog piece. And again, perhaps the badges can be used to link to that post or posts, or someone can write a blog post linking to it, or both.

  11. Count me in! :) A Flash Fan…wow!! FanstRA, that is….

  12. Ok, I have tried my hand at a few badges – preliminarily, but if you are making any, Frenzy, then I’ll take my cue from them. For the moment I will link a) to this post and b) the FB page for FanstRA. (And now I need to put my thinking cap on and figure out what I will blog about *eeeek*)

  13. I think I’m going to make another post summing up the input and addressing some more questions and some fears. Maybe that would be a better one to link to. Your call of course.

    I am NOT the person to do a badge. LOL! I’m asking others to do that, since we have some wonderful photoshoppers among us. I am also sending out messages to several that come to mind, but it’s certainly not limited to the people I know. Not at all!

  14. I’ll adjust my links as soon as I see your next post then. My post won’t be out until 9 am GMT tomorrow morning, anyway (it’s my weekly tumblr round-up on my WP blog).
    Looking forward to the creative offerings of the RArmy then. (I can do photoshop, but frankly, it’s the part of my profession I really, really hate *lol*. But when it involves RA I can easily leave my reservations behind…) I appreciate that you are not trying to be prescriptive here, but I really like the idea of having recognisable logos/badges/banners to show that the event is a concerted effort. (Again, just my opinion – no pressure). And you are right, at least in terms of text they should be identical.

  15. Flash Fanstra?? I’m in!! Sounds good, Frenz!! ust let me know what I need to do. Let’s hear it for our guy!! :D Yay, Armi Army!!!

  16. @Guylty @Frenz, As long as someone tells me how to apply the badge to my blog I’m good with it. Just give me a road map and tell me when to post and when to publicize.

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