I Saw Something Fine — Flash Fan Event


Beginning Monday, several bloggers (and maybe some guest bloggers) are participating in a Flash Fan Event (running January 13 to 19) in which they will highlight in a post (or maybe two) what they see in Richard Armitage that is so compelling. The point of this exercise is to exhibit our enthusiasm as fans by refocusing our attention on what is fine. Obviously, it cannot be covered comprehensively for some of us. Again, it should just be covering an aspect or two. Also, if you want to highlight a previously published piece which covers the topic, do it.

Please note if this becomes something that drags you down to prepare, you’re missing the point. It’s not about having the perfect words. It’s about exhibiting your enthusiasm as a fan.

Badges with the tagline: I Saw Something Fine will be provided, or you can make your own, but in a show of solidarity as a fandom, it would be helpful to include those words in any banner or badge you make. Also, I’ll assist anyone who needs help with positioning badges on your site and making them clickable if you desire, i.e., making them link to another page.

Unless someone comes up with something better, I’m floating the hashtag #RAflash. Also, please note Facebook, Tumbler and Pinterest use hashtags. It’s not just a Twitter thing.

I will try to aggregate the posts somewhere. Perhaps on the Fanstra.com site. I’ll figure that out as I go, and just so you know, yes, this is spontaneous, so all aspects are not nailed down other than time, subject and there will be graphics.

If you want to read more about the thinking on all of this, you can see my original post with edits as well as my follow-on post, and this includes the comments on both posts.

Hope to see your thoughts about what is fine!


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  2. Armi’s HQ is at your place????

  3. That’s news to me. LOL!!

  4. Ha, iT will be my Invisible Blogpost!

    erm, my Sis reads my blog, I found out…. So, no. more undecency! ;)

  5. I take it your sister doesn’t have a big sense of humor? :D

  6. I am embarrassed to talk about my feelings with her. We talk in facts. Short answer: Yeah not much humor, but maybe I’ll get a ‘ not bad’ type of reaction out of her.

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  8. Ooh! Cool! :D I’ll enjoy looking at all of the pretties.

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