The Flash Fan Event


I see that some bloggers are already starting to post for the Flash Fan Event: I See Something Fine. Hopefully, most of you reading this will be aware of those posts because you are a regular reader. You may also find the posts via the #RAflash hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and wherever else someone wants to use the tag.

But never fear if you missed something. I will be putting up the website at 10:00am my time (UTC+7 or 12:00pm EST) which will aggregate the posts, or attempt to aggregate the posts. LOL!

Yes, I’m doing all of this by the seat of my pants as usual, but do you care? I didn’t think so. The point is for all of us to have fun and bask in what it is we find so ethralling, and my part in it is to provide an easy way for you to do that! This first day might be a little rocky, but trust me things will get easier as we go along.

Business end of this thing coming next, so if you’re just a reader and don’t care how we’re going to get these posts to you, stop reading now! :D

If you want to put a post on the wall of the raflash site, send me a link to your post via rafrenzyATgmailDOTcom and put FINE POST in the subject line. I get a lot of mail, so please put that in the subject line, so I can easily query and do not miss any requests. If your post includes an image, I will use the first one shown as a thumbnail for the wall of posts I’m preparing. If you’ve seen the site, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’ll quickly understand after you see it.

If you do not have an image in your post, then you can send an image along with your post link, or send a link to an image you like, or I’ll decide for you. It would help me a lot if I didn’t have to decide for you, so pick an image you love and send it to me! For the most part, it doesn’t matter what size. Just don’t send anything that’s less than 250 x 250, and no, it does not have to be square!

For now I’m manually putting up links to your posts and committing to do that at least once per day from the 13th through the 20th. I will try to put up links I receive more than once per day, but once is all I can commit to doing. If I can get my plug-in to work, I’ll get this thing going dynamically. Okay, I promise not to throw any more tech jargon on you if I can help it. Just send me your link!

If you have any questions, please send an email to that same address with the same subject line as above.

Thank you for your participation!


  1. Thumbs up. Sounds great, Frenz. Thanks for doing all that. And sorry for posting already – the US-Europe time difference. And impatience, I suppose. I look forward to seeing the site go up!

  2. We’re off to a great start. I just sent you Micra’s post and I’ve alerted Richard Armitage Griend’s Network as well as Appreciation Society. Posting this there might help. #raflash – forgot it, I think.

  3. Thank you for all the hard work and the great idea!

  4. Thank you so much for organizing this!! That’s a great seat of some awesome pants!! And thank you to everybody who’s doing it… for those of us who are out of it a bit right now, it’s a breath of fresh air. :} Wait, I can only speak for myself, but THANK YOU. I can certainly use this right now. xoxoxoxoxxo

  5. So many RA goodies on a snowy Monday morning! Makes me want to *cough, cough* call in sick & stay home to read! :) Thanks for organizing & giving everyone a place to share their RA love!

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  8. I was thinking the same thing Guylty LOL! I have no idea about the UCT+ malarkey, but GMT will try to represent during the event ;)
    Good luck everyone and I can’t wait to read about that fine something you saw!

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