Tangent — Do We Really Have Time for This?

I promise I’m going to get back to Richard Armitage. I always do!

But for now, can I vent for a moment? Yeah, I’m going to do it anyway.

I despise meetings. Not because they aren’t necessary sometimes, but because most people don’t come prepared, and then they don’t know when to shut up after they get there.

And if there is no written agenda? Oy.

Write a frigging agenda and stick to it.

All of this is to say I’ve been in a meeting with a group since 8:30 this morning, and it’s 1:10 now, and I just got loose a few minutes ago. I was about to say, “You are serving lunch to us, right?”

To answer my own question from above, I don’t have the time. I’m meeting myself — coming and going — which is generally how I like it since I hate being bored. I despise that even more than meetings. Problem is that boredom and meetings often go hand in hand.

Thought for the day: a person who can run a meeting efficiently is worth their weight in gold and pretty scarce.

Okay, I’m done. For now. ‘Cause this damn meeting should not take up any more of my time.

A picture of Richard Armitage for me and for you, the poor soul who read this rant:


Yeah, Rich, that was the look on my face when I left the meeting, but I’m feeling better now that I’ve inflicted my frustration on cyber world.


  1. HI Sweety!! I am off to a Board of Directors meeting tonight at the club. As secretary, I promise to keep the President on target on Agenda, (yes we have one). 1 hour. Coming and going. xoxoxo

  2. Tell me about it!

  3. We may need to have a meeting about this.

  4. Monday morning manager meetings…the bane of my existence!

  5. LOL!! You have no idea what it is to meet with unions! My life. The most important people are an hour late. Then they have to show how tough they are to the rest of the committee, so we have to endure many speeches and pounding on the desks. You are right to hate inefficient meetings.

  6. http://motd.ambians.com/quotes.php/name/linux_songs_poems/toc_id/1-1-31/s/399
    Thought you might like this poem
    Oh give me your pity I’m on a committee etc

  7. The meeting wouldn’t have been so bad if grumpy Richard had been across the table. Great picture.

  8. I’ve joined a committee. There’s an agenda at every meeting, and the person who makes it *can* run a meeting efficiently but is derailed by agendas of other kinds – either someone’s need to score political points against another committee member by finding fault with stuff she’s done for 10 years (now it’s all wrong), or people demanding to know the precise procedure for choosing what weight of paper to buy for the office. (I suppose the latter is supposed to make them look involved and concerned). As a consequence, the meetings are long and convoluted and I can totally empathize with your feeling of frustration.

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