Speaking of Bernard Cornwell

bernardOh, you weren’t. Well, he has been on my mind after reading about Amazon acquiring rights to some of AudioGo’s books. That includes Lords of the North, but as Ali at RichardArmitageNet.com pointed out, there is no Richard Armitage version for sale at Audible. It is only the Jamie Glover edition.

I have nothing against Jamie Glover, but have you heard Richard Armitage read this book?!

Kaprekar and I waxed on about it here where I also have a sample. Of course you can watch some video clips on YouTube, but somehow I think you don’t get the same effect as when you only listen.

Let me explain the full effect it has had on many of us. We went onto read all of Cornwell’s books in the Saxon series (there are currently seven) and some of us are working our way through Cornwell’s Sharpe series as well as some other of his books. And should I even mention how I bought Richard Armitage’s Heyer readings beginning with Sylvester? Me, the person who is not a fan of Regency romance novels and long criticized them for their ability to give sugar shock, buying them in audio form? Yeah.

Richard reads so well he gets you caught up in something you don’t want to end even when the writing is not your favorite. But when it is good writing, it often helps you discover a wonderful author and then you really cannot stop.

This makes me wonder who will let go of their resentment of Shakespeare being foisted on them in high school and/or college only to embrace the Bard and many of his others works after this book Hamlet comes out in May.

As for Lords of the North, Ali is doing her part to get at least one copy into the hands of fans with a giveaway contest. Details here.

And when Ali’s contest is done, I’m going to have one. A few years ago, AudioGO kindly sent me several copies to give away. I did do a giveaway on blog, but I still have one copy, so I’m going to be looking to give it to someone who really, really wants it. Details of my contest coming later.

Coming up next or near next, I resurrect my drum banging with respect to The Hobbit audio book. Get ready.

edit: I may be wrong about Amazon owning Richard’s version of the book. See Ali’s comment below.


  1. I’m also starting a campaign to ask Audible to sell RA’s version of LOTN. They bought the rights to many AudioGo titles when AudioGo went out of business at the end of last year, but they don’t seem to have picked up LOTN yet. LOTN never left AudioGo’s top 10 bestsellers so really this is a wasted opportunity. I suspect the fact they already sell Jamie Glover’s version is preventing them from selling RA’s right now, but if I show them the evidence of how many people want a copy via the poll I’m running on my website, then maybe we will all have the opportunity to persuade them to list it. Visitors to this blog, please vote if you haven’t yet.

    Great that you’re giving away a copy of LOTN too!

  2. Count me in on that, and I can also promote what you’re doing when I do my giveaway as well.
    I feel another post coming on. :D

  3. I just listened to Lords of the North read by Richard Armitage and it is wonderful. I listened to the first two books, read by Jamie Glover- and yes, they were good – but IMO there’s really no contest. Just wish it was a little less violent – but then, this Macbeth is pretty violent as well. (Spotted Dick, anyone? Without the spots?)

  4. Let me get this right – Macbeth read by Alan Cummings is less than 2 hours long, so Hamlet will probably be similar??

  5. Frenz, I was DEVASTATED to find I could not lay my hands on LOTN. Have tried my libraries and secondhand facilities and all. So PLEASE Audible, please! I’ve still not heard it!

    Actually, Audible is interesting. We writers living outside of the USA have no chance of securing readers for our titles as Audible will not deal with anyone but US writers currently. Not good!

    As for Heyer – like you I had never touched a Heyer novel till A Convenient Marriage hit my ears. I was hooked by line and sinker!!!!I Became quite a devotee of her witty and skilful writing after that. I’ve never read the great Agatha either but if RA should do Poirot, I would be in 7th heaven. But then again, maybe David Suchet would be inimitably more suitable…

    As for listening to/reading Hamlet, even in a new narrative, and even with RA’s heavenly voice – it’ll be a no from me. Shakespeare’s works even re-written have so many stories that are so much more enlivening and entertaining for this reader. But hurrah to RA for drawing the uninitiated toward Shakespeare, let alone modern narratives inspired by the Bard.

    By the way, there’s a brilliant re-crafting of some Shakespeare in a quirky, odd novel that is definitely a read to stretch minds – called The Lunatic, The Lover and the Poet by Myrlin A Hermes for anyone who is interested. Hamlet features largely.

  6. I use to think that the lazy person listened to audio books and now I take it all back. I also am looking for the LOTN with Richard reading it. I hope Audible picks it up.

  7. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve listened to LOTN. It’s not my usual genre, too violent, but Richard’s narration had me so enamoured of Uhtred and interested in his story, that I went on to read all the Saxon Chronicles series; I’ve not long finished the latest one, The Pagan Lord.

  8. Bernard Cornwell is an amazing person. I communicated with him years ago when I was part of the Sharpe fandom. I read his book about the Revolutionary War and thought it was funny to be rooting for the Brits in his book! LOL! :D He was so cool back then – he answered all our emails.

  9. He still responds via Facebook and even sent me birthday wishes. Bless him!

  10. He sure does! I’ve conversed with him on Facebook in the last few years. And I got a notice today that today is his birthday!

  11. Wow! Great guy! :D

  12. Marie, I’m sorry I missed your comment and didn’t approve it earlier. That’s why it’s out of sync with the others

  13. Kap, Macbeth is 9hrs 45min, and I understand Hamlet will be around 9hrs.

    Perry, Lords of the North is definitely my favorite so far, but I’ve often wondered if I like it so much because I studied that era of British history fairly extensively. Nah, it’s RA’s voice.

    Prue, I’m definitely checking out the Lunatic, and yes, it’s a shame Audible does not have RA’s LOTN available. Maybe Ali’s campaign will help.


    I used to feel the same way!

    Mezz, I hope someone in the book industry reads you comment!

    Marie, I know exactly what you mean. LOL!

  14. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a doozy of a typo, but I just found one with “sure shock.” Hope you all read that as sugar shock.

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