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Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of you beyond your public comments, and that has been one of the greatest parts of being a fan of Richard Armitage. Yes, I keep saying this, but it can’t be said enough! Let me put it like this. I’m thrilled that I jumped into this madness known as the RA fandom. What awesome, awesome people so many of you are, and now it’s my pleasure to share someone with the rest of you whom you may not know much about even if you’ve seen her comments here or there. Oh, and sometime in the near future you’ll be the recipient of some fun I have planned, which I could not have done without her help. I now think of her as a “partner in crime” ;-), Kaprekar.

So, Kap, have to ask you the requisite question. How did you become a fan?

I first saw Richard Armitage when he was revealed at the beginning of Spooks Series 7. ‘North and South’ completely passed me by, which is strange for me as I usually make an effort to watch new period dramas. It may have been something to do with having a six month old baby at the time! I had rather different priorities!

I watched the whole series and thought he was interesting and quite good looking. The series was a definite return to form, but other than that he made no particular impression on me. Roll on a year, and shortly before Spooks 8 started to air, I was searching YouTube for some clips of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Persuasion’ and lo and behold, here was this ‘North and South’ thing popping up all the time. Eventually I watched one of the clips and was soon watching the whole thing on YouTube. I guess once I realised that the tall dark and handsome cotton mill owner John Thornton was the same actor as the mysterious Lucas North in Spooks, I decided I needed to investigate further…

It didn’t take me too long to find these strange things called “fanvids” on YouTube, and I also found references to something called the “Armitage Army” and from one of the fanvids, Sexy Back, a reference to something else called C19. So I joined that forum, but found it rather overwhelming, and I couldn’t seem to find the ‘North and South’ board (very strange!). It was several weeks before I went back to investigate properly. In the meantime I watched the rest of Spooks 8, and between that and ‘North and South’ (now bought on DVD), I was a goner!

Those fanvids really should come with a warning. LOL! I wonder how much the fan community has heightened your interest since then?

It’s definitely heightened my interest. I joined several forums, C19 is my favourite, perhaps because I joined it first. It’s a wonderful community of ladies that is simply one of the best places I have ever found on the internet. I’ve also ventured onto blogs and Twitter, and I still find it astounding that there is so much activity out there about this one actor…I mean how many blogs are there that post regularly about him – ten? fifteen?

It was about fifteen or so at last count, but I think it’s increased since FanstRAvaganza started. LOL! Sorry to keep laughing, but well, I really am laughing. I can’t help it as it’s always fun to hear how others bite the dust. :D But what do you think about Twitter’s part in all of this?

Twitter has also been an enormously rewarding experience for me, in terms of reaching out to other fans. But with all these social networking opportunities, you get out what you put in, and sometimes I find it very hard to find the time to do everything I want to do, and go everywhere I want to go, as often as I want to. That may not make much sense!

It makes perfect sense!

Changing the subject a bit. I understand you play the piano and the flute. Is that still a significant part of your life?

I am a pianist first and foremost, and I played regularly up until we had to give our piano back to the person it belonged to a couple of years ago! Sad day! But I am working on getting my daughter to learn, so we will have to get something in that case. I learned the flute at school, so that is more “in the past” but it enabled me to play in orchestras and ensembles which was a fun thing to do. I was never good enough to play either the piano or flute professionally though, or even consider going to music college. I won’t admit to exactly how many years I have been playing the piano, but it’s a few decades!! I think I read that Richard played the flute too!

Yep, he does! Or did. I’m not sure where he stands with that now. Would be lovely to know.

I have to ask what are your favorite kinds of music? I don’t even care if it’s RA related. It’s always something I want to know from everyone!

When I was a child I listened to classical music almost exclusively – I think that is just what we had on in our house. I also used to record myself playing the piano and listen to that. In fact I was just reminded that I also used to record myself reading poems when I was a child. When I went away to boarding school, I began to listen to pop and rock music, the popular bands of the 80s such as The Police, and Duran Duran, and Madness (showing my age there!) just what was in the charts, and I explored music past and present from there. I became a massive fan of Prince in the late 80s. I have also become a fan of the music from musicals e.g. Oklahoma and Singing in the Rain.

But from the time I left university and started work, I lost touch with new music and tended to listen to my old stuff. It’s only recently (and completely down to my interest in Richard and the fan videos I have watched I may say) that I have started to listen to new(ish) music again, and I am finding it as interesting as exploring the music of the 60s and 70s in my youth. Muse is one example, but I am really still exploring.

I also understand that you take acting classes. I would love to hear about that! And of course how it may have changed your views of or helped you appreciate more the work that’s done by Richard Armitage.

I started taking the class about a year ago. It’s just a local acting workshop with about 10–15 regular participants. I joined because I wanted to develop my inter-personal and communication skills more for the sake of my work than anything else, and I have found business communications courses either not very useful or not able to meet my needs. But I think I may have missed my calling, because I find it just the most interesting and fun thing to do! It’s also really hard! Everything that you say or do during a scene has to be thought about beforehand. And there are so many things to think about – from basic stuff like making sure that you are facing the audience, and that they can see your face, to harder things like thinking about your character and what they are thinking about and wanting in a particular scene, say.

What is particularly interesting and surprising to me is the amount of improvisation involved in acting (or developing as an actor), and how it starts off being terrifying but then, after you get used to it, it becomes something that is really enjoyable and something that you just have to throw yourself into. Also it’s often what you are doing when you have no lines at all to say that reveals most about your character. It feels like teetering on the precipice of something – you feel like you are going to go over the edge but you just manage to stay on. I also think it’s important to keep trying different ways of doing the same thing and not be afraid to do something where you feel foolish – in fact you have to commit – because faking it just doesn’t work.

This is making me appreciate RA’s work slightly differently (and similarly the work of other actors), in that I am becoming more aware of the work that must have gone into any given scene and that there are usually several ways in which to play a scene, and the choices that the actors and the director made have a big impact on the final result. But it’s early days for me still, and I am learning all the time, I am just beginning to really appreciate how powerful it can be to slow down, and pause and find special moments when you connect with another character.

In that vein, has being a fan had an effect on your general creativity?

Well, I don’t do graphics or fanvids or write fanfiction or anything like that…so I can’t lay claim to being more creative in those respects. But being a fan has led to a reigniting of my love of reading, something that I haven’t been unable to indulge myself in so much since starting a family. Reading North and South, Heyer, Bernard Cornwell and also fanfic has made me remember all those feelings I had when I found good books for the first time. I was not a Heyer fan before listening to the audio books, I tried a couple as a teenager, but they always seemed to be very lightweight reads, and I gave up quickly. I think I should have stuck with it, because I realise now how some of them are gems in their own right, though the language is quite…interesting at times…and they are essentially light reads. But since listening to Sylvester and Venetia, more particularly, I have picked up a few others and am working my way through – but there are lots of them I have to say! Will take me quite a while.

Ah yes, the audio books. LOL! As you know, I’m covering RA’s voice work, so I’m really curious what is your favorite?

For audio work as a whole I would have to say the ‘Words and Music’ poems, particularly Preludes by T. S. Eliot.

I have listened to them hundreds of times, literally. They are like spoken songs to me. Aside from the lovely, earthy, gravelly voice, I suppose I like them so much because of the pacing and rhythm of his reading and because of the beautiful expression and meaning that he uses in every word like when he says “flickered” you can just imagine the light flickering on the ceiling. And when he says “short, square fingers stuffing pipes” I see it happening, in my mind.

But for audio books, my favourite would be The Lords of the North.

Oh my! It’s definitely my favorite too, and I defy anyone to listen to even a few minutes of it and not come away wanting to listen to the whole thing and in spite of it being about a very violent period of history. Listening to it turned me into an audio book lover. There is only one problem. I’m spoiled to his narration. He has set a high standard for me, and now I want to hear him reading countless books. Is there anything in particular you would love to hear him read?

Well of course I would love Richard to read North and South. Wouldn’t we all? But I have more or less accepted that this will never happen.  So I would personally love to hear Richard read The Hobbit, and I have not given up hope that this might happen.  Of course the obvious person to read that audiobook would be Martin Freeman, and he has done audio books before (e.g. he read a version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, another movie he starred in), but…you never know…I live in hope. 

I’m with you, and maybe he should read the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy! We may have to start a campaign. :D

You know I’ve shared others’ recordings of what they think of RA and how he’s affected them. I’m happy you agreed to share yours as well:

Kap is married with two young children and obviously hails from the UK where she still lives.

For those who listened to the excerpt of Lords of the North and are now curious to listen to the entire book, or if you already love it and would just like to have your own audio book or an additional book, I have two to give away. The books are courtesy of AudioGo (BBC Audio Books) and rules for the giveaway are found here. Good luck! :)


  1. Kap is always fun….I am impressed by her on several levels and really enjoyed this “up close” look at her. AND she has excellent taste. Lords of the North is my fav audiobook. I hope I win too! *laughs*

  2. Should I admit she’s one of my favorites? :D

  3. No need to lovely, it was obvious yet totally justified! :)

  4. I always enjoy reading about people’s different paths to the same actor. What seems to connect these various women is their level of creativity and reflection and Kaprekar is no exception. I read the Lords of the North trilogy a couple of years ago, before being hit by Armitagemania and discovering that they were read by my favourite actor was almost too good to be true!

  5. Are you still continuing on with the series?

    Also, I wonder how many people have gone on to read the whole series from listening to this book. I started reading from the beginning as a result.

  6. This is so brilliant! I’m glad you are continuing FanstRAvaganza, Frenz! What a lovely and thoughtful interview with Kaprekar. I can’t wait to see or hear your surprise! Thanks to you both.

  7. I’ve said this before elsewhere but I have to say it again, I bought LOTN without much conviction, I just trusted fellow RA fans that said it was the best., now I can’t help but agree wholeheartedly. I love how he says every word of it, the pace of his reading and the different voices for each character.

    Thanks for the interview with Kap, it’s nice to get to know a little more about fellow RA fans. Usually I read most fans became fans either with N&S or RH, so it was interesting to know Kap ‘met’ Mr. Armitage in Spooks.

    OML :)

  8. Brilliant interview!! I love learning how Richard captured the attention of so many people :D

  9. Oooh, now I have vision of our Kap as a sexy lady sitting in front of piano in high heels :) :)

  10. Frenz it’s been the best kept “secret” that Kap is one of your fave’s ;-) your title post got me racking my brain over a song … If not for that I would have commented sooner! Well it’s not quite the same spelling but how apt —-> Kings of Leon – Revelry LOL
    Dearest Kap lovely to hear more about you and particularly your perception for the acting bits!

  11. Kap is one of my favs, too! :D Interesting to read how he first got her attention with Spooks but sealed the deal, it seems, with N&S. Also loved hearing about her experiences in her acting classes, something I’ve thought of doing, too.

    Once more I think of how Richard influences his admirers not just to engage in writing in fanfic, doing artwork and making vids, but in READING through his marvelous voicework.
    I think most of us were readers to begin with, but some might very well have never ventured into Heyer or Cromwell territory without listening to his audiobooks.

    The BBC is being good to us, aren’t they, Frenz? :D

  12. Cornwell, that should be. My eyes really are playing up on me these days.

  13. You DO know you’re spoiling us. Fanstrav just keeps going and going!

    Love how Kap said “interesting project”! It was so…so…British sounding! Lovely getting to know you, Kap! And we’ll meet you on the “darkside”!!

  14. Forgot to add that LOTN also entranced me so that I am now the proud owner of all 5 of the series and waiting on pins and needles for the next one. I even bought “Agincourt” and discovered that RA’s middle name, Crispin is a very historic name! Who knew? OK, I admit it…I have Cornwell’s “The Fort” now too. Seeee what all this can lead to? A zero bank account due to dvd, audio and book purchases.

  15. What a wonderful read! Lovely interview with a lovely lady. Which reminds me that I really need to further investigate the audio recordings that RA has done…

  16. This is not an entry; I have a copy of it already. Just commenting to mention how wonderful it is to hear Kaprekar’s voice! (and learn that it’s kapREkar and not KAPrekar). Kap, you sound like you should be in pictures!

  17. Yep, I finally learned how to pronounce that name and Servetus too. LOL! Wonder how many others mispronounced them like I did.

  18. No doubt most of us did, @Frenz–mispronounce the names, that is. I wanted to be able to pronounce “Teuchter” properly so I looked it up and found audio prompts on the net.
    I sound rayt Scottish now sayin’ it. Look at what a learning experience the fandom is! ;)

  19. […] Win a copy of Lords of the North at RAFrenzy’s! A great opportunity for anyone who’s been worried about the expense, additional transaction fees, using your credit card number overseas, etc., etc. […]

  20. What a lovely internview, Kap and Frenz. I’ve found myself reading/listening to a wider range of authors were it not for RA. Never read Heyer before (who I liked) and am looking forward to LotN. Everybody seems to be raving about it.

  21. I’m listening to the excerpt you kindly published and I would love so much to put my hands on the whole thing…

    “All that is yet to come…”

  22. Maybe your comment will be the lucky one. :D

  23. Milly Me, OML and Sheepa, I always love reading how people discovered RA too! That’s why I always have to ask that question.LOL!

    bccmee, I wasn’t sure I could continue on, but the thought of it was too much fun not to!

    DEZZY, I like your picture. :D

    NB, IT is amazing the things I”ve now read because of my interest in RA’s works. So many things I would have missed out on otherwise.


    Ohmygosh! You are in for a treat!

    Judi, I promise this is worth the 12 hours and 2 minutes running time. LOL!

    Angie, Yes, they’re being very good to us. :D

    Iz, I already liked that song!!

  24. Lovely interview. Thanks.
    I own a copy of LOTN, but it would be a perfect gift to a person I know. Please enter me in the draw.

  25. What a lovely blogpost again, RAFrenzy, thank you! Very nice to ‘meet’ and hear Kaprekar. I just love to be reassured that I’m not the only one who has been so very much affected by our dear Mr. Armitage.
    I’m a complete novice when it comes to his audiobooks, so I’d love to win LoTN. I cannot get enough of his voice…

  26. Love all the insights into the ways that others think and feel about Richard. So many people I know still only know him from Robin Hood. As we know, there is so muchmore to him. I agree with MillyMe about other peoples journies to the same actor, particularily – for me – those outside the UK. Have loved all of this and eagerly await the daily popping into my inbox. Keep up the good work all! Xx

  27. I would love to win this time! LOL! Muse and Richard Armitage together. Nice. ;)

  28. Well, thanks to all for being so super nice! I do usually pronounce Kaprekar to rhyme with “paprika” but I don’t really have much cause to actually say or hear that name anyway, so you can say it how you like! Of course it also depends how you pronounce paprika…

  29. I will probably always say it that way now until someone corrects me. :D

    Jeana and Kap,

    A little fun:


  30. Pick me!!!! Pick me!!!!

    Great post ! Hoping this is the lucky entry~but even if I am not the winner – just taking the time to listen to his voice here has been reward enough.

  31. Gah, another torturous teasing post! I read these posts at work, so it’s not really appropriate to listen to the audio, no matter now badly I want to!

    Still, winning the audio book would make up for the teasing.. :D

  32. Just want to point out I’m personally claiming my copy entering the contest too. :D

  33. And I see strike tags don’t work. Ah well.

  34. Fixed it. :D

  35. Welcome to everyone new and to old friends!

    Trbabe, this is not work! :D I just wish I could get some work like this. LOL!

    Bonnie, you should put up the link to your blog next time. You may actually rekindle my interest in gardening. :D

  36. Coming to you live from Hampton Inn OK. Thank goodness for business centers! And this one has 2,, count ’em , 2 puters….that WORK!!! Woohoo! What’s up with that?

    @judi and whoever else. Words from the Old Lady..Saw this and thought I jump in with my unasked for 2 cents worth…loved LOTN, but after listening to it, I HAD to see what happened next. And then what happened before. (Right now it’s smack dab in the middle of the existing series.) Now I wished I’d listened AFTER I read the preceeding books. It’s wonderful on its own, but being ME, I had to get the others in the series so I COULD FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED!! Grrrr. Now, it’s all muddled as to who came when and where cause I listened to LOTN first, then read #4, then #5, then #1…you see where I’m going with this. For all you brilliant younger gals, that might not be a problem, for me…it means I need to start all over IN ORDER. Course, that’s not so bad, cause I get to listen to Uthred again. *sigh*

    @Frenz…I know..count ’em 5 books, no, make that 7 counting Mesmered’s books and kazillions of singles and albums. Thing is, you watch the vid at youtube and WOW, I like that song! Ring up Mr. Amazon, 2 clicks and I’ve got MORE music!! It never ends. BUt I am soooo glad I have that music…my RA playlist is really long and I hummed along the last 5 hours on the road!! Yeehaww….to quote Martha, That’s a good thing!…the music, not me singing….

    @Bonnie…one word…earbuds. It’ll make them crazy wondering what you’re grinning from ear to ear about!!

    Over and out. Sorry for the chatty cathy diatribe! It’s been a long day!

  37. You came across as anonymous, so I took a chance on who was doing the talking. :D

  38. You’re preaching to the choir about two clicks. I had to get myself an external hard drive for my videos and music not to mention all of the ebooks. It’s absurd, but it feels good. :D

  39. Oh, and I should add–please include me in the drawing, Frenz. I have two sisters I regularly give RA stuff to as presents or “just because” (Just because I am a great sister, ya know) . . . *grin*

  40. LOL! Thanks! Now HOW did you know it was me I wonder?

    The external drive thingy is good…except mine it supposed to be back up for farm stuff. Ha! Little do THEY know!

    OK this time my name should appear. I pushed the keys REAL hard! This time I am really, Over and Out. =0)

  41. Done, Angie! and fyi: unless someone specifically asks me to withdraw them from the contest, they will be entered with their comment or comments.

  42. We crossed posted, NB. Oh, I don’t know exactly how I could tell it was you. Maybe I could hear your accent. :D

  43. Great interview. Thanks for all the work you put into RAFrenzy.

  44. Wow! Thanks! ;o)

  45. Hi Frenzy, what a creative time for you this week! So many interesting and passionate posts to go through. Sorry I could not comment all of them, but read them very carefully and pleasantly.
    As I am not from UK, I need advice from you girls: how can I approach LOTN listening without being overwhelmed by the awkwardness of the language (regularly overwhelmed by the narrator’s VOICE, but this is a different story). I think I must stop a little on the Heyer and RH audiobooks experience, and study more in order to approach Cornwell properly.
    Many thanks for your hard work! Ciao

  46. Hi Kaprekar!
    Lovely to meet you. Great interview with lot of super things to listen to!
    Please enter me in your draw, Frenz!

  47. Great interview! I follow both of your tweets and now it seems I know Kaprekar a little bit ;).
    Frenz, Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  48. I accepted the challenge and listened to those few (really, really few) minutes of the audio book and now, obviously, I want to listen to the whole story. Thank you for sharing those excerpts with us and for giving us the opportunity to win a copy. Bye!!

  49. Wonderful to get to know you a bit more, Kaprekar! Now the Elgar conversations on Twitter make even more sense. :)

    And yeah, still haven’t heard any other audiobooks of RA’s aside from the two RH ones. Maybe when I get the next Amazon voucher … If not, I’ll just wait for my birthday in July and spend birthday money wisely! After all, it’s gone to fund a variety of RA DVDs before … ;)

  50. Recently discovered RA thru Spooks 9 & Strike Back. He’s my pin up boy/man at the moment! Love him in SB wherein he was wearing the brown sunglasses with printed blk/white scarf around his neck. I think he’s a fashion trendsetter too.

    Would love to win this audio as this will kickstart my collection of all RA memorabilia. BTW, love the voice too.

  51. Hi people!

    How interesting are all of you! Am I the one without any talent?

    I have to say Kaprekar was one of the first fans who contact me when I go deep into Twitter searching about Richard. My dearest Bccmee was the other one.

    How many kind, interesting and talented people support our dear Mr. Armitage.

    I’m proud to be among yourselves.

  52. Never posted here before, but I’ve been lurking a lot. I love your stuff RAFrenzy, and always look forward to reading your blog. People never say it enough, but I really appreciate the time you (and countless others in the RA fandom world) put in to create such wonderful boards, blogs, etc. Those of us who are untalented technophobes bow down to you in thanks for all your efforts.

    Keep blogging please!

  53. Great interview, kap, I’m happy to meet you here, as well as on C19!! I’m always interested as well at how people find Mr. A., Frenzy.

    Thank you for having another giveaway; perhaps I’ll be lucky this time! I don’t know, though ~ 12 hours of that voice might just do me in, but I’ll risk it!

    Thanks for your wonderful site!

  54. I love finding out about how people become RA fans, especially those who were not lucky enough to have discovered him in N&S while it was being aired in 2004. Living in a country that at present has absolutely no interest in British TV and film, I get my period drama fix via the net. I also discovered N&S through a fanvid on youtube about period drama men which had the final scene at the end. What a way to be introduced, isn’t it? Then Gisborne, North, Standring and so on, especially the voice work that RA has done is especially good. Thanks for lovely interview, Kap and RAFrenzy! Good luck on the acting!

  55. Thank you, RAFrenzy and kaprekar-really appreciate you smart women (including Servetus)! Would love to win, of course!

  56. Thanks very much for the interview Kaprekar and RAFrenzy.

    I’m just trying to put together a selection of audios suitable for my 86 year old mother who had a fall 3 weeks ago and is totally sick of being stuck at home. (she can’t do much because of the pain however). I have all the Heyer audios which I feel would suit her but I’m less inclined to send LOTN over …. I’m not sure how she would cope with it.

    Unfortunately all my other audios are on iTunes and at her age, I can’t see her learning to use iTunes as she never in her life learned to use Dad’s stereo …lol. She resents technology! If anyone has any ideas on good DVDs and audios to lend to someone of her vintage, I would be interested to hear from you :) (She’s seen N&S but wants Spooks Series 7 & 8 to watch which I will loan her).

    Did I read somewhere on this thread about an audio narration of The Hobbit? I am listening to an excellent audio of The Hobbit unabridged narrated by Rob Inglis. I can’t actually see RA’s accent fitting in with the style of the book – his accent is far more suited to LOTN, imo.

  57. Spooks/MI-5 series 7-9 is now on Netflix…woohoo.
    it would be brilliant if he did the reading for the hobbit.

  58. Thanks for the great interview! I love your site.! :)
    Would love to win this.

  59. It’s official… I am completely and utterly at the mercy of RA, that face, that voice, not to mention that frame. I haven’t seen anything in the past 4 weeks that doesn’t have him in it. Here’s hoping an audio book is in my future.

  60. Yes, there is something addicting about RA’s voice. I keep listening to the Georgette Heyer books in my car, and I often wash dishes while listening to his interviews. He even made me like Lovelace in Clarissa. I love the excerpt from LOTN and thinking about listening to 10 hours is intoxicating.

  61. You’re brilliant RAFrenzy! I Love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about RA with us. Knowing that there are more people like me out there makes me feel …. sane!

  62. Along with everyone else commenting here I’d like to say what a lovely interview that was with Kaprekar, and to thank RAFrenzy for her wonderful blog which we all enjoy reading so much.

    (Also would love to win a copy of LOTH!)

  63. of course that should be LOTN …

  64. That voice!! VERBAL CHOCOLATE! I would love to hear this reading. Thank you for the chance to win!

  65. I’d love a copy of LOTN but couldn’t justify the extravagance! So here goes! Hubby would enjoy it too (maybe!), he wanted us to go to Northumberland for our hols this year so he could go to Bamburgh but we are going to North Norfolk in August instead. And North Yorkshire next week…. Is there a theme emerging (might be time for some North, Lucas to calm me down.

  66. Great interview Kaprekar and RA Frenzy! I have often wondered about the people who enjoy RA’s work and how they became aware of and interested in RA. Thanks for the opportunity to win a LOTN audiobook.

  67. @Cindy Good – not to mention those eyes!! *swoon* :-)

  68. @Linda: “Verbal chocolate” – that’s exactly it! Delicious, soft, smooth and yummy!!

  69. Fantastic interview with Kaprekar! Love the audio clips, too—what a way to whet the appetite for the glorious prize.

    You should get paid—or at least be given a chance to meet him in person—for being such a great RA evangelist/unofficial press secretary ;-P

  70. Hi, Frenzy!

    I wish I could have more time to read your very interesting blog, as well as the others blogs of the lovely RA fans around the world who I’ve recently discovered through Twitter :) That would be great not only to know more about Richard (and his fans) but also to improve my English (BTW, sorry if I make language errors, but I’m Brazilian and I still need to learn much more about English language).

    I promise I’ll read more slowly the interview with Kaprekar. For now, I could say she was the very first RA fan who contacted me on Twitter. I’ve discovered all the others fans (and all the fun!) through her. Thanks, Kaprekar! :)

    I don’t know exactly if I’m able to contest (I’m Brazilian, as I said). If so, I’d be very happy to win the audio book. I love the RA’s chocolate voice! :)

  71. Thanks for that interesting interview, the soundbits and your blog – always great fun to read

  72. Thank you all for posting! Good Luck. :)

    @PoliCBA, Does Brazil get mail from America? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re in. :D

    @Mama Sophia Rose, oh, what I wouldn’t give to have a job like this1 LOL!

  73. Oh man, I’ve been wanting to hear/buy LotN for a while now, but can’t quite justify it on my college student budget! (That is, having already bought the three Heyers he read, which I’ve listened to so many times that I can almost recite them word for word ;D)
    Gah I would kill (well almost anyways!) to have a recording of Richard reading N&S! The Hobbit/LotR would also be highly acceptable. ;)
    Ah, RA. Your voice is like… asdlfkjadsflkjahfjh okay never mind I can’t describe it.
    Love your blog :D

  74. Awesome! A chance to get the LORDS OF THE NORTH audiobook! I check I-tunes and such every once in a while in the hopes that they will have it available for purchase, download, etc. in the USA.

    BTW, I enjoy reading your posts. Very amusing. :D

  75. I am reading this series right now!!! It is one of the most enjoyable series I have read in a long time. But to listen to an audio copy with Richard Armitage reading… mmmmmm…. ;)

  76. I was tempted to listen to Clarissa read by Richard Armitage and boy was I ever hooked!
    What a voice. I love audio books now. I’ve listened to all of Richard’s work and have gone on to listen to lots of others – I’d really like to hear Richard read Jane Austin’s Persuasion some day. There is just something about his voice that is totally captivating.

  77. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I would be more descriptive, but I cannot hear my own thoughts over the loud pounding coming from my heart and typing is also a challenge as I need to stop and keep wiping the drool from my mouth.

    Thanks for entering me in the drawing. Even if I don’t win, we are all winning just because it’s Armitage, of course!

  78. First I read The lords of the North in French. Now I try to read it in English and it’ easier for me to understand when I’m listening the gorgeous voice of RA!
    Sorry for my bad English.

  79. I have several of his audiobooks now and I love them. I listen to them over and over. I was supposed to have been brought a copy of “Lords of the North” by a UK co-worker, but it did not happen as planned. I think RA truly loves reading these books and you can see his enthusiasm when reading on CBeebies. He loves to perform!!

  80. You’re onto something RavenRoseBeetle…the enthusiasm is absolutely contagious as you watch and listen to him reading on CBeebies! The first time I watched on youtube…I think it was “I’m Not Going Out There”??…I just couldn’t help the goofy grin plastered on my face. And it made me laugh! Made me think of the first time I read Brer Rabbit to my sons. I can really get into that!! Wish you could ALL win LotN!! The winner is going to adore the audio. Just don’t drive and listen…missed turns can occur repeatedly! Ask me how I know… =0)

  81. I would love to win this book. my wife loves RA. After listening to him all day who knows what could happen…… ;)

  82. :D


    Good Luck, Jim. You deserve it. And I hope your wife will thank you SO MUCH.


  84. Jim you are just too cute. And smart. Very smart!!! LOL!!!! And your wife obviously has exquisite taste in men.

  85. I mentioned Jim’s very original post to my hubby who said, “um, don’t you already have that?” Big eyes, “yes, honey, I wasn’t hinting or anything…” *mwahhhhh*

  86. You’re too cute too Ann Marie!! I just sit and guffaw everytime I read Jim’s comment! And your’s! Love love love it!!! And let me just say, JIm, having list Mr. RA read to me all day…well, it’s a good thing! Just sayin’!

  87. Lovely to read about how someone got hooked, and funny how N&S plays a role in it (also in my case) :)

    p.s didn’t get lucky in the previous draw, maybe this time…

  88. I would love to win this book as well. Please put my name in the hopper!

  89. comment

  90. Brevity is the sole, uh, the soul of wit. :D

  91. […] and I waxed on about it here where I also have a sample. Of course you can watch some video clips on YouTube, but somehow I […]

  92. […] go on and on about this book. I’ve already done it several times and so have some others both here and here. And all the gushing was entirely […]

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