B, B, B, B, B, B, B

BThink the ubiquitous Barbara Ann, and for those too young to know, to wit.

It was hard to decide on a topic for B. There are probably a week’s worth of topics in my draft posts about this letter. Actually, I’ve struggled with several letters wanting to take over and be posted on more than one day.

Since this is nominally a Richard Armitage blog, it seemed natural to post something related to him and B, but I can’t do it because I have always made this place safe for work, and the only B that comes to mind in regard to him is his performance in a piece that would take us into waters potentially not safe. No, it wasn’t porn. Wait. That’s not entirely accurate. For the British, it isn’t porn. In the US, it would be considered soft porn and frankly, I realized from learning of this that I may well be a prude. No, I am a prude. AT least about people having sex in front of me. I admit readily. But using some foul language to adequately describe things that cannot be described with more pristine words? I have no problem. Watching someone’s bare bottom in flagrante delicto? Nah, that’s not my thing, because I’ve never thought of sex as a spectator sport and don’t plan to start. A provincial American view? Yes, I’m a bit provincial at times, but hopefully none of that equates to boring, which is another word I thought to post on.

Boring is the shark that nips at a blogger’s heels. To be boring is to bring death, or so it seems. So how to prevent it? Be yourself, take chances and if you have to be anonymous to do this, then do it. Frankly, the biggest obstacle I’ve seen to blogging is that people think they have nothing to say. If they’re trying to sound like everyone else, then they don’t have anything to say that can’t be read at thousands of other sites. Boring.

But this is easily solved with a practical solution that doesn’t require you to undergo a head change before you begin. Merely keep an idea log. I used to carry a very small spiral notebook around with me to jot down ideas as they came. That got to be an obstacle because I got my best ideas while driving. I bought myself one of these, and it was revolutionary! These days I use my phone, and I’ve thought many times what in the hell did I do before I had these devices? Lost a lot of great ideas.

Now for the really important part to remember if you start collecting ideas. Don’t think too big. Yeah, I said think small. Some of the best ideas come from something seemingly small and fairly mundane such as seeing a dad carrying his small son on his shoulders, and then the dad turns around and you notice he (the dad) is wearing something at odds with what you would expect dads to wear while carrying their sweet little ones on their backs. If it’s fall or winter, a nice plaid shirt would seem apropos, or if it’s spring or summer, maybe a polo shirt. Not a t-shirt with a picture of a dog trying to lick himself in unmentionable places (notice my pronoun choice). I started laughing to myself about that when I wasn’t grossed out, and I was eating at the time too. Yuck. It occurred to me that my thoughts about this were probably shared with others, so I wrote a piece about it. Maybe I’ll post it before this challenge is done. Not sure yet.

In the meantime, a photo of Richard for your edification if you’re so inclined:


Oh heck, a couple more, and no, these aren’t from the piece referenced above. These are all from a show called Strike Back:



See you tomorrow.


  1. […] B, B, B, B, B, B, B […]

  2. I suspect I know from which scene you were referring to but no need to mention it :) In those pictures above though, I do see nicely defined biceps brachii muscles, so there’s at least 2 b’s for your perusal :)

    I still have my old Sony digital recorder which I used to record interviews when I did press days, and then later for school to record my anatomy and physiology professor. Unfortunately I could never effectively use it for myself because I hate the sound of my voice – and that’s from someone who used to work for radio and would say the news every hour. I don’t mind the sound of my voice but I just don’t like having to hear me talk my ideas out loud. I think the voices inside my head are loud enough :D

  3. Whatever works! :D

    I used to despise my voice, and if I let myself, I could hate it again. But I wanted to get something out so badly, I was willing to put that aside.

  4. I sometimes do record myself but then I forget to listen to it. I find it years later or worse, never find it at all.

    I have learned how to write really fast though on everything I can find. These days I carry a hand-bound leather journal and write in it whenever I can. Ideas for my novel, my day, my thoughts on the muse and all that.

  5. I think i figured out that my mind really roams free while I’m driving, so I set the phone on hands free and just start talking.

    But for the last several years I also carry one of these:

  6. That is gorgeous! I did consider getting a moleskin one…in fact, one of my brother’s friends sold his journal design to the company and is just about retired.

    I did discover a Filipino couple who bind their own journals by hand and though it probably would have gotten me 3 or 4 moleskins for the same price, I’m quite happy with mine :)


  7. I *love* journals and am always on the lookout for new ones! I’m on my 48th one at the moment as I have been writing in one daily for over 12 years. My favourite is a beautiful Italian leather one given to me one Christmas by one of my Granddaughters. Buttery soft deep burgundy leather! Heaven!

    I know what you mean about listening to one’s own voice. I first heard mine when I was about 12 or 13 and the drama teacher asked us to speak into a microphone! My lines were, “Twinkum, twankum, twirlum and twich…My great grandum she was a witch” :) I was totally mortified when she played it back and could NOT believe it was me talking! I mean I sounded so SCOTTISH!! (Not surprising as I am!!!) but I *really* seemed to roll my r’s (or should that be “ar(s)”?? Lol. ;)

  8. Oops!! That should be “grandam”!

  9. Wow. 48. I’m impressed. Seriously. Maybe it’s that buttery soft, burgundy leather. I know that would entice me. :D

    I wish I could hear your voice sometime!


    Wouldn’t it be nice to dream up something like that and retire? Yeah, there’s something to think about. :D

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