Anonymity, April Challenge, and Richard Armitage

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cThis is my first post for the 2014 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Therefore, some people who are not Richard Armitage fans will be dropping by to check me out. This post is for them.

Hello! and welcome to my fun place. Mostly this is a humorous site, and occasionally I pontificate about various subjects. You thought it was all about some chap named Richard Armitage? That’s some of it. And right about now if you are wondering who in the heck is Richard Armitage? He is this guy:

Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit; you can get a thumbnail of his work here.


Richard is a muse, if you will. He and more so his fans prompted me to enter the blogosphere as a writer who documents something other than vacation pictures and an occasional rant about current events. That’s mostly what I did before I entered this space, and I did it with my real identity. It was not fun. I was inhibited and unimaginative and so careful about my words that it would have taken aeons to develop a voice and certainly to be interesting. The specter of screwing up was the biggest obstacle, and so I removed that by throwing off the shackles of my identity and flying free with my thoughts. And yes, I do some fangirling, but I’ll try to keep that at a minimum during this month. No promises about Sunday.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Glad to see you’re doing it, too! I was wondering if anyone I knew in the RA world was doing it as well.

    I’ll see ya tomorrow then when we go to letter B ;D

  2. Sunday? What’s happening on Sunday?

  3. MM, I look forward to it! :D

  4. AB,

    The A to Z Challenge only runs Monday through Saturday. Sunday I will probably fangirl at the wazoo (sp?)

  5. Thanks for reminding me. I completely forgot that it’s only from Monday through Saturday. I’d have been way ahead of everyone else with a post on Sunday!

  6. I guess I’d not have thought about the fact that Thorin Oakenshield was played by Richard Armitage. Thank you for the information about a fine character actor! I often enjoy the character actors better than the leads, personally.
    I’m one of the bloggers from the Crazy Town in Looney Land blogspot. We appreciate your visit! :-)

  7. I love your blog. Seriously. I hope many others visit.

  8. I want to do it. Can you link me to an explanation or give me one.

  9. Click on the black and blue icon (either one), and it will take you to the site. Deadline for signing up is today or tomorrow. I’m not sure.

  10. I got it. Thanks. I’m in.

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