Is This Thing On?

I was just reading a very interesting interview of Richard Armitage. A few items of note:

— He bought an electric cello when he was in New Zealand.

Some have never seen an electric cello, so I bring it for your edification:

— He still likes Love in an Elevator.

One of these days he’s going to say that often enough that the fans will start demanding some tights and scarves and who knows what else.. Yes, I’m picturing him in a Steven Tyler get up. Just needs a yellow vest or whatever the hell that is ’cause I know he already has the orange pants. Count on it if he gets drunk enough.

— Took notes from Arnold Schwarzengger about standing firm against negativity:

His speech was really interesting, he was very honest about the industry and his lingering message to everyone in the room was just “Don’t ever take no for an answer.” Because he said he was told no throughout most of his career and everything he wanted to do he was told no and he said don’t listen to the nay-sayers.

Yeah, that’s what I was saying! You go, Richard! ;-)

The speech, which is definitely worth a listen:

— Last but not least.

Richard has a fear of Eamonn Holmes. Well, yeah, hell, I’m afraid of him after “devotation.” That’s what really woke Richard up. He was sitting there, and thought, “Huh? Did I miss something? Are they talking about the Empire Awards? Are people changing their minds?!”

Devotation: You go vote. Then you go home and wish you could go back because you changed your mind…..

— Chris

Article is here

And that was J for the April Challenge thingy.

edit: Maybe I’m drunk too ’cause I meant that was I. That was I, people. Yeah, this is Friday, and I’m a day late, so that was I.


  1. Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:
    Frenz picks out a few zingers from a new Richard Armitage interview 0 but there are more! She linked it, but the article is here – I hIghly recommend the post and the article

  2. A day late, but not a dime short. Thanks for sharing this great interview.

  3. One of my former clients is a classical cellist, and went on to compose music on an electric cello more than 10 years ago. You can hear the electric cello in the background of many soundtracks these days and it’s so eerily beautiful. Bravo to Richard for getting himself an electric cello – definitely less cumbersome to lug around and less likely to annoy the neighbors :)

    I’m glad that Ah-nold’s message resonated with him. Many people make fun of him for being CA governor, and of Californians for voting him, but he is one determined man and he created his own future – he didn’t, and still doesn’t, let others create it for him. And if there’s any message that RA needs to hear, it is to never take no for an answer – maybe not literally, but maybe allow himself to see things from a different angle. Sometimes the “no” isn’t quite as visible from there and there’s always another way to do the things you want :)

  4. My friends tell me that Arnold was also a pretty good governor for the first few years he was in office. But that’s OT. I agree that RA needs to hear the kind of positive reinforcement that Ahnold has offered.

    I am not familiar with electric cello, but I am with electric violin. It’s such a unique sound.
    And speaking of unique sounds, I was watching a presentation on ‘extinct’ musical instruments the other day and thought of RA’s phrase for his own cello-playing (no doubt inaccurate) when I heard this instrument again
    The baroque period tromba marinas could be up to 7′ in length and some of the other replicas of trombas that I’ve heard sound like bagpipes. 7′ seems like the perfect height of instrument for RA, and the perfect one with which to find out whether your neighbours are patient and understanding people.

  5. I’d pay for my neighbor to get their electric version any day – Unless they were really good, then I’ll make an exception – or unless he’s RA :D

    In my case, my client was really good. He would play the piano or the real cello while I was setting up the massage table or breaking it down, and when it’s played well, my goodness, it’s spine tinglingly good! My client has been playing with Hans Zimmer now for the last 10 years so he’s really good.

    Sorry for the OT :/

  6. Fine by me. I’ve been looking for an excuse to mention my visions of RA playing the tromba marina.

  7. Love the idea of the electric cello purchase, but not getting how that is better than a regular cello which sounds deeeevine to me. Mind you, if the man is playing it, I am swooning to it. I have heard electric violin but not cello and I do adore the enhancements on the former. I like that there is an authentic strain in him when it comes to music.

    Schwarzenegger, according my California friends, was bad for California. It’s easy for him to say, ‘don’t take “no” for an answer’. The man used steroids, and finagled his way to success like any self-respecting psychopaths do. RA should not be listening to the likes of him. Seriously, wouldn’t anyone want a more virtuous inspiration than the likes of Schwarzenegger?

    On the other hand, exhorting people to not take ‘no’ for an answer does elicit warm fuzzies. All I can say, is, well, duh. That’s rather obvious.

  8. Thanks so much for posting the Piano Guys…. my whole day just got better :)

  9. Yes! Richard, “never take no for an answer”!.. and merry a member of Kennedy family if you can ;)

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