Just So You Know

Any fun that happens today will probably pass me by. I’m off to a political meeting where somehow I got elected as a state delegate. I wish someone would slap me for this.

No, seriously, an old friend of mine is running for state office, and so I’m doing my part to help get him elected. I even had to register with a party again. As soon as this is done, I’ll change that back to independent. Phew.

In the meantime, I have to drive four hours to this thing, and on the way, I have to prepare a two minute nomination speech. Do you know how long two minutes can be?! And my friend told me to get ready for a long day of speeches. Sheesh. Yeah, feel some sympathy for me. Too bad I don’t have some Jameson’s. :D

I’m so glad I’m anonymous ’cause I really wouldn’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings about my hatred of political meetings. Then again, he understands it himself. He is not really a political guy, and that’s one reason I hope he makes it.

And I think that may be J for the April Challenge thingy. Not sure yet, but if I don’t come up with something better, yeah, this will have to do.

Catch all of you later.


  1. Bring an audio book to listen to while the politicos talk. Spend time with Uthred.

  2. Good luck, Frenz! :)

  3. I know it’s four months too late, but thank you both for the encouragement. BTW, my guy lost and secretly I’m relieved. I think it would have changed him into someone I don’t like. And I’m more convinced than ever that politics is utter bullshit. LOL!

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