Not About to Freak Out

Okay, so I skipped a few days in my A to Z blogging. So what. It seems I never got on the official A to Z board, so I don’t think they give a damn what I’m doing.

Do you want the truth of why I haven’t blogged in the last few days or a nice story?

Okay, a nice story it is!

I woke up on Thursday morning last week, and not only did I realize my income tax return was as close to zero as I’ve ever gotten it ($12.00) — yeah, that’s where I don’t have to pay, and the damn government doesn’t get to keep much of my money interest free — but I also made a trip down to the local convenience store where I purchased a lottery ticket. I have not done that in, oh never mind, I just haven’t done it in a long time. Last time I did it, I bought five tickets, and when none of them were winners, I stuck them above the radio in my car where they stayed for about three years so I wouldn’t be so stupid to pay a voluntary tax ever again.

Ever again came the other day and there I was buying a ticket, but this time I got lucky. Yeah, that’s right. I won some money. How much? Enough that I can do whatever I want now. I may even go to London to watch a performance of Richard Armitage in The Crucible. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled by that. And the good news is that I can buy like two weeks or maybe even a month’s worth of tickets in case he happens to get sick for a few nights while I’m there. Wait. That doesn’t sound quite right. Don’t tell SO I said that or that I just can’t stop looking at this:

click for the big version


I know you’re smiling just thinking about my coming to London. Yeah, c’mon, I know it. :D

But I have some bad news. I really didn’t win anything, and I haven’t been around because I’ve been sick as a dog. I’m not sure how sick dogs can get, but it must be bad ’cause this has been a real ass kicker.

Maybe I’ll be fit by the time Comic-Con rolls around — if you’re going. If you’re not, then I might get sick again.

Enough of my bellyachin’, I hope WonderCon was a kick for you. If that picture is any indication, it was. Oh wait. I happened to see a video that I may razz you about later. I think a few bloggers have already, but I may need to weigh in as well. :D

A crazy fan who is not crazy about the flu.

P.S. I hope sometime in the near future I can smile like you.

P.P.S. I’ll bet the Crinkle Zone has wet their pants over this photo.

Candid shot courtesy of Heather (that girl needs a website. :D).


  1. I almost bought the lottery ticket story, Frenz (my mother won the lottery in 1977) and was ready to write my congratulations! But alas, I’m sorry you’ve been sick. I’d rather you won the lottery though!

    That’s a beautiful picture of the man. I haven’t seen that one yet, and that’s one worth snaffling from Heather :)

    Feel better!

  2. You’re not serious?

  3. Ach!! Now I’ve read the rest of it!!!

  4. MM,

    That one hadn’t been published until now. :D

  5. Why, thank you for publishing it! The pony-tail look has not been a hit for me but this, I love!

  6. Sorry you’ve been sick, Frenz. I haven’t been around much because I’ve been too busy in RL. Sure would have been nice if you’d won the money, though . . . *sigh*

  7. Kap,

    One these days I’m coming back to London, RA or no RA.:D

  8. Angie,

    I assume being busy in RL is a good thing.

    And if I ever win the lottery, I’ll take us all to London. :D

  9. Sorry you are sick..never fun! OMG, RA is just looking way too hot for his own good!! That stubble…someone please help me

  10. Oh, too bad. :( And there was me getting all excited at the prospect of you being able to take that trip to London! I was on the verge of imagining you staying in Claridges – with luscious Lucas North lurking in the shadows! Or should that read “lobby”? ;) Seriously though, I hope you get better soon.

    Thank you (and Heather) for the stunning pic! That is one BIG image. I sat awestruck for several minutes taking in every detail. How does he do it? Hot or what? *melts*

  11. I went back for another gazing session and his eyes look rather puffy when you see them close-up. Little wonder, with him jetting back and forth between the UK to the US so many times lately. How can he still look so good when he must be jet-lagged as all get-out? Poor dear. :(

  12. You really had me going there.:-D

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