Missed Opportunities?

I’m not sure why it is, but I still get a tingle down my spine when I hear about this new movie the Spooks franchise is filming in New Zealand. This shouldn’t be the case when I consider what happened with the series. Whoever ran pr for that notoriously got it wrong. They could not keep things in the bag. Sure we didn’t know about Lisa Faulkner getting fried, and the series rode on the reverberations of that event for a long time. But it was the end of any real surprises as many of their remaining moves were telegraphed and primarily via promotional spots.

So I come to The Greater Good, and I can’t help but wonder if they will get the promotion right. I hope so, and if anyone who has any clout with that show is reading this post (fat chance, but I’m optimistic still), would you please put the fear of God in the guy who is doing the marketing, so the greater good of this movie as a thriller can be preserved?

I feel myself wanting to really launch into a rant about Spooks, but I’ve done that already. As for Richard Armitage, I hate how that show went down for him. The possibilities were so much better than the reality. Maybe I will go on a rant after all but not today.

Other than that, will this franchise sneak someone in from the past? If so, whom will it be? And don’t ever think it can’t be someone dead. They resurrected Tom didn’t they? Plus, there can always be a flashback.

I know I’m like a dog with a bone on this subject, but something in me won’t let it go. Maybe because Richard Armitage can’t seem to let it go.

Thank you to Ali at RichardArmitageNet.com for reminding me of which interview Richard talked about Spooks and to the the ladies at RichardArmitageCentral who are so faithful to create transcripts of RA’s interviews!


This is one of my favorite scenes from Spooks S9. So much there to work with. Aargh!
Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. If they’re going to bring someone back, it should be Lucas North–SND (so not dead).

  2. Sherlock survived jumping off a building…

  3. Peach it, Kel! And welcome. : D

  4. Stephanie, I’m convinced he is not dead, and if he is, well, they will just have to resuscitate him. : D

  5. Original Sherlock survived falling off a cliff with and Moriarty!

    ‘I always had a real passion for Lucas North’ – you said it, RA baby ;-)

  6. Biggest travesty spooks 9 lazy writing to take a character written with such an amazing back story in 7&8 to reducing him into a one dimensional character totally alien to the character arc that was Lucas.so much back story to play with other than revealing him as a totally different character. Kudos to Richard’s acting to stop it descending into farce. Only way to ever redeem themselves was to have Lucas stepping out of the shower in the film with John Bateman being all a dream. Rather see him to defect to Russia having got Elizavetta back for love. IMO and only way I would watch spooks on big screen!

  7. Yeah, dreams are good. It worked for Dallas. : D

    Here’s what I said back in 2010 about the story development of S9:

    the character’s turning was awkward and supported by a plot so thin it could be used to strain tea. There just wasn’t enough of the story developed to make it plausible for this character, and it left an icky feeling

  8. Yes it was Dallas I was using here and as daft as it was it was not as bad as the characters assination s9 achieved. I too commented this at the time so totally agree with you.Kudos to Richard his talent stopped it becoming farce.I did read somewhere he threw a script across the room must have been S9 episode 2 onwards Vaughn and Mia absolutely dire!

  9. Well unless they revive Lucas and Ros, there won’t be any appeal for me. The 10th series was very sad in that it was clear the franchise had jumped the shark- which was a real shame for those of us who had watched from the beginning. IMO the script writers killed off every interesting character- bringing Tom Quinn back was no consolation as I never warmed to him in the first place. I would love to be proven wrong, but right now a Spooks movie smacks of desperation and it would better left alone.

  10. Bollyknickers, you have enunciated it perfectly. Spooks became a complete trainwreck in that last series. And to be frank I think Robin Hood did too. It was brutally obvious in both series that the writing team had changed. Doc Martin has changed in that desperate way as well, I think.
    It’s rather interesting watching writing teams change – one good change lately seems to have been Death in Paradise. Perhaps it was the lead change, but I do think each week now has much more substance and a wonderful balance of humour and seriousness. But back to Spooks and RH – I think in each instance Lucas North and Guy of Gisborne are so very SND in the minds of fans of each show.

    Frenz – thank you for the link to the I/V with Richard where he talks about developing Lucas further. He sowed a perfect seed for my version of Guy. It was like lightening striking! Thank you!!!!

  11. Bollyknickers,

    I agree about the desperation, but honestly, the show jumped the shark a bit by bringing Tom back.

  12. Prue,

    I’m glad that worked for you! :D

    And I couldn’t agree with you more about Robin Hood. What a joke.

    I have not watched Doc Martin lately. I didn’t realize it was still on. The first shows are a hoot, so I hope they haven’t messed that up.

  13. Man oh man…I leave for a couple of days and all heck breaks lose!! I had NO idea the Spooks movie was for real and am shocked…yes shocked I tell you that they didn’t ask Lucas to join the fun. What WERE they thinking?!!!! Thank goodness we have wonderful authors in our midst to keep the Good Guy alive…we CAN count on you, RIGHT Miss Prue?

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