A Meme, a Meme, My Kingdom for a Meme!

Richard Armitage Vine that Line HamletHave I ever mentioned Twitter is one helluva cocktail party? That’s how I think of it. But maybe you’re not quite there with me. Close your eyes and imagine two male geeks, aka loveable and knowledgeable gentlemen, standing together at the side of the room at said party, and they’re discussing a heady subject such as Yorick and their new version of him in an audiobook of Hamlet which they have written and just published. They stray into wistful thoughts of their book becoming a bestseller. In that vein and as a lovely surprise to debut it, their publisher invites the narrator — one tall, dark and handsome Englishman with a voice to die for — to make a personal appearance at the party where he reads a line from the book.

Others at the party have been invited to do the same. Fortunately, a well-known jester, who no one dreams would be listening, offers his Hamlet soundbite and quickly engages those in the entire room or enough of them to be newsworthy and has the fevered party goers rushing out to buy the book in a short (yes, some are shorter than others) 24 hour period thereby making it a bestseller.* Phew!

Gotta love Twitter for its ability to facilitate a worldwide party while we’re consuming. And even if I’ve been a wallflower lately, I still enjoy watching and am glad for Hartley and Hewson not to mention Richard Armitage.

I hope some other authors are taking notes.

*I don’t know the actual time period, but I know it was short. And yeah, I don’t have the sequence of events exactly right. Doesn’t matter. The point is the same. [This comment is for all of you anal fans. So is this one below. :D]

Dear Mssrs. Hartley and Hewson,

My apologies for Richard III’s appearance, but I am running a Richard Armitage fan site, and RIII tends to rear his head at times.

Love the book!

A Crazy fan, who’s a member of Audible

P.S. Did you ever think you would be connected with Ice-T when you started this endeavor? ;-)

Any puns are intentional.


  1. You’re great, Frenz. Thank you for your informed, witty, brilliant, clever take on the nuttiness!

  2. Armitage Besotted, do you want that check sent overnight or can I just put it in regular mail? ;-)

  3. Stop that. You’ll ruin my reputation for unbiased remove. I can’t be bought!

  4. Okay, consider me blushing at the compliment. :)

  5. Any puns are intentional?? Feel better about sniggering at “anal fans” now ;) i don’t know where I got this mind of mine but I suspect I should’ve asked for a refund ;)

    Agree totally about the cocktail party though…describes Twitter perfectly.

    Can’t comment on the book…not had the pleasure as yet.

  6. Every time I don’t make something absolutely clear, I get emails of correction. LOL!

  7. Hehe :)

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