Yeah, Ugly and Damaged

Richard Armitage Urban Shed Crew

I’m not making light of what happens to people’s lives that are destroyed or never had a chance to flourish, but I’m glad for our guy. No guyliner this time, but I can handle it. Still wondering when he’s going to shave his head though. Yes, I really would love to see that. Hey, he can always grow it back. Have you seen his hair?! Really looked at it? Yeah, the dude has quite a mane — with or without extensions.

You can read the article here from whence this image came (someone slap me), but it’s not really about Richard Armitage.

Note to self: get back to work! Yes, I really am working. Just took a break to look at my Frenz email.

Wait. This piece starts with a ‘Y’. I’ll be back soon with ‘S’. Damn A to Z Challenge is messing with my OCD.


  1. First, there’s a real disconnect here, because when I look at your page, it appears that your title, ” Yeah, Ugly and Damaged” is the caption to that hot, fave pic of Guy De G, which could read ” Stunning and Damaged,” and second, sorry Charlie, but he’s still not looking that ugly in any of these pics. I think bald is the only way to go. No No – I didn’t mean it .,

  2. LOL!

    He needs to shave his head to really effect the ugly, or maybe that’s just a pipe dream. Could this guy actually look ugly — once he opens his mouth?

  3. I can’t, I just can;t answer that right now.

  4. I am with you, Frenz. I think he should shave his head! Better yet, he should also gain 50 lbs and shave his head; winning combo! LOL

    Sorry, I can’t help being naughty sometimes. :P

  5. I wish I could give you stars, Leticia. I mean that in a good way. :D

  6. I understand, Perry. It is a lot to process. Don’t read Leticia’s comment!!!!! :D

  7. People over-analyze everything this man does or does not say and do. Who cares what he looks like?? Yeah – put on some weight, shave your head or grow your hair down to your waist.. you’re still a phenomenal actor and a fantastic human being, Richard. Do what you want. Do what makes YOU happy. I for one think your beauty comes from within.

  8. Well said, Gretchen. I seriously would love to see him in a role where he looks so entirely different that we’re all wondering if it’s him.

  9. Thanks, Frenz. And CONGRATULATIONS on getting to finally meet him recently!! So happy for you, if anyone deserves it, you do. :)

  10. Gretchen, I appreciate that! :)

    But it wasn’t me. Oh, I’ve met him but not like Lori H did in Anaheim. :D

  11. Gain 50 pounds? Shave his head? That will be the day I leave fandom. I told you before I’m shallow and only here for the pretty. ;)

  12. Still gorgeous. In fact, looking even more so. (I like men with long hair).

  13. Ha Ha! You know I am just having a little bit of fun. :P

    In the grand scheme of things, WHO CARES!! For me personally, I will always view him as an ordinary bloke.

  14. Oops – I thought that was you writing the story first person, Frenz! Well, either way, I’m glad you got to meet him at some point, and it was a nice story by whoever that lucky woman was. :)

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