Another Word about #VideotheCrucible – Now More Than Ever

Reblogged from Armitage Agonistes

I concur heartily with Perry’s thinking:

In response to this on Me and Richard, in which Servetus points out obstacles against a DVD or transfer of The Old Vic’s production of The Crucible, I have this to add.

The link in the blog was to a New York Post piece( something akin to the Daily Fail, but this was a serious article) about Arthur Miller’s daughter, Rebecca, who is the owner of the rights to Miller’s body of work, and as such, has the final say as to whether or not a production company can mount any of his plays. (Think the ownership maze that affected production of The Hobbit because of negotiations with the Tolkien family.)

In the article, Ms.Miller explains that she is selective about licensing rights to her father’s work.

The rest here


  1. Thanks for the re-blog. I would hate for people to lose heart. We already know it’s an uphill battle.

  2. I’m glad you posted it.

    By the way, I’m not sure why this didn’t come across as a WP reblog. At least it’s not showing that way from my end despite my doing it the same way I almost always do it.

  3. I got a notice it was link

  4. At least it did that!

  5. Well, she’s married to Daniel Day Lewis so – unless she is a huge fan of Yaël Garber and/or goes to see the play, falling in love with the staging and the cast in the process – we can kiss the DVD goodbye.

  6. That’s a thought Mujertropical. But maybe her hubby’s (DDL) film version of The Crucible has great sales numbers already. And by allowing a filmed version of The Old Vic’s The Crucible with Richard Armitage, there might be some cross promotion value–such that DDL’s versions sees more sales with people wanting to make comparisons. That’s how I would spin it to DDL if he were my hubby anyway. Well, I can dream, can’t I? Ha!

  7. I don’t think Rebecca Miller is quite as discriminating as is being posited by the referenced article. And I think you’re dead on about a DVD of The Old Vic’s performance very possibly increasing sales of DDL’s version.

  8. Fingers crossed. Or even better, if they bring RA and The Crucible to Broadway–with Colley and Madeley and other lead/featured actors. The NY Times review gives me some hope. And The Old Vic’s new voices program has specifically worked on London-New York shared productions.

  9. Yep, it’s a hopeful situation. It would be a dream to see this in NY. I would LOVE taking my girls to this. They would love it too.

  10. An NYC run is a lovely dream! I would be there in a heartbeat! Ha! That’s neat that you and your daughters could share the experience together.

  11. Book a fourth ticket for me, Frenz, I’m inviting myself along.

  12. Did you see today’s BBC Breakfast interview? They have video of The Crucible. The whole play? I wonder….

  13. No need to ask. I assumed you would be going with us! Seriously.

    I’ll have to check out the BBC clip!

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