And It Keeps Coming

Living through the last six weeks has been rough and today especially so. The Old Vic sent me an email. They do that from time to time when you join their cause. Oh, I appreciate the emails, and under normal circumstances I would be happy to read a notice or two they want to give me. But it’s really hard to witness all the goings on about The Crucible and not being able to fully join in and getting mail from The Old Vic is just a reminder of all that I’m missing. Frankly, I would almost give my eye teeth to go to a performance. Of course it wouldn’t matter if I did because SO would kill me when I got back home.

And those reviews!


And that’s just The Old Vic’s side of the pond! I seem to remember a few on my side that were pretty complimentary. Hear that, Old Vic? Come to New York and soon! I have a feeling you will, and I was pretty heartened by this and some other rhetoric I’ve heard from the New York theater community which indicates there is a pretty good chance of this happening. The only question is whether Richard will be involved.

If I know him, and yes, I do a bit after all this time of watching a lot of his cussed moves, he will not let any grass grow under his feet, and we may well be hearing any day now what he’s about to do next. No, seriously, I’m thinking before the end of August we’ll be hearing about it. *Looks at watch* Yep, end of August drop dead. Probably mid-August. Anyway, The Old Vic needs to jump on it and have him locked in for next year or whenever.

None of that is to say this next announcement will be about a production in New York. No, it will probably be something different. Uhtred perhaps? Or is Richard past all that and now onto more intellectually stimulating fare? I do wonder these things when I have time to wonder, which I don’t as often these days, and that’s a good thing, ’cause if I did have time to really ponder with any depth all that’s going on with Richard, this email from The Old Vic would send my frustration through the roof:

Richard Armitage Conversations

Damn, I wish I had been to see the play, but I’m glad some of you have been able to see it and thoroughly enjoy it. That warms my heart because well, I’m proud of our guy and any adulation he gets which celebrates his talent is a thrill. No snark there. It really does warm my heart that he’s doing so well. I’m not sure I feel motherly about it but maybe.

Dear Rich,

May I say I always knew you had it in you. Or at least after I watched John Standring. I suspected before Standring. John Thornton was breathtaking, but I chalked that up to being enthralled by a great love story. Harry Kennedy was another thrill, but there wasn’t enough to convince that the depths of your talent were so great. Then came Guy. You didn’t stint even on that silly piece. But it was John Standring that made me a fan for life. I knew then you were made of something far more than a heartthrob. And I’d like to think I would never be this enthusiastic over a mere heartthrob. So your success is my vindication. Thanks for that. And hell, I haven’t even seen the play.

All the best,
A Crazy Fan who looks forward to more of your stellar work; see, see, you’ve set the bar damn high, my friend

More info here about Richard Armitage in Conversation. Maybe you’ll break down and join The Old Vic? Hmm.


  1. Wow…he’s had a great couple of years, of which he is incrediby deserving! I’m with you on not getting to see this in London (my trip to London literally starts right after its run closes), but I am hoping for something in NYC….

  2. If he comes to NYC, we have to meet up! And there will more than likely be enough time to plan it, so it doesn’t cost the moon.

  3. First the play is over the other side of the world and now this email pops up in my inbox to further rub salt into the wound *sigh*

  4. Oh, I feel your pain, Mezz. I feel your pain! Maybe you can come to New York if the production comes there?

  5. Unfortunately New York is just as far away from down under here Frenz! I did get to the Sydney Q&A so it’s not as if I have never seen RA in the flesh, yet I still find it difficult not to feel envious of those able to see The Crucible.

  6. I did break down and join as a friend after receiving the e-mail, even though I already have paid 2 booking fees and will only be in London that week. (I have tickets to the evening performance on the 1st and the matinee on the 3rd.) I got really lucky on my “RA-lated” splash out! Just feeling really, really lucky. Because Richard is very special. I hope this will be as fantastic as the Popcorn Taxi and Waterstone’s talks.

  7. Glad you got so lucky. Looking forward to your write-up!

  8. I’m right with you, Frenz. While I would love to see The Crucible come to NY, I would think there are fertile fields afoot. Let’s hope that he has a chance to rest his vocal cords first. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. It’s so hard not to be jealous of everyone who gets to see him in this performance. *turning just a bit green* And yes, this rubs salt in the wound, definitely. *sigh* However, with the possibility of ulnar nerve entrapment surgery looming over my head in the near future, I remind myself that my health has to be a primary focus now–and just hope that maybe, one day, I will get my chance.

  10. No kidding on the vocal cords. At least from what I’ve been hearing from attendees. Phew!

    I think we can set our watches by an announcement of something coming. I tend to think it’s going to be sometime right before he does the Conversation piece at the Old Vic, but it could well be a couple of weeks before that.

    When/if he comes to NY with The Crucible, it would be fantastic to meet again and go see the play!

  11. Angie,

    That condition sounds terribly painful. Many good wishes and prayers that everything goes well for you with this surgery.

    And I hope by the time this play makes it to NY with RA (fingers crossed since I don’t really know jack about it), that you are all fixed up and can go see it.

  12. I’m not sure I should even say this, but I’ve got to share some good news. I’ve not only been busy with my business, the doctors have also told SO he is very likely eligible for a pancreas transplant. He’s been a type 1 diabetic most of his life, and that is what utlimately was the cause of the situation with the kidney. They turned him down for a dual kidney/pancreas xp originally (we didn’t even ask; they just said he couldn’t do it). But now they’re singing another tune, and I still can’t believe it. It feels weird to type this. Getting a little choked as well. We’re not really telling family ’cause we don’t want to get their hopes up. My girls and my son don’t even know; however, they may know after this. One of my daughters is subscribed to this blog, but I don’t think she reads it very often. That’s why this is in the comment section instead of a post. I just had to share this fantastic news.

  13. That is wonderful news and I hope and pray it all works out, Frenz!!

  14. It’s not a lot of fun, although I do realize I could be a lot worse off. But I do get frustrated. I have to sleep in a special glove to try to keep it immobilized and not accidentally bash it into anything. And I wear a brace daily, which has been a huge help in being able to function with it being my dominant hand affected. The PT has really helped with the tennis elbow and the tendonitis, but so far the wrist pain not only isn’t going away, it seems to be getting worse. Ya gotta do what you gotta do! Yes, I want to get everything sorted out soon for more reasons than one.

  15. Good luck with your arm. I’ll be praying for u. If, The Crucible does come to NYC, I would try to go see it, but, only if RA plays in it as Proctor.

  16. Fantastic news for SO and you!!!!!! God is great!

    How much fun would a NYC jaunt of The Crucible be??! I AM READY!!!

    PS Current state of mind could be attributed to wedding overload. Just so you know….

  17. I’m so happy to hear the great news about your SO.
    Also, I didn’t realize you were so taken with RA’s portrayal of John Standring. That role also cemented my admiration of his acting talents for me.
    I have never been to NYC but would love to, so if he ever acts on stage there- I will definitely consider making plans!

  18. I think that is an excellent idea!!!

  19. Frenz, you should feel vindicated. Every eloquent thought, every act of kindness, every brilliant performance, vindicates your loyalty and faith in Richard. But how sweeter that the wider world is discovering his brilliance and he’s beginning to receive the fruits of his labors!

    As a new fan (as of March) I don’t have the same perspective as RA admirers who’ve supported him during the quieter, leaner years, but I am very ambitious for him. Maybe more ambitious for him than some long-term fans. For instance, I don’t believe he should just stay and do British television, as much as I love British-made shows. There is no reason why he can’t have Daniel Day Lewis’ career or Liam Neeson mid-90s career. Like them, he has immense physical presence, a unique voice, and handsome face. And his malleability and talent in losing himself within a character is far better than 90% of actors, especially Hollywood ones.

    I think having Yael Faber’s The Crucible come to New York would be fantastic, even though I don’t see the chance of that happening very high, and would Richard want to continue with the role? It would be a tough decision for him.

  20. Welcome, miapatagonia. Thank you for those thoughts. I’m right there with you in the comparison of DDL, some of Neeson’s career and the possibility of much more work than British television. But for a long time many of us thought he would be “discovered” much sooner, and then some of us became pessimistic about it (waves hand), so tv (British or otherwise) started looking good. Then again, it seems that some of the most worthwhile projects are happening on tv. Thinking of such shows as Breaking Bad. I would think I had died and gone to heaven to see him in a show that well put together.

    I’m glad you’ve joined us, and I would love to talk to you about how you became a fan. Would you mind if I emailed you? No worries if that’s not your thing. I have a thick skin. If I hadn’t, I would not have blogged in fandom this long. LOL!

  21. Hi Frenz, of course email me!

    I would be happy for RA if he gets more roles in great British television and movies too! Hell, where is Mike Leigh these days? Richard needs a “My Left Foot” or a “Shine”.

    I would love for RA to get a juicy role in a well-crafted TV series, on the level of “Breaking Bad.” I would be in heaven too. That would be another break-through similar to landing the “Hobbit” and “The Crucible” role in that it would add to his resume and craft in a profound way. It’s another building block that would benefit him greatly. Let’s cross our fingers and toes.

    Despite all of our ambitions, I also think William Goldman was right about success or failure, stardom and obscurity in Hollywood: “Nobody knows anything.” RA should have gotten much more Hollywood career traction from N&S ten years ago than he did. None of it is his fault or even his agents. Again, “nobody knows anything.”

  22. […] theory. About two weeks ago, I said that we would get news of Richard Armitage’s next project by the end of this month and a good chance it would happen by the middle of this month. I may be erroneously second guessing myself, but I’m going to revise that prediction to the […]

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