Into the Storm Tickets Selling Out

Into the Storm selling outI’ve been out of pocket more or less the last couple of days due to unexpected company — my brother. We were going to try to see Into the Storm this evening, but it’s sold out. I should have known this since I’ve had several fans telling me they went to see the show only to find the screening they wanted was sold out.

Armitage Besotted and her bunch in Manhattan were going to attend a particular screening today, and it was sold out. They had to attend later. TheQueen went to see it yesterday at 11:00am, and I was stunned when she told me the theater began to fill up as she was waiting for the previews to end. Did I mention this was 11:00am in the morning? That venue was Kansas City. A friend in Denver also experienced a sold out screening. She and her companion bought the last two tickets for the performance they attended. And I could go on with stories like this from around the country.

The moral of this story is don’t wait until the last minute to purchase tickets.


  1. That’s sooo good to hear, I went to a screening today in Budapest and there were only 5 of us in the auditorium (and it wasn’t a small one)…Though it was the original language version with no subtitles and not the dubbed one which most Hungarians would choose to see..

  2. This is good news. This means it will probably be around for a while.

  3. I saw it this afternoon (3 o’clock showing) and was disappointed to find a mostly empty auditorium waiting for me despite turning up at literally the last minute. Then again, I live in a sprawling megalopolis boasting multiple theatres, each with many screens, so there are extensive viewing options for anyone wanting to take in this particular film today. So maybe it’s all adding up?

  4. That’s what I was expecting and really surprised at the sell outs

  5. Yeah, when I finally made it into the auditorium and it was a good twenty minutes later than I’d wanted it to be, I wasn’t afraid there wouldn’t be a seat for me, but I did at least think I’d have to settle for something in the back. It was both a pleasant surprise and also a letdown that I was able to sit more or less exactly where I always do when I have first choice.

  6. Afternoon showings at multiplexes are often sort of empty, particularly in megalopolises, I can’t recall the last mid-afternoon movie I went to which was full. Let’s just hope the evening ones were sold out.

  7. There were seats open when we went on Friday, but we went to the 11:30 AM showing and there were a good number of people there for a midday showing, YAY for sold-out showings!

  8. They were expecting it to make $17 million this weekend, and I read something that said that as of yesterday it was on track to do so.

  9. I am going tonight! So pumped!!

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