Bracing Myself, But Not Quite Yet

Since I’m up again at 3am and bored out of my mind, I come with a revision to a theory. About two weeks ago, I said that we would get news of Richard Armitage’s next project by the end of this month and a good chance it would happen by the middle of the month. I may be erroneously second guessing myself, but I’m going to revise that prediction to the end of September.

I’m changing the timelines because I forgot something key in how Richard Armitage generally does things with his work. And as he’s a creature of habit like most of us, I think he’ll stick to this pattern with his next project. I think an announcement will be more likely in September because we won’t hear anything until it’s something he is already doing or very near doing by the time we hear about it. That means it has to be after The Crucible ends. Yep, that’s what I’m thinking. Any thoughts on what this could be? I’ve been leaning toward the Uhtred role, but I haven’t been paying as much attention to what’s out there as I used to, so I’m curious what y’all think.


I’d be happy for you to make a liar out of me and announce something in the next two weeks. Whatever you end up doing, do you think in all your negotiations that you could have mercy on the North American bunch and have a run in The Crucible in New York sometime in the next year? I heard there wasn’t going to be a DVD, so I’m really smarting and need a fix with a live performance.

Your Crazy Fan who would gladly make a trip to NYC to see you. :D

P.S. I don’t care when the performance is. I’m just anxious.

Note: I love the pensive photo of Richard, but I honestly don’t know whom to credit for it or the enhancement to it. Help me if you know. Thanks.


  1. I don’t think there are any rules! I mean, some projects we have known about well in advance of production eg Hobbit, some only when he started filming eg Urban, and everything else in between. IMHO the chances of him being cast as Uhtred are zero.

  2. Most things he’s in the middle of or just about to do. Urban qualifies for that. The Hobbit is pretty much the only project that falls outside that pattern.

  3. As per usual, Frenz, I agree with your thoughts. His focus must be squarely on his current role until the end if the run. Perhaps we will get a clue during the ‘conversation’ event to be held at The Old Vic in a few weeks time. I remain doubtful re; NYC run of The Crucible. Alas, we have missed a performance in a class of its own. I am looking forward to what lies ahead. May he be as blessed as much as he has blessed others with his grace and talent. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks, Annie.

    Don’t rule out the NYC run. I’ve gotten to know some of the theater folk in London, and they’re optimistic.

    I hope you have a great weekend too! :)

  5. Uhtred…I’m in the Uhtred camp. Definitely.

  6. That’s a Sarah Dunn photo. It appears to be slighly cropped but otherwise unedited. She is fiercely protective of her work and has been highly upset by people editing and/or reposting her photographs of Richard. Her website is I wonder if Richard will modify his modus operandi and announce something September 2. Perhaps a project he won’t start filming for a few weeks but one where they are ready to make a cast announcement. I’m thinking BBC War and Peace but not as lead. Or Ulthred. But who of us could guess a single future project ahead of time? He always surprises and pleases.

  7. Thanks, Sara. I think I’ll take it down then, or I’ll get one with the watermark and put it back up. Not sure yet.


    Sara’s got some good suggestions!

    And I think it’s entirely possible it could be early Sept as long as the project is not too far out. If it’s a blockbuster movie, then disregard. ;-)

  8. Baz Whatshisname, the journalist who first broke the news about The Crucible, said that RA’s schedule is packed (?) after that, so a longer run is out of the question. So I guess there is something lined up and I agree that we won’t learn about it before he starts filming. Since he most likely signed for it before he eared accolades for The Crucible I tend to think it might be something we won’t be too thrilled about.

  9. The Crucible on Broadway. It could happen, but it might take a while; theaters are booked years in advance. The biggest expense — building out a theater to be in-the-round — can be avoided by booking NYC’s already-in-the-round house Circle in the Square: and it doesn’t cost that much to fly 30 people from London to New York and put them up for a few months. They could get $100+ for seats to this show in NYC, and the fangirls have already shown we’ll go more than once. Come on, producers, are you listening?

  10. What I’m hearing about the crucible run in New York is it could very well happen next year and not the current bill extended to another location. This makes it iffy RA will be in it. But it’s possible.

  11. Oh yeah you know they can get close to $200 or more for the good seats. When I think of how much I’ve paid for tickets for shows that to me would be of lesser value, I know I would pay to see it and more than $200

  12. Note to producers: don’t bother if Richard Armitage isn’t in it.

  13. harsh as that sounds, no kidding

  14. I think RA would probably be up to appearing in The crucible in NY. It would be an ideal entrance on Broadway. I don’t think he has given up the idea of working in the US.

  15. I think you’re right about his wishes. He’s definitely made it clear he wants to be in America by living in NY

  16. Because of the timing, I’m guessing he auditioned for Ben Hur a few weeks ago, before the Hiddleston rumors popped up. I just can’t see him wanting to do Uhtred so soon after Thorin. He knows he needs to do roles with less hair if he wants Hollywood to see him as anything other than a hairy warrior. LOL

  17. If he announces anything, it most certainly will not be during the Sept. 2 appearance. He would not want to upstage discussion of The Crucible. I do think he will announce something before the Hobbit press whirlwind.

    As for next role, my guess is something from Russian literature.

  18. […] And hey, we may hear something between now and then, and a very good chance it will be by the end of this month. […]

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