Richard Armitage in the Fray

2IJOqmmzSo it seems Richard Armitage joined Twitter on his birthday. I said a long time ago, “Don’t do it, Richard!” But hey, if he’s there, and it seems he is, let’s have some fun with him. :D

First Tweet:

And now for what was formerly called a fake fan letter, and maybe will remain; depends on Rich:


I’m staking my stellar reputation on believing your Twitter account is legit. Given that belief, I have a birthday present, which I thought about mailing to you, but hey, since you’re here with the rest of us nuts, I’ll just give it to you now. A tweet seen round the world from a man who saw the opening night of The Crucible. It gave us longtime fans great vindication.

Hope you enjoy that well deserved praise.

One of your crazy fans

P.S. I hope you don’t make a liar out of me and prove to be a fake.


  1. Best gift to the fandom….ever!!!!

  2. And he’s following you!

  3. Truthfully, it doesn’t look like RA to me. None of the features look right–especially the nose and lack of enlarged irises, eyebrows, etc. The guy in the picture has a beard and blue eyes. Ha!
    And the famously self effacing RA touting his own birthday? Nope. Ha! Nice try though.

  4. I meant lack of enlarged pupils. The real RA has bedroom eyes when the lighting is blinding and they should be constricted. Purrrr!

  5. If it ends up being fake, I’ll have even more fun with it. :D

  6. It’s a verified account.

  7. Which isn’t always correct. I’ve lost count of the times Twitter’s screwed up verification.

  8. Yeah I’m wondering about that myself.

  9. Frenz… so since he has no “official website” to link to for verification, what’s the most likely way his account would get verified? Through his agent?

  10. Yes, it would be verified through him, which would more than likely mean his representative. But someone could pose as such, and Twitter has fouled up before.

  11. Hmmm…. yeah, I’m sure a number of knowledgeable fans would know a lot of the answers needed to pose as such. I think the pic looks enough like him, but Grati doesn’t & some others don’t. The blue check is the key, more or less.

  12. I think the clincher will be if enough of his RL friends start following him.

  13. We’ll find out soon enough. Until then, I’m having me some fun. :D

  14. Remember the fake Martin Freeman acct? yeah, this will be even more fun if it’s fake.

  15. Cill, you’re right about that.

  16. There was a fake Lee Pace account too, and one of the Hobbit cast followed it until some people warned them off. He(?) called himself ‘therealleepace’ or something.

  17. Just for your information, he’s following you.

  18. I don’t know if it’s a fake but none of his colleagues he follows (even LP) are following him

  19. I agree it could be fake but it also could be that his friends told him he won’t suddenly turn into a frog if he’s on Twitter. He doesn’t have to give up his privacy either. Either way it could be fun until we know for sure. How could it be truly verified without fingerprints or something? Sometimes it’s nice to be one of the unwashed masses. Nobody cares if I’m me or not and nobody wants to know things about me. It is nice that he’s following you.

  20. Jed Brophy just congratulated him.

  21. Frenz you haven’t commented on the he’s following you issue. If this is a real account why would he follow a fan? Also same ? Mark on Anglophile channel. No disrespect to you I would point this out for any fan site or blog he followed does not seem in character for him? Better be careful what you tweet lol

  22. It’s an odd selection to follow for him, unless he intends to add to it. No one from ITS except Todd Garner (Nathan Kress & Max Deacon have accounts); not Fraser Kelly from Urban, not Ian McKellen or Katie Jackson. No one from TC.

  23. which is also strange is that he says he is anti socialite (maybe but not convinced) and the only role he speaks is Thorin, nothing abouot ITS, BS, spooks…

  24. The Old Vic also acknowledged him.

  25. Have you seen the tweet from the anglophile channel. Sh’es not sure about the account

  26. I would guess a close friend like JB and his current employer (the Old Vic) would know. Fraser Kelly tweeted him as well. Maybe Ms Boland is not as close a friend as she would like to be?

  27. I don’t know it’s just a thought

  28. Oh dear now I’ve gone and joined twitter too… weird huh?

  29. I also think it is not so easy to get an account verified. Jed Brophy and Stephen Hunter are not and it took Luke Evans ages. I think you have to be important to get that honour. They don’t verify ordinary people.

  30. well Lee Pace & Ian McKellen (for ex), are closer friends than the kelly family and LP is in London so why does he not follow RA? Bc RA follows LP

  31. I agree with Jane that the Old Vic in particular and also Jed Brophy welcoming him seem significant. Some of the others who haven’t …… I guess we’ll see. People are probably texting him all day today to say “Happy Birthday, is this really you?” :)

  32. Re: following Frenz & did everyone say he’s following Anglo Channel? They are pretty large fan sites I believe…. is he not following the big 2 RA aggregator sites? Ali and the other? (He could have been told the follow the larger fan sites by PR people…..? Not sure how many followers Servetus has….)

  33. @Jane: It would not be the first time one of the cast tweeted to a fake account, as they did to the Lee Pace account.

    And when did Marlise Boland ever claim to be a close friend of RA? (Surely there’s no need to be snide?)

  34. In general, I note that he’s now following Nathan Kress and Max Deacon. I wonder if he’s getting tips from us on who to follow. :-D
    (That is a joke!)

  35. Note that Lee’s real account launched as verified. Maybe that the publicist didn’t finish with RA’s list while setting up the account. More surprised he’s not following the kelly’s, max/nathan, candida brady or yfarber. For Fan sites, if he follows central/net would he need 2 follow country sites like russia, argentina, bulgaria, france, etc… Could get tmi real quick. Guess someone likes your blogs Frenz! You’re the pulse he’s decided on. Not-so fake fan letters after all.

  36. Another odd thing just pointed out to me: ‘”Table for 9000 then…..I think we’re gonna need a bigger cake…will you sing to me?’

    ‘gonna’? Has RA ever used that Americanism? Has anyone from the UK?

  37. Lee Pace now follows him. Has be been fooled by an imposter as well?

  38. Breaking my personal rule to not comment on any Richard Armitage fan web sites for this ONE occasion to say … stunned, completely stunned, never thought it was going to happen, and I truly hope the fans will treat the guy with respect in the Twittersphere. Otherwise, I’m sending my kid to your house with toilet paper.

  39. why fans won’t treat him with respect?

  40. I’m still not sure what to think. The Old Vic wrote a post welcoming him to Twitter and saying happy birthday. Whatever is going on, I’m having fun. I did pick up some followers but doubt I will keep them. But then I’m not losing sleep over that. Incidentally, I’m so busy today, I’m not sure I can see straight. Lots and lots of things on my plate that HAVE TO BE DONE YESTERDAY! This is my way of saying I won’t get much time today to play with this, but I wish could. Oh, I wish I could!

  41. Some of them haven’t been respectful to Lee. Others were not respectful to Martin Freeman.

  42. @Cill Really and why? No respect for Martin Freeman?

  43. Oh, I soooo hope it actually is him! He needs to come and play!

  44. People tweet very personal questions to celebrities, confront them about their families, send them slash art.

  45. ah yes I remember a tweet from a girl who ask to Lee Pace if he was RA’s boyfriend

  46. Not to mention the tweets to Robin Williams daughter that made her quit Facebook. Why are some people so cruel?
    I have my doubts about RA’s account too, but he’s a big boy so I’m not worried.

  47. I’m sure RA knows what he is getting himself into. He is not a delicate flower that needs protection.

  48. Just tweeted that. So I guess I’m finally convinced it’s real.

  49. I think it’s fun. :)

  50. Me too. :D Of course everyone expects me to say that, but you know what? I don’t care. LOL!

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