Richard Armitage on Twitter

In recent days, I’ve been pushing Twitter and some of you have jumped in with both feet. Alright!! I love it, and we are going to have some fun, and no, it’s not going to be all related to Richard Armitage. There is so much to see and do on Twitter, it’s stunning. It is THE forum/chatroom for the world. Unreal. Yes, I’m really this gushy about it because its power to transfer intel of various kinds is unlike anything I’ve seen. It is the giant segue in the sky, as it were. I could get philosophical and perhaps even a tad theological, but I will spare you that today.

For those who are hungrily scanning this post for the information of where Richard Armitage can be found on Twitter, you can stop. He’s not there — at least that he’s publicized it. He’s also made it plain that he doesn’t desire to be there — at least not right now:

Excerpt from his message of May 29, 2011:

With regards for requests for social media, blogs tweets etc. I have always worried that I will reveal something about the project I am working on that I am not allowed to, added to the fact that I am just about up to e mailing and little more, I may have to abstain for now.

But that is not going to stop some who really, really want to see him tweeting:

When I saw this, my gut screamed a response:

Dear Richard,

I love Twitter, but what a headache it would be for you, and I heartily concur with your instincts about giving spoilers! The expectation level from fans once you started tweeting would be enormous. My eyes are rolling back in my head just imagining what that would be like. I don’t think you’re ready for that kind of co-dependency. Is anyone? LOL!

The PeerPressureRA id is new, but if it goes the way I think it will go, it could take on the proportions of a coup. If it does, I hope you do not cave into the pressure.

Take care, and in the meantime, could you put a fire under Sir Peter to get that vid out?! We’re all about to have a meltdown from the mere mention of it. :D

One of your crazy fans, who would never put pressure on you (bats eye lashes)

Before you ask, yes, a little APM is at work in me today. ;D

An edit I really didn’t think I would make:

That’s Richard’s first tweet in case it’s not clear. :D


  1. *snort* you are cracking my Thursday up!!! It IS Thursday, right?! Ditto on the mention of Sir Peter!!! I refresh his FB page about every 30 seconds. Gonna wear that little button out! :D

  2. Can you imagine what we would do if Richard Armitage was on Twitter?! LOL!

  3. No I really can’t! Could be scary, BUt really if Rupert Twitters, why not RA? Seriously. He could take over the world. Bwahaha! Honestly, if that ever happens, I’ll just sit back and watch. And maybe write a book about it! ;)

  4. LOL always get giggly here. I must confess,
    I would definately follow him on twitter and read his messages obsessively, but I wouldn’t write anything.
    I’m weird on Twitter, I get a bit shy.
    I wanted to tweet Jillian Michaels but chickened out. Donno why,she seems lovely on Twitter ;(

  5. Wow! That account is shocking! If I were him and saw that, it would actually dissuade me from going near Twitter!! Lol

  6. *laughing a lot* Poor Richard! It would be a nightmare.

  7. Dealing with stuff like this is going to be a part of his journey toward being a greater celebrity …

  8. For the sake of our sanity, I think it’s better that RA stay far from Twitter… LOL

  9. I was just thinking the same thing…except the wording would be, For the sake of getting ANYTHING done at all around this house, I think….!

  10. If he did tweet, it would take a lot of the mystery away and I think that’s one of the reason’s why we’re all so obsessed….always leave them wanting more. I also think he’s too reserved to tweet. Not sure if that’s the right term since I’m not a tweeter either.

  11. I wouldn’t mind if he were on twitter but knowing what a shy and private person he is, it’s probably better if he isn’t on it. I doubt he’d reveal much about himself on it, he gives us plenty through his letters and I can live with that.

  12. Sloan, Twitter can be done while maintaining a mystique, but I hear what you’re saying.

  13. I’m not on twitter, my mobile phone is too old, but if Richard tweeted…hey presto, new phone, and I would follow *grin*
    However, being the private person he is, I don’t blame him for staying away from it. Let his agent do it if it’s needed from a professional standpoint.

  14. Thanks to people like Frenz and Bccmee, if there’s a middle aged woman savvy with social media it’s a sure bet she’s an RA fan! :)

    (and yes, I understand we’re all not middle aged, myself included!)

  15. Me either, Katie. *snort*

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  17. […] it seems Richard Armitage joined Twitter on his birthday. I said a long time ago, “Don’t do it, Richard!” But hey, if he’s there, and it seems he is, let’s have some fun with him. […]

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