I’m Just Going to Say It


Some of you already know I think it, and please forgive me if it sounds arrogant. That is not how I feel at all. I’m still flabbergasted.

This is fun:

FireShot Screen Capture #165 - 'Twitter _ Notifications' - twitter_com_i_notifications

Every time I want to look at Richard Armitage’s timeline, I have to search it because I’ve been too busy to make a list. And when I search it, I see that above and get a stupid grin on my face and laugh involuntarily. One time SO was standing nearby, and I had to be nefarious about what made me laugh. LOL! How old am I? Do not answer that! I had to be sly because SO would have royally taken the Mickey out of me.

Maybe I’ll stop grinning at some point when this becomes old hat, but I’m having a hard time thinking this would ever become old hat. And this morning I can’t contain my exuberance.

In fact, I’m laughing as I write this and thinking about how this blog was supposed to be a 2-3 month lark. Thankfully, SO is out of earshot. And ohmygosh, if some of you knew how many times I’ve said I was going to quit! It’s pretty much a quarterly thing for me and sometimes more often. I’m still not sure how long I can go with this, but for now, this is still a lot of fun. Thanks, Richard. :D

note to self: Remember you have never taken this place seriously; don’t start now. Also, remember Twitter followers can be fickle even when they don’t intend to be. It happens, so don’t forget that. For now, just go with it and hope others have as much fun coming along for the ride.

edit: Richard Armitage followed me about five months, and it was fun while it lasted. :D


  1. I’m happy for you. It’s great to know you are representing the RArmy to Richard. You’ve certainly worked hard on this blog and we all like and respect you. Enjoy the honor!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you! Truly, this has not been work. It really has been so much fun. And I like all of you too!

  3. Frenz, you are awesome. So many of the people in this fandom are awesome.

    (Cue: “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!” song from the Lego Movie…) :)

  4. LOL! It’s true that there are so many people who are awesome. I’ve made some very good friends. That’s the best part!

  5. I love that he’s following YOU on Twitter! You must be chuffed. Did you notice that he’s following Deborah Harkness? Can we read anything into that? RA would be an excellent Matthew de Clermont.

  6. I’ve got a post ready to go!!! :D

  7. I love that he follows you and see it as a huge compliment to you and this blog. You consistently put forward well-balanced views without any hysteria and don’t take yourself or him too seriously (his work, yes, but him not so much I think – in the best possible way though, if you know what I mean). These are things I imagine someone in his position might appreciate.

  8. from top ofbrain think he got book of a fan at the Pinter/Proust reading in NYC.

    and Thank You Frenzy for holding the flag and marching in front of the RArmy! *sniggers* You’re so not safe now!

  9. I hope that’s the case, Kathryn. I try to be respectful without being boring. ;p

  10. I like you more and more! :-)

  11. Thanks for forwarding your little timeline shot to “the rest of us” who will never see such a thing LOL….. I think it’s great, and I’m sure your family WILL get some mileage out of yanking your chain on this a little too :)

  12. I think it’s wonderful that you follow each other! And I hope he’s enjoying it as much as you are!

    Regarding,SOs — have had to explain to mine more than once who the rather handsome fellow is I have for my main wallpaper on my phone. He was so not pleased, until I explained it was Richard. He’s calmed down a little (I think) since then. As long as he doesn’t go on my FB page….then I’m royally screwed.

  13. Oh, how awesome, and what fun. :D Worth a little preen and giggle. Enjoy it!!

  14. Good for you!!!!

  15. I am tickled for you! You know how much I love your sense of humor, perspective and humility. Congratulations and enjoy this momentous occasion. You truly deserve all good things :D

  16. Thanks, Ann. I said when this quit being fun, I was outta here. Over four years later,…

    BTW, I’m trying to make a trip to see the girls soon! Talk later. :)

  17. For some reason, my replies are not working from my phone. My apologies. I was not ignoring the rest of you at all!

    Thank you all so much. It has been a real blast to hang out with all of you — follow from RA or no follow. I was never in it for that, and i’ll ride with it as long as it lasts and then laugh some more when it doesn’t.

    Did I already reply to this, and it’s just not showing up where I am? I’m so confused by WordPress.Com today.

  18. You ARE awesome!!! I think it’s great that Richard knows what is being said with him in mind. He has got to appreciate your sense of humor. I’ll bet it’s very close to his and he seems to be able to laugh at himself. Your blog is great for him as well as tasteful and respectful. But not stuffy or stodgy. You go girl!!

  19. I am really pleased for you. Just remember we knew you when ;-)

  20. Yeah, yeah, yeah, enjoy your fame. And when you come back to earth, get on that post about Twitter clients, would you?

  21. Put your whip down. I’ll get to it after you’ve suffered enough with native Twitter!

    By the way, I love the new avatar.

  22. Looks like a professional designed it. :D

  23. Yep, couldn’t happen to a nicer crazy lady!

  24. Now how cool this that? OK very cool!

  25. I’m bucking for smart-ass status, and don’t forget that you started it.

  26. Congratulations :) Have fun,Frenz!

  27. Congrats. So cool for you. As a reader of your blog I can see why you’d get a follow :) You know, I think he knows more about the fandom than he lets on (which I like).

  28. As this rate you’re going to set a record for making the list. :D

  29. That was directed at Besotted in case anyone’s wondering. She’s going on the smart-ass list soon.

    I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the comments, but you all may need to stop since SO just told me it looks like we’re gonna need to widen the doors in the house if my head gets any bigger.;-)

  30. When I saw your name on RA’s follow Iist was so pleased. Congrats!

  31. Wow, it’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you and very pleased to have you representing us to him. Always loved your blog! And now to know he reads it! Eeeks!! :D

  32. I’m happy for you, bravo ! :-)

  33. and in case you missed it…or forgot…I. Told. You. So. :D

  34. I can’t remember why I came back to this post, but I just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for the wonderful words. As much as the follow from Richard Armitage is fun, the camaraderie with all of you means more. And I think Richard Armitage would understand why I feel that way.

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