Sorting Out This Place

SH3_093For a long time I’ve been unhappy with the navigation on my site and in particular the method for finding old posts. A few weeks ago I got so frustrated I decided to do something about it. I thought about moving the site to another host where I could do what I wanted with it and put all sorts of nifty functions into it. But I honestly don’t have time to do that, so I decided to build an archive instead. It’s under the prosaic name of ‘Archive’ on the main menu.

I only have 2010 posts so far because I’m still wondering if I even like this system. Not sure yet if each month should have its own page or if all the posts for a particular year (divided by month) should be on one page. Maybe you’ll try it out and let me know what you think. If so, then I’ll adjust accordingly and add the other years. I will also be adding tag and category pages at some point, but I may wait until I move to a self-hosted site before I do it.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what’s there and don’t judge me too harshly for some of my posts. I was a budding writer, and in many, many respects, I still am. I like to think I’ve improved, but I don’t deceive myself that what I’ve done here is anything for posterity. What I do know is I’m glad I did it. It has helped me find a voice of sorts, and frankly, I laughed and cried and smiled as I went through some of these old posts and seldom had a regret as I read even when the writing was awkward. I know it was part of the process, and I’m entirely okay with that.

Given all of this, I hope you will let me know if you have issues finding something, or there is a bad link.

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  1. Your site is just fine to me … thanks for all the effort you put into it. It’s so very much appreciated. XXX

  2. Wow, I never noticed the archive over on the left…. I had noticed the tags and categories on the right. You are very organized :)

    Actually, when I click on the archives, it looks like it’s already completely broken down by month… from 2010-present, not just 2010…. ? (Did this automate some way for you??)

    I like it broken down by month (since it looks like it’s already done), by year would be fine too if it wasn’t.

  3. I’m sorry that I never responded to these comments! I guess I am now.

    Thank you, Chrissy. There was a problem earlier this year with and things got difficult to find on my site. That’s why I started messing with it. I keep threatening to move it to self-hosted, but it’s a lot more work for which I really don’t have time. LOL!


    The monthly archive was not working, so that you could not get to all of the posts in a given month. This exercise was also for my 14 year old to really get her feet wet with html. The archive that’s on the main menu at the top (instead of the one on the sidebar) not only breaks things down by month, but it also lists the titles. I’ve had people send me notes about something they had read and couldn’t quite remember the name of, so the pages with the titles have helped them quite a bit.

    Next I’ll be cleaning up my tags and categories and making pages for them. Yes, my kid will be doing that too. Muhahahahaha Frankly, by the time I get done with her, I hope she’s up to installing sites and running maintenance on them. :D

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