Paging Dr. White

Elliott Lester
No, it’s not Dr. White but rather the guy who’s been teasing all of you on Twitter. Who I think is a cutie as well as a tease.

Oh you don’t like my title ’cause the doctor is not that kind of doctor? Wait. Someone else says, “Go ahead and page him. We wanna see what he looks like!” I’m not sure I can satisfy the lust for info, but a fan sent me a couple of pics of the film set she literally happened on. She had gone to the venue to see a sporting event and then noticed there was something else going on. She was kind enough to share some long distance shots from her phone:



And the fan who took these had a friend and recent recruit to the Armitage Army with her. To quote the friend, “He is hot! and better looking in real life.”

Okay, so they’re not the greatest shots of Richard, but if you were overwhelmed by the presence of himself when you weren’t expecting to be, could you really get a good shot? Yeah, that’s what I thought. :D

Dear Elliott:

Please don’t change Richard’s character’s name. “White Hot” is too good to ignore. The Army can have a field day with that. But we need a clear picture, man, or do you want us to apply our imaginations to this thing?

One of Richard’s crazy fans who is dreaming up all sorts of ways to mine the name ‘white,’ but I may not publish any of them; just entertain myself dreaming them up. ;-)

P.S. Are you ready for the fangirl deluge?

Angie: I throw this out to you: we need a graphic stat! :D

To the rest of you: Okay, so yeah, the title is cheesy. How do you think I get back in the flow of this craziness?!

edit: ArmitageBesotted and I were recently talking about the misuse of there, their and they’re. So what do I do? Misuse the hell out of it in this post. LOL!!


  1. I like White Hot. There’s a consistent burning fire theme lately.

  2. Exactly. :D

  3. In case of Are We SURE That’s Him Round #6,835: the butt don’t lie. Note: grammar in this comment approved by Shakira.

  4. “I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun . . .” Yes, the man is on a roll and he’s scorchin’ hot! :D Frenz, you caught me on a morning after no sleep. I spent all day yesterday trying to remember the last name of a woman I’ve known for years.Finally broke down and asked Benny. I really do hate fibro fog. But I will see what I can do after I’ve had a little shut-eye. ;)

  5. ROFLOL!!

  6. Jazzbaby, the bodacious backside and that signature stride of his. Can’t mistake it.

  7. Angie, I wasn’t laughing at your condition!! I was laughing at JB. As for your comment, I can relate, and I don’t have fibro. I’m just getting old! :D

    Hey, do what you can. I know you can come with something good when you have time.

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  9. Dr. White Hot!! I LOVE it!
    I think our new buddy Elliott figured out this wkend that we are the best (and cheapest) marketing tool he’ll ever find LOL…. hope he keeps the pics coming! (Glad you’re back too, btw.)

  10. Oh, I know. Figured it was Jazz’s comment about his backside. I tell you, between all the trouble I’ve had with my wrist and arm since May, recent sciatic attacks and turning another year older last month, I feel old as dirt some days.

  11. Frenz, you’ve been quiet lately, but here you come blazing back in true form. “Dr. White Hot.” That’s brilliant. (Can compete with Dr. McDreamy any day.) Do you think Elliott has any idea what’s about to hit him? Luckily, there are only 45,000 of us. That’s a manageable number.

  12. Somehow I think Elliott can handle it and I’m sure his budget’s bottom line can really handle it. LOL!

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