Poor Richard

It seems there is an epidemic which was first noticed on Facebook:

Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid

Michael Huffman the Dumbass

DOYLESTOWN, PA—Describing him as frequently frustrated and overwhelmed, sources confirmed Monday that local Facebook user Michael Huffman is incredibly stupid. “I need stuff easy,” said the absolute dipshit, adding that he finds many things confusing, and that those things must be changed so that they make sense to him.

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This article was the Onion’s response to Facebook’s plan to put the hashtags #satire and possibly #comedy on the Onion’s FB posts. It’s all because of the condition known as Drawing Unwarranted Misinterpretations from Bullshit, and this propensity now seems to be on Twitter and infecting Richard Armitage and some of those around him.

Oh shit!

Dear Richard,

I want to apologize for the fake fan letter to Elliott Lester and how it may have negatively affected him and you! I’ve had my tongue in my cheek so long I didn’t realize you and some others would actually take me seriously. This fear of being taken seriously is one reason I started using so damn many emoticons a few years ago. Before I did that, oh man, it was hell. I’m not a great writer you see, so I had to do something to make it clear I was teasing. But I guess the emoticons weren’t enough huh? Yes, I KNOW you read my fake fan letter to Elliott or somehow got wind of it and felt so put upon you had to actually provide a photo. No, don’t bother denying. I KNOW you did.

I just wish I had known you are both stupid. If I had, I would have put the ‘bullshit’ tag on that post, so you would not have suffered any mental anguish. And I NEVER would have said this when you were so kind to provide a beautiful photo:

Glasses Tweet

Oh man, I am so sorry. It was a sacrilege. I know that now, and please, no worries about acquiring glasses. I’ll just take the photo as it is, and every time I look at it, I will feel duly ashamed of myself for being so bold.

A crazy fan who really, really, really didn’t mean to ruin your day and would love to know how I could make it up to you.

P.S. I guess I need to face the fact you’re an action fan who needs the dots connected. Yes, this is bullshit.

Watch someone think I really believe Richard Armitage is stupid. Oy.

Whatever, it seems Armitage Protection Mode is alive and well. (I wonder if it ever hits those infected that they’re trying to protect a 43 year old man LOL!)

And I have always wanted to title a post with that phrase. I’ve also been dying to use that Onion story. :D

edit: dropping the snark for a moment but just a moment. For those who are confused, just know that it seems some fans thought Richard Armitage was badgered into providing us a picture. To wit:


  1. Shame on you! Poor Richard has regularly admitted he has “issues” with technology! Then you, and others, go and take advantage of his simple mind and start plying him with *gasp* silly requests! Why, his poor head must have been spinning! And as many know, or claim to know, he is shy, introverted and probably appalled that anyone would want to see his face clearly! That you would then request glasses! Why, it’s ungrateful! And you should be ashamed!

  2. ROFL @ the Onion story. Really, my face hurts. :)

    I had a little trouble seeing my screen though, must be all that thick irony in the air….. dang, Frenz, I’m gonna have to go to Lowe’s & get something for that. LOL

  3. Yep, I am ashamed, but not so ashamed I’m going to crawl in a hole. I will be back making bold requests tomorrow or the next day — if he can handle it. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Some boots? : D

  5. Hippydippy, you used the magic phrase (“Poor Richard”) in your comment…. you get the golden kudos :)

    Frenz- also, will you follow up with us on how he wants you to make it up to him?? :) This is the kind of information that you owe to us…. ;D

  6. (Boots?? Don’t try to make this sound…. simple or anything!)

  7. Of course! :D

  8. good grief. I leave for 5 days and THIS! I am so confused. Does that also make me “simple”. I like that word better. :)

  9. And here I thought Teh Stoopid (as we used to call it in my circles) was only on twitter. It’s spreading like Ebola.

  10. There;s no cure for stupid. ;) And unfortunately, it seems to be rampant.

  11. Is the picture of “michael huffman” great or what?! I literally crack up every time I see it.

  12. Bless this post. That is all.

  13. How the heck did a gorgeous picture cause so much drama? I missed the drama. In fact, I was too busy oogling the picture as sanity saver as the printers where I work went haywire…just before students needed to hand in some major assignments. (I work in a library.)

    Where’s the drama?

  14. The whole description of Michael Huffman just kills me every time. I hate myself for laughing so much, but I just can’t help it!

  15. Ok….I obviously missed something! Dearest Frenz, could you briefly enlighten me or do I have to go all forensic on this tale? I’ve been out playing in the foliage with the horses so much that I have been off the Twitter machine.
    Btw, you are a regular seanachie (save you the look-up: storyteller). I love your writing style. It’s conversational and sensational :)

  16. Like Annie and the Queen, I am out of the loop, but I could only guess the level of stupidity that has transpired. It doesn’t surprise me.

    Being on Twitter is like watching a dysfunctional family spending a holiday together: it could be joyful, fun, crazy, and sad.

  17. For those who may not know the history behind the Michael Huffman piece, it was the Onion’s response to Facebook proposing to put the hashtags #satire and #comedy on the Onion’s FB posts.

  18. I see… Said the blind man to his deaf friend.
    All these social media platforms are curious displays of human behavior in all it’s ‘splendor’. Consider me enlightened, dear Frenz. Once again, you have spared me a forensic search when I would rather be lost on a horse in the woods or pointing a vessel into the wind. Life is too short not to laugh :)
    With my sincerest regards to you and yours,
    Your friend from across the USA who thinks you are exceptional!

  19. Annie,

    I think maybe I’m the one who’s dumb ’cause I honestly thought I had replied to your comment. I guess I typed it a couple of weeks ago when I first saw it but never hit ‘post comment.’

    The horse sounds goods. But also I hope you and others are still having fun with all of this RA stuff.

  20. Have no fear, Frenz. I will always find time to well-wish RA :) your inimitable blog is such a guilty pleasure! Carry on, dear friend!

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