The Crucible will be available for download

Marlise Boland is on it.

Thank you, Marlise. I appreciate all that you’re doing!



  1. I’m sure Marlise has her ear to the ground…. please please :)

  2. I thought we already knew this.

  3. There was some indication that it was not sure.

  4. It’s not like she had to look hard for that information. She’s just regurgitating what RA already tweeted.

  5. I’m not sure that’s all there is to it

  6. I’m 99.9% sure ;) Marlise is not as “connected” as people seem to think she is.

  7. I would love to hear why you’re confident of that. Seriously.

  8. Richard Armitage said he “believed” it would be available for download. It left some question among many of those who read it, as evidenced from tweets and blog comments. How sure was he? I think what Marlise was indicating, especially by the highlighting of the word WILL, and by the hashtags she used, #OldVic and #RichardArmitage, is that she did some digging, got some answers, and it will be definitely available for download worldwide from DT. That’s what I got out of it, anyway.
    I don’t know how strong her connections are – her news is not usually any newer than others, but she did get a lead on the plot details of Sleepwalker that no one else had, or has had it since.

  9. I agree with you, Perry. As to how good the Intel is, I think so far most has been correct and fairly timely.

    Other than all of that, i say Go Marlise go. LOL

  10. I have some mixed feelings about her interview style and a few other things, but I’ve been watching her climb the learning curve, and she has definitely built something with her TAC. So kudos.

  11. I’ve had the chance to talk with her off-line, and she is a down to earth, nice person. So maybe there are things that some are not going to like about her style, which I totally understand since we’re not all in lock step. I guess I just like her, and yeah kudos to her for continuing to progress

  12. Just to add another thought, I am grateful for anyone who wants to bring us news. They perform a service for us even if they sometimes bring us something that someone else reported on. I would rather have something twice or more than to not have it at all.

    Anyway, that’s my view of fans or anyone who does reporting for the rest of us.

  13. The sheer quantity of times myself and others have corrected her misinformation is a pretty good indication to me.

  14. I guess I haven’t seen that. I would love to know what exactly if you don’t mind sharing.

  15. When were all these corrections? I’ve found her information to be mostly accurate.

  16. She has, on occasion, misread facts in other posts, tweets or articles, and gotten it wrong when she posted. ComicCon was one such gaff- when she misinterpreted what RA said to her. But I think that problem has been pretty much over for a while, now. I really can’t think of any specifics, but I know they happened – in the beginning.

  17. What did she misinterpret about ComicCon? I’ve forgotten and I’m compulsively curious.

  18. @Cill If I recall, he said something like ” we are taking Into the Storm to Comicon and I’m really excited about that.” ( Not his actual words – but close). And she interpreted that, as did others, to mean that he, personally, would be attending. The logistics of this came up again and again when he was wrangling for The Crucible and fans were discussing various options, priorities and so forth.

  19. Now I remember, @perry. Given the wording, that’s what it certainly sounded like despite the logistical problems, so I can’t really fault her for misunderstanding that.

  20. Reblogged this on My Sort of Bloke and commented:
    This is wonderful news!

  21. And as Perry said earlier, Marlise scored a definite coup with all the plot info about Sleepwalker as we were all more or less chattering aimlessly & twisting in the wind.

    I’m sure some of it may still change by the time movie comes out (just as ITS did), and also since Elliot Lester seems to love disinformation :)

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