Keepin’ It Real

I heard something the other day that means i will never feel self-conscious about my fan odyssey again, or maybe not as often. It seems Beyonce has a religion of her own. It’s called Beysim. What the heck?! I knew there was a reason I don’t keep up with popular culture too closely.

Of course Beyonce is a great singer, but I’m never gonna be a member of her church after watching this video. :D

When I was watching that for the first time a few years ago, I started looking around to see if someone could see what I was watching. But I could have saved myself the stress if I had known she would have her own religion.

Still felt like I lost a few brain cells.


So you’re on Twitter now, and your style has improved. It’s true. You went from this:

richard armitage bafta 2007

to this:

BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2013

But man, please don’t become too hip. If you get too slick, I may find myself in the midst of some real groupies. AS it is, I did hear about some shrines laying around, and there is some sort of mark worn by really RAbid fans and recognized by same. Of course that’s just scuttlebutt, so I’m not really sure it’s true.

Whatever is going on, I like to keep my obsessions real. KWIM?

A Crazy Fan who is NOT in denial. Nope. ;-)

P.S. I like the new you, but I also love the guy who went to the 2007 BAFTAs. :)

And now for the story I’ve been saving since I came back from NYC a month ago. I was in the airport waiting for my plane, and a woman saw one of Guylty’s badges on my coat. She actually stared at it intently, and then she started talking to me and eventually mentioned how much she enjoys BBC programs. I chimed in with my enthusiasm, and then she said, “I especially love one that I’ve never seen on any networks here in the states.” My ears pricked up, and I almost felt what she was going to say next. “It stars an actor I have come to adore. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Richard Armitage?” Then she looked at my badge again. I felt like we were two spies having an encounter.

More on Beyism here if you don’t believe it’s real.

Candid shots courtesy of Richard Armitage Central and my stash


  1. I must not be very discriminating. I love him in any look he chooses and those looks that are thrust upon him by stylists and film makers. I should add theater directors also. I think I just have excellent taste all the time. lol

  2. “Near-life experiences”! I like it! I can get mileage out of that :)

    These seem like charming young ladies :) They have a way with a scarf, though I think it may be cheating to use a wire to help form the animals … or am I mixed up with balloon animals? Never mind :)

    Yes, Beyism seems a tad messed up… I think we’re still on the sane end of the spectrum from that (though I notice you tagged this post “rationalizing”).

  3. I like the earlier RA look, but I suppose because I like the look of the younger RA. I’ve never been sure I like a lot of stuff he’s worn at public events since December 2012. (Not a fan of suits).

  4. Btw, I realize that the above remark was beside the point of this post, but I’m not really capable of commentary on any other level in my current sick and drugged state.

  5. Totally with you on the “don’t become too slick” issue. There is a real danger there imho. Even though the 2013 look is quite an improvement, the 2007 version is cute for its innocence… But well, he’s moved on, we’ve moved on – can’t hold that against anyone.
    As for the story of your encounter – woohoo – that sounds like the first instance of the badge possibly fostering fan-engagement??? I take it you did not verify whether she had copped on to what the badge meant? Well, it doesn’t really matter – what matters is that you seemed to have a nice encounter that whiled away the time. Great stuff, and thanks for sharing and for linking me in!

  6. No badges, but I was flying home from NY to Mexico in September, listening to Richard Armitage read Hamlet, and my seat mate noticed the book cover laptop as well as some pics. Turns out, she, a professor of economics at a Mexico City University, is an RA fan – – loved, loved North and South. I sent a list of works she could find elsewhere and on You Tube.

  7. My Spy Encounter of the Third Kind…so I’m at a small festival that celebrates the novel of a Christian author that later became a TV series…anyway, I’ve know this gal for several years at this point and we’re on the planning team for the festival at this point.

    We’re at a team dinner, scarfing down artichoke dip, chatting with 4 or 5 others about current TV shows and movies. Someone mentions the latest “Robin Hood” (Russell Crowe) My friend states it was ok but not nearly as good as the TV version. I look at her and say, “BBC?”. She says, “Guy!”. Together we squeal, grab each other and in unison chant, “Richard. Armitage!!!!!”. And then, “North and South!!!!”. (which BTW, celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this weekend)

    It was all downhill from there. Or uphill. Whatever. Our fellow festivalmates weren’t sure whether to call the authorities or buy our plane tickets for an early ride home. (Couldn’t have been too awful a scene for them though ’cause we were on the team the next year. :)

    Small but so very satisfying minutes in a fan girl’s life. *le sigh*

  8. Purplepk, yes, we all have great taste all the time! : D

    SH, I think hearing about the nuttiness in the Beyonce fandom does make me feel much better. By the way, I think the pocket shrines are a hoot! And I have a “badge” in the gallery of the badged if you look closely, so I’m not really rationalizing. Or maybe I am. LOL!

    Guylty, Keep the shrines and badges coming. :D

    Perry and TheQueen, I think there are many more of us than we know. What I absolutely love is I am sympatico with almost every fan I’ve encountered.

    We need more stories!!

  9. […] the fandom identifier aka well-wisher badge may have worked its first ever magic. RAfrenzy wrote a post a couple of days ago and mentioned an encounter with possible badge-involvement. If anything it […]

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