The Day is Far From Done

I got a ginormous curve ball today, and I’m in the middle of grappling with it. But I will be back in RA Universe later today (at least today by American time). Wow, spell check thinks ginormous is a word; imagine that. Here I thought it was slang. Sorry to digress, and I really can’t type much longer as I’m off to finish something vital, Afterwards, I’ll be back to talk North and South.

For now, one of my favorite screencaps from that series:


Yeah, that’s right, we’re going to talk about you, Rich, and probably a few others.

I also have to start pumping out my dwarf posts. Had to get my head out of the premiere debacle and back on the fun. I’ve done that now, so look for more on that.


  1. Okay, I’ve got about one more minute to talk.

    I and some others had planned a trip to a resort several hours from here. We are taking about 40 students from three different towns. This is not part of what I do for the school but something else, and these kids have worked hard to take this trip (actually earned the right to go), and today there was a last minute bombshell with transportation. I’ve been on the phone all morning trying to resolve it. I just got it settled, and now I need to be on the road in a few minutes. I’m sitting in the parking lot as I type this, and as soon as I’m done, I’ll be out-of-pocket for a good six hours. When I come back, I’ll proof my piece and then publish. Until then, I hope all of you who are John Thornton fans are enjoying a day of reflection on how that character changed our lives! : )

  2. You are a rock star! Hope you had a great day with the kids and that every extra second you invested paid off :-)

  3. I watched North & South for the 1st time today. Got all sloppy about it, too. He FINALLY smiled-amazing! Good luck and be safe.

  4. I just treasure N/S. It’s the film that led me to ask, ‘who the heck is this actor?’. I googled (no auto correct there so, Google is a verb ;) RA and your blog pinged back as one of the top search items. Chatting with you has led me down many paths tweeting as I roam this digital landscape. So, in terms of RA well-wishing, all roads lead me back to N/S and Frenz :) it’s been a really nice trip. Thank you for your lovely sense of humor that you share most generously!

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