Goodbye, 2014

I’m not ready for 2015 yet. Did I just type 2015? WTH?! 1985 still sounds modern. Man, I am really giving something away about myself. Yep, I’m ancient, but I don’t feel ancient. I did for a few weeks, but I’m feeling less ancient as the day goes on. That’s what happens when you can BREATHE AGAIN.


And I’ve really not been myself due to some mind altering medications and a hot toddy here or there — hence my tardiness on the New Year’s festivities and a few other things. Then again, I never have been a fan of New Year’s. I wax on about that here, so I’ll spare you a repeat.

I guess 2014 was…I’m not sure exactly what it was. I remember I worked my ass off, and I got sick a lot. I also remember how we Richard Armitage fans were vindicated in our obsession when Richard took the stage at the Old Vic. I base that on quite a bit of feedback, but this was my favorite. Rich also joined the chaos on Twitter as a permanent member, and the jury is still out on that move. I do hope the best for Rich, and being me, I’m sure I’ll come with some more advice for him as this year rolls on. I haven’t been a big sister for decades for nothing, and he is a younger brother, so it’s the logical conclusion for my voice here, and I’m sure he listens to me (rolls eyes). By the way, I think he may have unfollowed me, so you all can rest easy now. :D

However, I do want to thank those of you who do read. I have not kept up as much this year and yet I got over 200,000 hits with only a little over 150 posts. That blew me away, and I still have the Google bot inhibited. Unreal. Despite this good result, I promise to do better with my number of posts this year. It all depends on how busy I become with work. Whether I can keep the promise or not, I figure it’s a win for me either way. Selfish that may sound, but I do have to make a living.

And since I get questions about previous posts, I’m going to continue on with my archive. 2012 should be coming soon. I’m also adding a yearly favorites page beginning with 2014.

Sobriety test courtesy of the Phantom Professor.


  1. Have a good new year and really glad you are feeling better! :-)

  2. So glad you’re feeling better.

  3. Happy New Year, sweetie, glad you are getting back to whatever passes for normal :) It really has been a busy, good year for both you & RA…. happy to follow you to the end!

  4. Very glad to see you are feeling better. I hope the same is true for your OH? Anyway, my best wishes for you and yours in 2015 – may the new year bring you health and happiness :-)

  5. So glad to hear you’re getting back to plumb level! I for one am glad to see the back of 2014. When a friend told me it was the Year of The Horse, I said “I’m trucking that nag to the glue factory!” Here’s to an excellent 2015 for all of us & more good stuff from you, Frenz!

  6. You guys are great. Truly. You are the biggest reason I’m still here. I’ve said and said and said, and I”m going to say again — there are some lovely fellow fans, and I’m so glad I’ve had to the chance to converse with you.

    BTW, this is the first day I’ve felt fully human. I cannot express enough how good it feels to be normal again.

  7. Happy New Year Frenz. So glad you are feeling better!

  8. Happy New Year – I love reading your blogs – keep up the wonderful work!!

  9. I wish you and your family the very best for 2015, with the best health possible on top of the list.

    PS: You’re not drunk. You still hit the paper. ;-)

  10. A belated thank you for this past year of posts, I look forward to another year of them. Happy 2015.

  11. Hedgehogess: Your comment about hitting the paper illustrates perfectly why I so love this fandom. Thank you for that.

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