Some Blue Eyes With That Snow?

B6ODrplCQAAWL_Z.jpg large

Yeah, this was a winner. I’ve gotten a bit of email and messages with lots of swooning over the gorgeous blue eyes and the stubble.

Frankly, if you saw that coming at you on the slopes, you would probably wind up in the hospital. But would you care? :D

note: click the photo for Richard’s New Year’s message on Twitter.

edit: I forgot the ohcheemama tag; added.


  1. That’s why I use the #babysgotblueyes He would be a hazard on the slopes. Would love to see him let the gray show in his hair.

  2. Phew, a little gray would definitely be sexay. :D

  3. Blindingly blue eyes and grey in the beard? Yeah. I’d melt the snow pack I was standing on right down to the bare earth from seeing that up close. You’re killing us, Richard. Please continue. ;)

  4. LMAO!!! I think we would create ice with all the drooling ;). I tell my husband I don’t mind grey hair or guys who have no hair. I don’t like it when guys use what little they have to make a comb over.

  5. Comb over = delusional man

  6. Make like a tree and let him hit me…………………thrunk

  7. Gretchen, I feel a post coming on after reading this. Oh yeah. :D

  8. Tighten my bindings, baby?” Shall I continue…

  9. Droolcicles…not pretty. But those baby blues remind me of a George Strait song…. :)

  10. And baby blue was the color of her eyes. Baby blue like the Colorado skies.
    Though I believe the picture was taken somewhere north of Colorado.

  11. If he put me in a hospital would he come to see me?

  12. What do I always say, Frenz? Let ‘er rip, sister! I look forward to it. ;)

  13. Amazing selfie!! :) I don’t know what filters/apps he uses, but he’s got it down to True Art :) (with fantastic raw material to start with!) “More, please, Sir”

  14. He looks….happy. Content.

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