Netflix ditches Richard …

If Zan’s blog name was ever apropos, it is on this piece. LOL! Thank you, Zan for making sure we have a place to quickly get a fix!

Reblogged from Well, There You Go …

Sad, sad, sad … Netflix is cleaning house on February 1, 2015. Among the many changes coming, we’ll be losing access to some of our favorites …


Right then … so what to do when needing a Richard fix and the DVD player is just not convenient? Not to despair, dear friends!

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  1. I’ve never had netflix. Won’t be wasting money on it now.

  2. What? No! :( I own the Robin Hood series on DVD but am sad to see others won’t be able to find this fun show on Netflix. And I can’t believe they’re pulling North and South! :(

  3. I just spoke with Netflix. It has renewed its contract with the BBC and RA’s not going anywhere.

  4. […] Netflix ditches Richard … […]

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