Has Netflix Renewed Their Contract with BBC?

North and South NetflixAccording to a commenter, JustLuthen, it’s a done deal:

“I just spoke with Netflix. It has renewed its contract with the BBC and RA’s not going anywhere.”

Thanks, Luthen. It’s a great message on a Monday morning, and my optimist is clinging onto it. Not because I need to watch the Netflix version of North and South, or MI-5 (Spooks) or Robin Hood, but because it’s such an easy way to turn potential fans onto Richard Armitage.

Maybe some of the rest of you can also call to ensure that Netflix means what they say! :D

edit: Spooks is not staying. Bummer.

What Variety should have said about the shows not staying:

Fans should ‘plain that “Fawlty Towers,” “Blackadder,” “MI-5″ and “Red Dwarf” will no longer be available on Feb. 1.



  1. Older news that I heard from Buzzfeed was that everything was staying re” Richard Armitage, except MI 5.Would love to know that MI5 is staying.

  2. Thanks, Perry. It’s funny; I put up that post, and got DMs, tweets and email almost immediately letting me know about Spooks. I have been out of town and obviously not keeping up, but I knew someone would know. LOL! And as much as I wax on about aspects of Spooks that I did not likes, I’m sorry to see it go on Netflix.

  3. Thornton and Guy are safe, and I’m very glad! http://richardarmitageforever.tumblr.com/post/108623415968

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