Yes, There Will Be Tattoos

At least that’s how it’s looking.

As I said in my last piece, perhaps The Red Dragon influenced the Spooks writers in their creation of Lucas North. But it seems the portrayal of Lucas North may have affected the casting of Richard Armitage in Hannibal.

He does wear tattoos well:


And Francis definitely has tattoos:

2g28VImT47xQXqgA2BjsOMTrE2GRalph Fiennes as Francis Dolarhyde in The Red Dragon

Richard Armitage may have big shoes to fill in playing the role previously done by Ralph Fiennes, but you know, he has no worries in the physical department. I don’t even like tattoos, but the shallow part of me is hoping the dragon tattoo somehow makes it to the front of Francis’s body.


  1. The Red Dragon tattoo? Oh. My GOD. YES.

  2. Gretchen, I am not a fan of tattoos, but I must admit if they could ever look even close to good, it’s because Richard Armitage is wearing them.

  3. Not a fan of long sideburns either. Can’t stand them actually, but he made them look super sexy.

  4. I’m applying for the job of putting his tattoos on!! :)

  5. Richard must be having the time of his life. Getting to play such interesting characters. Enjoy it.

  6. Front tattoos would be nice, but we so rarely get to see the other side, back works for me, too. Better, a tattoo that wraps from front to back!

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