And China Just Keeps Going and Going

What was I saying about China and numbers…



Man, I had this weird dream where you said you wouldn’t be joining social media. Yeah, my mind was out in left field on that one.


A crazy fan who’s been watching videos from @Chinese With Mike. You might check him out!


Part of me is glad for Richard Armitage. He’s worked hard at his craft, and now he’s able to ride the wave created by Peter Jackson and The Hobbit. The other part of me hopes this will bode well for his delving into something worthy of his abilities. Numbers can do that if they are used wisely.

We’ll see how it works out for Richard, and if he’s able to parlay this into something, or if it’s just a fun thing to do with the Chinese fans.

I hope it’s both.

note: Weibo is used by roughly 30% of Internet users in China, and is considered on par with Twitter. It’s actually sort of a combination of Twitter and Facebook in how it behaves functionally.


  1. He seems to be enjoyed weibo even more than twitter (maybe because he can’t read most of the other posts about him? ;) )
    I think that the photo of the child playing with the car is very appropriate for RA.

  2. I am really excited for him and glad he decided to embrace social media in this way. Not only does it give him the opportunity to promote his work but it has also given him the chance to interact with his supporters in a way which previously had been somewhat limited. I’m sure it has been encouraging to him to have had such an overwhelmingly positive response from people all over the world who appreciate him and his work. I hope it will continue to be fun for him and that he will be able to filter out the not so fun and enjoy the experience overall. I’m wondering if this decision of his will be a catalyst toward new opportunities and fulfillment for him in his career path. I really hope so…he deserves it.

  3. LOL! You make an excellent point. Ignorance is bliss. As to the photo of a child, I assume it’s an analogy, or did I miss something? : D

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