And China Just Keeps Going and Going

What was I saying about China and numbers…



Man, I had this weird dream where you said you wouldn’t be joining social media. Yeah, my mind was out in left field on that one.


A crazy fan who’s been watching videos from @Chinese With Mike. You might check him out!


Part of me is glad for Richard Armitage. He’s worked hard at his craft, and now he’s able to ride the wave created by Peter Jackson and The Hobbit. The other part of me hopes this will bode well for his delving into something worthy of his abilities. Numbers can do that if they are used wisely.

We’ll see how it works out for Richard, and if he’s able to parlay this into something, or if it’s just a fun thing to do with the Chinese fans.

I hope it’s both.

note: Weibo is used by roughly 30% of Internet users in China, and is considered on par with Twitter. It’s actually sort of a combination of Twitter and Facebook in how it behaves functionally.

The Power of Pinterest

TheQueen (no, not that queen) is being schooled in just how powerful Pinterest can be. She is now experiencing the viral phenomenon, so that I think her days of low hit counts are probably gone.

Phew! food is a powerful tag. LOL!

Posted on February 25, 2013 by The Queen

Yeah, pretty weak but I couldn’t help myself!! *snort*

I created an account at Pinterest last year but saw very quickly that I could lose days, no, weeks…of time at this very addictive site. So I limited my time there. (yes I should get some kind of a medal for self-control!) I pinned maybe 40 or so pics, mainly of cakes. This past week, I became a little more active by pinning another 15 or so pins and joined a group board.

Then I wrote a blog piece last Thursday based on a Facebook share by a friend in Texas. Yeah, it was the pig cake. And it became an instant hit in an unexpected way! Sort of hurt my feelings as I had nothing to with the cake’s creation. At all!!! I gave credits where credits were due, added some translations and conversions…and the more here

Even though The Queen’s piece was a mere mention of something else, it is driving traffic to her site and a significant number of people are looking at other posts while they are there. So it’s gone a long way toward building an audience however crazy it might seem to her, and this phenomenon has shown little sign of letting up.

I hope you read her post, but if you didn’t, I want to make a point. Are hit counts everything? Absolutely not. Most bloggers I know fairly well are not primarily motivated by hit counts, and I would submit if someone is writing a blog merely or even mostly for hit counts, they will lose the joy in it very quickly. But I also must say that an increase in hits helps in sustaining someone’s desire to keep at it. So long live The Queen! :D

And one last thing. I hope some of you who have been ambivalent about Pinterest will join us at the Richard Armitage Communty Pinterest Board. I don’t really pin there as much as others, but I love looking at it and think you will too.

Richard Armitage on Twitter

In recent days, I’ve been pushing Twitter and some of you have jumped in with both feet. Alright!! I love it, and we are going to have some fun, and no, it’s not going to be all related to Richard Armitage. There is so much to see and do on Twitter, it’s stunning. It is THE forum/chatroom for the world. Unreal. Yes, I’m really this gushy about it because its power to transfer intel of various kinds is unlike anything I’ve seen. It is the giant segue in the sky, as it were. I could get philosophical and perhaps even a tad theological, but I will spare you that today.

For those who are hungrily scanning this post for the information of where Richard Armitage can be found on Twitter, you can stop. He’s not there — at least that he’s publicized it. He’s also made it plain that he doesn’t desire to be there — at least not right now:

Excerpt from his message of May 29, 2011:

With regards for requests for social media, blogs tweets etc. I have always worried that I will reveal something about the project I am working on that I am not allowed to, added to the fact that I am just about up to e mailing and little more, I may have to abstain for now.

But that is not going to stop some who really, really want to see him tweeting:

When I saw this, my gut screamed a response:

Dear Richard,

I love Twitter, but what a headache it would be for you, and I heartily concur with your instincts about giving spoilers! The expectation level from fans once you started tweeting would be enormous. My eyes are rolling back in my head just imagining what that would be like. I don’t think you’re ready for that kind of co-dependency. Is anyone? LOL!

The PeerPressureRA id is new, but if it goes the way I think it will go, it could take on the proportions of a coup. If it does, I hope you do not cave into the pressure.

Take care, and in the meantime, could you put a fire under Sir Peter to get that vid out?! We’re all about to have a meltdown from the mere mention of it. :D

One of your crazy fans, who would never put pressure on you (bats eye lashes)

Before you ask, yes, a little APM is at work in me today. ;D

An edit I really didn’t think I would make:

That’s Richard’s first tweet in case it’s not clear. :D