Down Under Has It — The Lords of the North Winners

A little history before I tell you something about the two winners of The Lords of the North audio books. A few years ago I had a giveaway of this book, and after I announced the contest had begun, the BBC contacted me to ask me if I wanted some more books. I said, “Sure, just let me know how best to order them from you, because it has been a bit difficult.” The woman I spoke with said, “No, we’ll give them to you. Just tell us how many you want and where to send them.” You could have knocked me down with a feather, but I recovered long enough to ask for three books. I wish I had been more on the ball and asked for a dozen. :D I gave away two of the books and planned to give away the other but never got around to it until now.

In the meantime, I found a windfall of books and was able to obtain several others from a dealer for a decent price. I’ve been sitting on those for at least a year. But my friends, life has been chaos at my house, so yeah, this is the first opportunity I’ve really had to do this, and I say that because most of my posts are by the seat of my pants, but a giveaway has to be more planned out. Okay enough of this, onto the winners. (is that a comma splice? I’m never sure. Yes, I suck at grammar).

Because of so much interest in the audio book, I decided to award two winners. The first winner will receive the 10 CD set, and the second winner will receive a 1 CD set. Other copies i have will be awarded another time. Probably later this year.

Being my usual curious self, I wanted to know about these two winners, what there interest was in the book and about being fans of Richard Armitage.

The first winner is Carolyn:

A beautiful beach in Adelaide

A beautiful beach in Adelaide

I have tried everything to get this set and all to no avail – my life is now complete. The only thing to surpass this would be to meet RA, and with Adelaide being a bit of an Australian backwater I don’t hold much hope for this – still I didn’t expect to win this fabulous prize and look what happened!

I’m relatively new to the world of Richard Armitage, although, now that I’m going through a retrospective of his work I realise that I’ve seen him many times over the years as I’m a big fan of BBC drama.

My sister introduced me to him (metaphorically speaking) about 18 months ago and I’ve been in awe ever since of his talent, thoughtfulness, humility and not forgetting his stunning good looks. This ‘introduction’ came at difficult time for me and I found his hard work, good humour and determined attitude quite an inspiration, which encouraged me to take steps to get my own life back on track – a work in progress…

More of Adelaide

More of Adelaide

I think I’ve seen every you-tube compilation, and interview, and if I could, I would have seen him in London in the Crucible, however, I did the second best thing and saw him in the Old Vic Cinemalive, at two of the three screenings here in Adelaide last month. I continue to be amazed by the way he immerses himself in the character and his power in a live performance.

Between my sister and myself I believe we have every DVD he appears in and NOW every audio book. We’ve also seen his big screen movies whenever they are screened (usually more than once) and then get the DVD for the collection.

I’m also part way through the book ‘North & South’, I’ve finished ‘Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew’ and I’m waiting with bated breath for the cinema release. I can’t wait to see his portrayal of ‘Chop’.

Now that I will have this set, if there’s something of his I haven’t seen, read or heard it must be very well hidden!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Carolyn, thank you so much for sharing that and for the lovely photos of Adelaide! Oh, and you do not live in a backwater. I do. LOL! And I just have a feeling you are going to meet up with Richard Armitage. That’s my gut talking to me, and it’s usually right! :D

The next winner is Bluebunny:

I am delighted to have found myself as one of the winners of the competition run by Frenz to have the audiobook The Lords Of The North by Bernard Cornwell read by Richard Armitage. This audiobook will be a valued and rare addition to my vast collection of Richard Armitage works. I wish to thank Frenz and the BBC for this competition. It goes to show that the BBC take notice of fan websites and are checking up on blogs. I am thrilled to have found a website that shares my interest in all things Armitage like this website.

How I came to be a Richard Armitage fan is quite simple, I saw a random episode of Robin Hood in 2009 and thought who is that guy playing Guy of Gisborne? I wasn’t hooked on RA at that moment in time but throughout 2009-2010 was keeping an eye out for what he was acting in every once in a while. From watching Spooks I was hooked on Lucas but actually fell in love with the whole Spooks series from start to finish. When he was cast in The Hobbit I was overjoyed because he was in my part of the world the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2012 I was quite randomly on holiday in New Zealand and was able to go to the Hobbit Premiere in Wellington. I saw Richard Armitage first hand in the flesh and was lucky enough to get an autograph from the man. Anyone who says he can’t get any better looking hasn’t seen him in person. Since Wellington I have become a huge Richard Armitage fan. I have most of Richard Armitage works but my collection is still not complete. I know for me being a RA fan makes me a happier person because the man is well just a man but he has a conscience and seems to be genuine. These days people like him don’t exist. Thanks again for the lovely competition.

Bluebunny, well said. His character is wonderful to observe, and I’m so glad you got to meet him! Maybe you can advise Carolyn? :D

To both of you, thank you so much for sharing, and please know it was my pleasure to give away these books. I hope you enjoy them immensely.


  1. Congratulations to the winners. That was a very nice thing to get a bit of background from them :-) Almost glad I didn’t win because my story would have been so borring.

  2. So cool! Congrats to Carolyn and Bluebunny, and it was great to read about how they discovered RA.

  3. Congrats ladies! Enjoy!

  4. Congratulations, Ladies! :-)

  5. Congratulations to Carolyn and Bluebunny. The audiobooks are more precious than gold – enjoy every second of them!!
    And thanks to Frenz for organizing the give away. xxxxx

  6. Congratulations Carolyn and Bluebunny! Enjoy listening :-)

  7. Congratulations, Y’all!

  8. Congrats to the winners. I’d be pretty happy with a source from which to purchase them. Each lead I’ve had has dried up quickly. :-(

  9. That was fun. We’ll have to do it again sometime soon.

  10. Maria, Your sentiments are how most people feel — that their stories are not interesting or they’re not interesting. The truth is everyone has some interesting aspects to them, and you would be surprised how often one of those things is how they came to be a fan. That’s my experience anyway.

  11. At the risk of starting a “frenzy” there is one copy of this audio book available at Amazon US. Paste B007LVV0SC into the search bar at Amazon. This is the “ASIN” for the item, the only truly unique identifier used at Amazon. (I sell at Amazon, so that’s how I know this.) There was one left at $77 (US). I am not the seller. I did just buy a copy myself though. I had never heard of this audio book. Thanks for mentioning it!

  12. She’s right that there is one copy for $77, and I just looked, and it is the one read by Richard Armitage

  13. And if you want to buy that book, don’t delay. Those offerings don’t last more than a day or so.

  14. If you miss out on it, add it to your wish list. You can periodically check to see when additional copies become available.

    Here is a small tip for finding odd editions at Amazon. Go to the book’s product page. If you’re looking at the book’s page, click on “see all formats and editions.” Next to each format (e.g., Audio CD) will be an arrow. Clicking on that will show you multiple Audio CD versions of a book (if they exist). Otherwise, you’ll only see the most recent.

    If you’re on the kindle page, there is a box call “Formats” and it works the same way. Hope this helps!

  15. Good advice!

  16. I thought it was really nice to hear just a little about the winners :) I enjoy knowing these are going to such nice Aussie ladies – congrats to you both!! Thanks again for doing this, Frenz :)

  17. Two lovely stories. I enjoyed the comment about seeing him in person :)

  18. Congrats to both – needless to say I’m thoroughly envious, but at least I’ll get to borrow the one from my sister (yes, I’m the one who got Carolyn addicted :-) ). I’ve been assiduously collecting RA DVDs and CDs etc for quite some time, and LOTN was the gap in my collection, so at last I’ll be able to hear it – hurrah!

    RA’s unique, I think, because he’s not just handsome and talented, he also seems to be an extremely nice person. Yes, I know, choir, preaching, all that.

    Now, roll on the release of Urban Grimshaw…

  19. Welcome, Alison. Feel free to preach anytime. :D

    Linnet and SH, I couldn’t let this pass without hearing their thoughts!

  20. Congratulations to Carolyn and Bluebunny!

  21. Congratulations to the winners, and that was a lovely and generous giveaway, Frenz! I too, loved hearing the ladies’ back stories! I never tire of hearing how he sparked someone’s mind and heart. It’s an amazing thing, what he does to us, and it’s even nicer that we have places to discuss and celebrate our well-wishing!

  22. I have loved reading all the comments and have to admit I’ve started reading Bernard Cornwell’s earlier books in the series before The Lords of the North from my local library in Melbourne. Meeting RA was quite an experience in Wellington but to be honest I got so badly sunburnt that day that I wasnt looking my best. Fron what people told me , it was one of the most humid and hot days Wellington had seen for that yr.

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