Digital Theatre, You Have Such Good Timing

If you haven’t heard, Digital Theatre has announced today that The Crucible will be available for download on March 17.

Dear Lovely Person at Digital Theatre who decided to make this announcement today,

This is a wonderful birthday present. Makes me forget for a while that my birthday was only a couple of months ago even though others who know me say that was a whole year ago. Whatever.

And Abby is also celebrating since it’s her birthday too.

Yeah, I’d say this day is getting off to a great start. Cheers!


A crazy fan of some guy in The Crucible cast.

P.S. Thank you for not provoking me to use unsavory language.


  1. What a way to wake up! It was the first thing I saw when I did my usual early morning scan of phone notifications… literally leapt out of bed and danced into the bathroom. Lol

  2. Nice!!! All of us who couldn’t make it to the Old Vic are rejoicing!

  3. Hallelujah! I have Much Ado About Nothing downloaded from DT and it’s excellent quality and now this!!!

  4. And Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday xx

  7. Awesome! Happy birthday!

  8. So that’s why they’ve been holding out! Happy birthday to you!

  9. Must be. :D

  10. Thank you all for the good wishes, and isn’t this fantastic that we get a download?!! Loving this.

    By the way, here’s how my day is going so far. Our family cat, Bob, got a bladder stone (I didn’t know cats could get such things), and he’s now in surgery. My fourteen year old is pretty tense about it ’cause he’s really her cat. He may be staying the weekend if he’s got a bad infection. And all of this will be about $300. Happy Birthday to me. LOL! Yes,I’m laughing, but I can be so lighthearted because we have a marvelous vet. I’ practically trust him with a human.

  11. Thanks for that lovely pic of The Dude. Reminds me to go watch that spectacular movie again.

  12. :D

  13. Beyond excited :) :) Have a fantastic birthday, Frenz! <3

  14. Yahoo, hooray, yippee, and Happy Birthday to you. Hope kitty does well.

  15. Aw, poor Bob. I don’t know how one discovers a cat has a bladder stone but I suspect it can’t be pleasant. I hope he recovers quickly!

  16. Slightly belated Happy B-Day!

  17. Thank you, Cill and all of you for the good wishes. Other than Bob’s situation, yesterday turned out pretty well. It was also a beautiful day!

    But I wasn’t kidding when I said it feels like my birthday was two months ago. Am I the only one who feels like time is not just going faster but is like lightening?! It’s sometimes almost scary how quickly things are going. I know we have all heard these kinds of statements many times (usually from old people), and I now i guess I am old. Surely starting to feel that way. But no worries, I’m fighting it every step of the way! : D

    Asilomar11, We’ll know more about Bob later this morning. Hopefully, he can come home today.

  18. Yes, the older you get, the more time speeds up! Nice picture of The Dude BTW :)

  19. […] Frenz says she got a birthday present when The Crucible Download was announced this […]

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