Did I Say I Didn’t Like Tattoos?

Someone slap me ’cause I may actually be softening with respect to this art form:

RichardArmitage Tattoo

What did I say about the sexy back? Yep, I have never seen anyone who could make their backs look this good — tattoos or no.

Other than that, I would recognize that head, neck and ears anywhere.

I cannot believe I’ve said all of this.

Wishing I were still somewhat anonymous. Oy.

And how do you spell tattoo? tatoo? I’m honestly confused, and can you blame me after looking at this image? Oh, you’re not reading this; you’re still looking at the damn picture.


  1. In this case I would have to spell tattoo H-O-T!!! The tattoo is a work of art…the canvas…a masterpiece!

  2. Well said. You should tweet that!

  3. Oh sorry, Frenz…. did you say something?? :D

  4. LOL!

  5. I find it hard to look anywhere other than the impressive musculature along that topline. What tattoo?

  6. I”m actually getting excited about this series, with Richard, of course.

  7. if Lucas North’s tattoos took two hours to put on ….. goodness knows how long these took. I need a career change …….. :)

  8. I actually covered my mouth with both hands and screamed when I saw it in the video so, yeah, it’s a problem now. I’ve never liked tattoos either (nor horror stories) but this takes the cake, and I love cake! Yum. ;)

  9. I couldn’t agree more.

  10. *slaps Frenz*

  11. What lovely arms he has. I hardly looked at the tattoo.

  12. Lol… Well the canvas is gorgeous… those arms and shoulders ….. mmmmm, can;t stop looking :-)
    i love tattoos and actually the tattoo itself hm… oh well, never mind, back to the canvas :-)

  13. I’m really really bad about arms anyway…. pretty incredible!
    Wonder how many people who THOUGHT they weren’t watching Hannibal this summer have had second thoughts! lolol!

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