Richard, I Got It Wrong


My humble apologies on misunderstanding your “stress.” I know now that you were just being your kind self. I was in a hurry and not paying attention as I should have been. But I do hope the squabbling that goes on does not distress you too much ’cause man, it’s just a drain. That’s why I stay away from it.

I also want to share a quick personal story. My SO is a vicar, and he’s a great guy too. It’s sad I have to qualify that, but I feel that I do. He is a gentleman, very sincere and kind. But it’s funny that when he gets up on a Sunday morning and says something to encourage others to be hopeful and kind even in the face of adversity, that by no later than Wednesday, he is being tested on what he said. Never fails.

I find it interesting that you said your piece yesterday about bullying and a day later you may have to deal with bullying in a way you may have never imagined. The only other thing I will say about that is I do pray for you at times. Cheesy as that sounds, I do. And I pray for wisdom for you as you possibly will deal with bullies of another sort than most of this fandom are privy to on a regular basis.

Thanks for all you do and hang in there.

A Very Sincere Fan

P.S. I enjoyed the interview on Cybersmile, but I hope you know I’m not one of those who has a pseudonym so I can say nasty things. I just didn’t want to answer questions from family and friends as I went along. Anyway, nastiness has never been my intent. And hopefully I have never done anything but encourage. That’s ultimately my aim — especially with my diary which has a great ending.

I’ve always loved this picture:



  1. I bet that is the look that many clergy people would like to see in their pews.

  2. I too am sorry for the events of the past week. For someone to be forced to take a beautiful picture of themselves down is WRONG. I wish Richard all the best of luck in this career of acting that he’s chosen. It’s not an easy profession to be in at times. Love you lots RA.

  3. Amen to this.

    I am disgusted by some quarters of this fandom: the nitpicking haters-disguised-as-fans (mostly bloggers I’m sorry to say), the crazy vicious tinhat anon haters, the people who troll imdb and other places (altho to be fair some of them are just trolls and don’t even pretend to be fans).

  4. I think your thoughts, in both your notes to Richard are both fair and sensible. He is coming from a place of personal goodwill but he is dealing with an environment with a multitude of dynamics going on, only a portion of which is concerned with goodwill.

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