What a Year for Richard Armitage

With the release of ‘Captain America’ where he only had a few lines, he was still on the promotional tour. This seemed to be the first tangible sign that his star was really on the rise from ‘The Hobbit.’ Despite all of it, I’m still flabbergasted that Peter Jackson selected him. Of course this has nothing to do with RA’s abilities and everything to do with my taste almost never matching what the masses like. And then for him to end with such a great ranking on IMDb! Phew! The wave he’s been riding will no doubt go for another year and more. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Yeah, I know we don’t really know him. I’m talking about his public persona, which is damn fine. :D

This post obviously has nothing new in it, but I have to exult.

And I have to share this wallpaper made by Tanni Tanni even if some of you have already seen it. It sums up the mood:

Click to enlarge and then save.