What Do You Do When You’re 52?

Bccmee just posted on Twitter that the current ranking of Richard Armitage on IMDb has gone up 882 points. He’s now at 52. Phew! That means lots and lots and lots and lots of people are checking him out. I wonder what he’s thinking. No, I can’t help it. I really do wonder how he must be processing this, or if he’s already processed it to be prepared. I’m betting on “prepared.” Yep, he is so anal that he’s more than likely run it through his head a few times since he got the part in ‘The Hobbit.’ Probably just took the reaction from ‘North and South’ and multiplied it several times, and if he’s really thinking ahead, he will take that number and raise it to a power when the movie hits the theaters. LOL!

Yeah, ride off on that horse! We’ll follow. :D

Screencap is mine

Darn! Twitter was overcapacity when I tried to get a copy of bccmee’s tweet. Until I can get it, here’s a partial cap of RA’s pro page. Check out the statistic next to his head shot on the right.

edit: Ranking capped by bccmee for posterity.


  1. I saw that yesterday. He’s gonna tilt the internet if he keeps this up, lol!

  2. I thought I was the only weirdo checking out IMDB ratings!!! LOL! I should’ve known…JB, “tilt” could be an understatement.

    Would you believe I fianally got to see Tintin yesterday and the theater did NOT…I repeat, DID NOT…show The Hobbit trailer!!! Exasperation to infinity!!!! I asked the manager about it and he drug out a pile of papers, thumbed thru and said “Nope we don’t have it yet.” I almost convulsed right then and there. Well, YEAH I could figure that out all by myself cause it never showed up in the previews. Duh. Takes a genius…..

  3. Wow, that diagram is fascinating!

  4. I thought that in his Christmas message when he referred to “gearing up for an exciting ride” that he may have been talking about what is to follow after The Hobbit hits the world next December. I’m sure as part of their contract they are already committed to certain interviews and appearances. But no matter how he, or we, prepare for it I think we’ll still be surprised and stunned by it all.

  5. …and The Hobbit is N° 2 one year in advance and Richard is now fourth in the cast and “Stars” are Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage as they should be! I believe the order of the cast is according to IMDb ranking but the “Stars” may have been officially submitted(?).

  6. A member can request that the order of the cast be changed. I would bet someone did that before this increase in rank.

  7. “Armitage” is about to become a whole new universal ranking buzzword all by itself!

  8. Yep, I think you’re right.

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  11. Could someone explain what being “52 on IMDb”means exactly, please? Sorry to be obtuse but I really have no idea!

  12. @kathryngaul…it means that he’s the 52nd most searched name on their database, I think.

  13. Of course! Thank you

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  15. Finally! Our hero gets the recognition he so richly deserves!

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