Finally, Something Good about Internet Explorer

With the recent campaign for IE 9 on YouTube and elsewhere, I found myself continually hitting “skip ad” until my twelve year old said, “Mom, have you heard the Internet Explorer song?” I said, “No, and I don’t really want to.” She said, “Oh, you’re wrong. You’re gonna love it. Listen!”

As it played, I looked at her and she started laughing, “Yeah, it’s good,” and before I could load up Soundhound to find out who it was, she added, “Here’s the whole song!”

A great live version if you’re so inclined.

My first thought on watching that was how much he reminded me of Adele (even down to the style of the video which was reminiscent of “Rolling in the Deep”), and of course how they both sounded like Amy Winehouse. My second thought was why had I never heard of Alex Clare? Then I read this, and it made total sense.


A great Etta James cover:

You can hear all of Alex Clare’s current tracks on his SoundCloud account.

As for IE9, it’s still a no. I checked it out last year, and it was not a good fit for my system running 64-bit. If you’re curious about it, this is a good write-up.

Oh yeah, this gets the Richard Armitage tag. :D

And I put the public service tag on this one because some of you have never heard of Soundhound nor Soundcloud. Both are great resources for music lovers.

Some Awesomeness

More Musicilove and no Richard Armitage again except I’ll bet he’s known some violinists. :D

Found this below while surfing around for the last post about Vitamin String. Actually I found quite a few wonderful talents, but I have to highlight this guy:

Isn’t YouTube something as well. Might give the notion that the web will become the next entertainment platform. ;-)

And here’s one to maybe convince those who aren’t big on Katy Perry:

I’m going to stop now. If you run across anything else of interest, let me know.

In the meantime, I keep a list on Twitter aptly named musicilove. I also use it as a placeholder for talent I’m checking out.