Some Awesomeness

More Musicilove and no Richard Armitage again except I’ll bet he’s known some violinists. :D

Found this below while surfing around for the last post about Vitamin String. Actually I found quite a few wonderful talents, but I have to highlight this guy:

Isn’t YouTube something as well. Might give the notion that the web will become the next entertainment platform. ;-)

And here’s one to maybe convince those who aren’t big on Katy Perry:

I’m going to stop now. If you run across anything else of interest, let me know.

In the meantime, I keep a list on Twitter aptly named musicilove. I also use it as a placeholder for talent I’m checking out.

You Just Think You’re Not a Gaga Fan

No, this isn’t more about the perception of fans. This is another post in the series of Musicilove and not much related to Richard Armitage except a cello.

Several years ago I stumbled onto Vitamin String Quartet. They are a group of musicians in Los Angeles who have done countless covers of classic rock artists. My first introduction was to their arrangement of a favorite Nirvana song:

I’ve listened to literally hundreds of their covers and love quite a few, but my favorites are from the Gaga album that came out in 2010. Many reading this blog like Lady Gaga’s music, but there are a few of you who have dismissed her because of her silliness and only see something like this in your mind’s eye when her name is mentioned:

Lady Gaga riding a zip line into a show for Good Morning America in Bryant Park in NYC

Don’t let that keep you from listening. Trust me. You’re going to like it:

You can check out their other albums here, and give yourself plenty of time. It’s easy to get lost there. They have everything from 30 Seconds to Mars to Adele to Elton John to Pink Floyd to Metallica, and on and on and on. But they don’t have Britney Spears which is surprising. No problem. YouTube has everything. :D

note: Vitamin String does have one song by Britney. I want an album! LOL!