Fan Campaign for King Richard Armitage Made the News

This could not happen to a nicer person than Roswitha. Lovely, lovely person, and I never use lovely twice in the same sentence unless I mean it.

I guess if this is making the news, I ought to give my two cents on Richard III at some point. LOL!

And let’s hope the buzz created by this bunch pays off! It can certainly be helped along if you sign the petition.

Fans in clamour for actor to become king

By Gemma Peplow

Leicestershire actor Richard Armitage has spoken several times about his interest in King Richard III and ideas to tell his story on the big screen or on the stage.

And his own army of fans from all corners of the world are right behind him.


Roswitha Gerhart, who lives in Munich, Germany, has co-launched an online “support network” for a film or theatre production, and more than 1,100 fans have signed up.

Richard Armitage, who most recently played dwarf Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, was named after the last Plantagenet king, and has spoken about his story in many publications – including the Leicester Mercury’s More magazine last month.

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