Yahoo Says Theater Owners Loved Into the Storm at CinemaCon

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I have never liked the Yahoo entertainment columns. I’ve found that occasionally, the writers take a dislike to certain films and then are relentless in their negative reporting. The Lone Ranger comes to mind.

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Richard Armitage, the Salesman

I’m pulling a page out of Guylty’s book and doing an image analysis but doing it Frenz style. That’s where my bullshit peddler/detector (you decide) is in overdrive.

Photos do not always convey reality, but whatever they convey, the effect can be profound. Take this photo for example:

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[viewing tip that’s legal: increase the view in your browser. The original image is such a large format, that you can blow this up quite a bit to see the detail]

If I were a betting person, I would bet this photo does more to entice most of you to go see Into the Storm than any trailer ever will. :D

Yes, that’s the end of my analysis. Do I have to spell it out? Seriously, do I have to connect the dots? I didn’t think so.

Additionally: Poor Steve Quale out there trying to be serious.

And now a letter to Todd Garner:

Dear Mr. Garner,

If you want the Army to turn out en masse, ensure more photos like this make it to the public’s eyes. Remember what you said about Richard Armitage being dreamy? Well, Sarah is certainly doing her part to respond, and I can hear the collective sighs as I type this.

A Crazy Fan who is ready to take the ride come August

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edit: another one. Not with quite the impact, but you get the idea.

Embed from Getty Images

second edit: oh dear lord, this is how rumors get started. I can practically feel the heat coming off this one.

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