Richard Armitage, the Salesman

I’m pulling a page out of Guylty’s book and doing an image analysis but doing it Frenz style. That’s where my bullshit peddler/detector (you decide) is in overdrive.

Photos do not always convey reality, but whatever they convey, the effect can be profound. Take this photo for example:

Embed from Getty Images
[viewing tip that’s legal: increase the view in your browser. The original image is such a large format, that you can blow this up quite a bit to see the detail]

If I were a betting person, I would bet this photo does more to entice most of you to go see Into the Storm than any trailer ever will. :D

Yes, that’s the end of my analysis. Do I have to spell it out? Seriously, do I have to connect the dots? I didn’t think so.

Additionally: Poor Steve Quale out there trying to be serious.

And now a letter to Todd Garner:

Dear Mr. Garner,

If you want the Army to turn out en masse, ensure more photos like this make it to the public’s eyes. Remember what you said about Richard Armitage being dreamy? Well, Sarah is certainly doing her part to respond, and I can hear the collective sighs as I type this.

A Crazy Fan who is ready to take the ride come August

new tag: the dreamy factor

edit: another one. Not with quite the impact, but you get the idea.

Embed from Getty Images

second edit: oh dear lord, this is how rumors get started. I can practically feel the heat coming off this one.

Richard Armitage Sarah Wayne Callies Cinema Con
Courtesy of the Anglophile Channel


  1. Good golly. What you said there. I second that.

  2. Your analysis is spot on Frenz. Bring on the dreamy factor! :)

  3. A soaked to the bone hero who saves you from a series of tornadoes and looks like that? SOLD!!!

  4. Well if this doesn’t launch a thousand ships, I don’t know what will.

  5. OK, usually I am pretty good at catching irony and reading between the lines…Frenz,your bs-o-meter is registering big time ? Are you telling me they are giving each other the googoo eyes to entice people into seeing this movie ? You think he is starting to “play” the game ?

  6. I think what I am asking is: Do you think they were told to act this way in order to “sell” their product ?

  7. Looking at the photos, perhaps we should just go ahead and add Josh Winterhalt to the list of long suffering spouses whose wives have been taken in by Dishy Dick.

  8. What’s really enticing to me is that now I keep wondering about the plot and whether there will be a romantic angle. As I said before, according to the little info we know, the Sarah character is married to someone else so… But the hint of some romance in this film would increase my excitement a lot.Sex in a storm drain while hunting for your missing kids during a disaster. I’d like to see the look on the face of the person who found *that* found* footage.

  9. oh, thank you for this! It’s lonely being the only cynic ;)

  10. Maybe they are “hiding” something…Like maybe there is no plot..Like maybe they are trying to bamboozle the audience.Like maybe they want people to believe there is a love story…If there is a sex in the storm scene they better hold on tight to the bed posts because they will start flying around like those planes…

  11. Dishy Dick…Eh eh !!!

  12. Chris, ya think?:D

    There is not going to be any sex. Was there sex in Avatar? That’s a serious question. I watched a few minutes of Avatar and had to stop because life is too short.

  13. Well, according to Nathan Kress, Max Deacon’s character (the older missing brother) has a girlfriend. “Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense destruction and peril, and language including some sexual references”

  14. No frenz !! LOL !! I KNOW there will be no sex….Irony is so hard to convey when you are not a writer (as I am not).I feel I am being taken for a flight though (pun intended).You hypnotize people with one hand while you try and hide things with the other….I will be curious to see a trailer (and his accent…)Honestly though as per my question at the beginning..Is he “playing ” games here ? Avatar ? They should of had a sex scene, it would have been more exciting…On the other hand no ! Like watching Smurfs getting it on……Aargh !!!

  15. I know it’s hard to convey. ;p LOL! It will be interesting to see how things look at Comic Con if Sarah Wayne Callies and Richard are there.

  16. It just dawned on me that I’m wasting my time asking about sex in Avatar with this crowd. LOL! How many of you have even seen that movie? :D

  17. Avatar ? See comment at 7:39…..You oohh !!and aahh !! at the beginning of the movie than you fall asleep…I did anyways…

  18. I just scanned that comment so I could approve quickly! LOL!

  19. So, no sex in a storm drain.

  20. Nope,no sex, the pipes will stay clean…..How can they not with all that wind and water….

  21. Just from the photos: WHO exactly is “selling” here?

    I have a wee problem with irony, too, because I appreciate it more than many other forms of humour. And can become facetious, which gets me into trouble, especially on the Net….. So, read between the lines. (Actually, love slapstick, too. – where’s my banana peel? :)

  22. Oh, Sarah’s doing her part too. :D

  23. @fitzg I think ,someone correct if I am wrong ( because I did not get an answer ;-) to my question at 4:54 am), that they are showing off the chemistry between the two leads to sell the movie. Thus Dashing Dick or was it Dishy Dick the Salesman..Sarah,crack up every time I think about that one….

  24. More than! :) (Or maybe not. But which appears the “aggressor”? Which one is the supporter/complicitor? More food for thought on my part…., not sure )

  25. Chris, I should be plain. I think they’re showing off chemistry to sell the movie. LOL! Sorry my post wasn’t clear. :D


    Sarah is not actually married to the other storm chaser. In the above article Sarah says “It’s a bit of a contentious marriage of convenience. And we both end up massively over our heads.” Sarah is a meteorologist gathering data from the storm with the help of a storm chaser played by Matt Walsh.

  27. @frenz. Yes (see comment at 9:44 am),that is was I surmised from your blog …What I am wondering is:Do you think he is being “instructed”to do this or….Oh !! I don’t know anymore.Honestly,I am a tepid well wisher because I feel myself slipping away because of what I think I am perceiving here…
    @fitzg. Food for thought indeed…..

  28. You me by perceiving that they’re schmoozing it up for the cameras?

    I think they are probably genuinely fond of each other and if viewers want to think something else, they can go ahead. :D

    For the Army (or most of it), if there is no romance, it’s going to be difficult to watch.

  29. I hope they are fond of each other …Always more pleasant when you are working together..It is the possible “game playing” to sell a product that I think I have a problem with.Not to be a contrarian but I tend to get turned off by it.It is like I am being manipulating and I start to balk…

  30. Most things associated with Hollywood are manipulation. But I don’t think this is out and out manipulation at all.

  31. I’m not going to make a big announcement, but I’m going to loosen comment moderation a bit.

  32. @Chris Marketing is manipulation. No question. I can see what you’re saying: selling a product like a movie may be one thing, but pretending or acting to show chemistry to stoke the fires, is another. In this case, we don’t know that that is the case. It’s possible, and I think probable, that they’re two co-workers who really like each other, had a good time working on the film together, and, not being in this kind of spotlight as often as, say,Johnny Depp or Clint Eastwood, might be feeling good about where they were and why. Of course, that’s as much as a fantasy interpretation as anything else. :)

  33. So if they stood 2 feet apart and never acknowledged the other’s presence, this would be a better way to sell?

    Also hard to take pictures of your stars when they are ignoring each other. What do photogs always say when a group photo is taken? Squeeze in, everybody.

    I , for one, love seeing Mr. A with his co-workers. He is respectful and affectionate and they return it.

  34. And wouldn’t we all want to be in her shoes? :)

  35. Hi Perry !! I know what you are saying ;-) I do not watch a lot of TV (I do not watch entertainment shows therefore I do not see or hear a lot of celebrities selling their stuff much )So,I am seeing a whole new world since I have “discovered” Mr Armitage.Commercials,promotions etc…are meant to manipulate (to a degree)and to sale….I have a hard time with it because on many an occasion,the product stinks.I can tell you that my husband was very excited when I rented the first Hobbit movie (me less because I am not a fan of the genre-I did enjoy LOTR though )He felt like he had been taken for a ride and was quite turned off….I think it may also be my perception of Mr.Armitage that as shifted somehow (especially in the past few weeks or so…) Like I said, I am a pretty tepid “fan” !! Sorry ;-)

  36. @Janine Of course they should not “ignore” each other. That is not what I am saying LOL.Every time I have seen him with female (and male costars), he is pretty touchy-feely. I think it is great !!! This IMO feels different…..

  37. You are right Frenz. Everything in Hollywood is a show. It’s been that way for 100 years. I agree that these adoring looks may not be complete manipulation, and that there is probably some genuine friendship between the two actors, but I have zero doubt that there was at least a tiny bit of behind the scenes coaching going on. The only thing I don’t agree with you on is whom the audience for these adoring looks is for.

    This wasn’t an event for movie goers like Comic Con, this is an industry convention for people who make, distribute and promote movies. In my opinion, there are two things going on in these poses. One, is to show that these actors have just enough chemistry to make any romance that comes up in the plot believable. It will help movie promoters sell the movie to a larger audience (those who wouldn’t go for a special effects movie, but might be attracted to the characters’ stories). Two, is more subconscious. When you notice that one person finds another person interesting, you will find them interesting too. Both of these actors need to be seen by industry peeps as solid romantic leads (especially Richard), not just to legitimize their roles in this movie, but to show the movie producers/studio execs who are there that they are desirable options for other roles.

    I know some of the fans are about to eviscerate me for suggesting that Richard isn’t already seen as romantic leading man material, but frankly, in Hollywood, nobody seems to know who the F he is. You have to look at this from the point of view of his agent/manager/publicist. Despite being the lead in one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, and turning in a fabulous dramatic performance, he’s not getting offers for Hollywood movies or TV pilots. (Maybe he is and he’s turned them down, but I highly doubt it at this point in his career). He himself has said he’s having trouble with casting.

    So what do you do when your client isn’t getting roles? You tell him to do more fluffy interviews & show his fun side. You have him flirt with his costars at events. You encourage him to network at more parties and press tours and conventions. Frankly, I think his team is trying to steer him to be a bit more like Cumberbatch and Hiddleston. Before Star Trek ItD and Thor (respectively) these two actors were relatively unknown to global Hollywood audiences, but became overnight phenomena. Richard, who had the same type of brilliant performance, in the same type of global blockbuster, did not. In my opinion, the difference is that Hollywood and audiences see Ben and Tom as fun and flirty, and the kind of guys you’d like to have a drink with, or more importantly, make a movie with. In interviews they are relaxed and goofy. I think Richard’s team is trying to get him to be the same, and I suspect we’ll see more of that side of him with the Into the Storm press.

    Forgive me Frenz for rambling on your blog. To sum up, I agree with you that there is a bit of staging going on here. But that’s not a bad thing, and we are not cynical for seeing it. It’s just how the Hollywood machine works, and as long as the machine gets our guy bigger roles in the future, it’s all good. :D

  38. I think we tend to overanalyze. And for this, if he had been there with one of his ‘sons’, we would have been gushing about how great he would be as a dad.

    It is just a show to sell a product. But I believe he is genuinely affectionate and appreciative of his co-workers. He says so time and again and they return the favor.

    I, for one, plan to simply enjoy him telling us a story he finds worthy of his talents.

  39. P.S. I am a romantic cynic. It works for me. :)

  40. Nice one, Frenz. Maybe I should take a page out of your book and ramble less. I totally loved the “sociable” picture of RA we’ve recently been getting. The CinemaCon pics are a case in point. Hope Mr Garner reads you!

  41. That’ s OK, I am a cynical romantic myself….:)

  42. Morrighan’s Muse and Mrs Darcy make some interesting points about the script. I think I’m going with Perry about who gets it. The husband does seem to have a neon sign that says dispensable. I don’t know how creative John Swetnam may be, but I doubt we’re going to get a really creative way of handling the husband’s character, so yeah, he’s a goner since he’s only there so SWC has a good excuse for being in town without being a storm chaser herself although it would be really interesting if she were a storm chaser who couldn’t stop until, well, she has a life changing event that maybe doesn’t make her stop, but it makes her stop and think about other things like the sexy principal with the odd Oklahoma accent.

    Janine, we definitely analyze a lot. I am guilty, guilty, guilty. LOL! But somewhere in the course of almost four years, I’ve said how fun it is to speculate, and speculation cannot exist without analyzation, so this blog wouldn’t exist without it, and you and I would never have met. :D Wait. Here’s at least once I said it, and whether this post is popular with anyone or not, it is one of my favorites.

    To be really plain, I think that the pictures above which show an affection between RA and SWC (and I’m not saying there is anything other than that, ’cause I don’t know), are a great ad for Armitage Army members who are on the fence about seeing this movie.

    Other than all of that, I’m having a really, really hard time believing that RA has no love interest in this movie. There’s something there, and I’m going to go on record AGAIN that he survives in this story.


    I have not read all of your posts due to time constraints, but the ones I’ve read, I enjoy! Don’t change a thing.

  43. I will just be happy to see some actual work – as in ITS or whatever next title is stuck on it. The more promising item – the “Chop” chap in Urban will probably never swim across to Canada or the U.S., except in whatever we can pluck from various sources (YTube? eventually).

    Which is not to deny that I am as interested as anyone here in impressions of what the actor is like off-screen.

    Many of us only caught up with the actor after the N&S; Sparkhouse; RH (and we mustn’t forget BTS :) Spooks,TV roles, and had access to DVDs…. after seeing one or another of these on N.A. TV. And want more, more, ACTING! :) Beyond endless Thorin (only a subjective view. Thorin was very well done.)

    In terms of those photos, I did find the lady, Sarah, had the more aggressive body language. Mr. A seemed compliant with it. Is it “They” – all those faceless back-scene agents/publicists/whoever, manipulating? Of course. From the old studio system to the 21st C, plus ca change. Actually, I thought the two actors seemed to like one another, at least to be quite comfortable with one another.

  44. @Frenz and all – Yes,speculation and analysis and discussion of all these things, like plots of movies we haven’t seen and what’s the relationship between Armitage and others and why he chooses the clothes he does and what’s going on when he meets with his advisors to make career choices or take advice – it’s an activity for some of us and a basis for energetic discussions like this one.. Maybe if he generated as much product as, say Cumberbatch, we’d spend more time on the actual, finished film that we’ve all seen and that would be that. But he doesn’t and we don’t,and it’s all in good fun.
    Frenz, I’m not sure about the love interest. I think what we know may indicates there is one, else why bother with a marriage of convenience for the female lead and why make Gary a widower? ( I hate that name for his character – it is so far from how i think of him- but my first boyfriend in third grade was a Gary) But if hot romancing is going on during a catastrophe, it could turn out silly. They need to have known each other before. But there I go – thinking of fan faction plots again without any thought of writing one.
    As to including a romantic story line for us, I’m not sure the maker of this film had us in mind when they started. I have a sense it might have started out as a film that appealed more to the teen-aged set, like Red Dawn.
    But, we’ll see.

  45. @Frenz and Perrry and all,
    Yes, the discussion is fun! We all know we have a better Spooks 9 script in imagination and thoroughly enjoy the exchanges relating to roles and perceptions of off-screen presentation – including clothes! on blogs. It’s imagination and mental activity.

  46. I could comment further, but I will just leave you to speculate. :D

  47. Aw c’mon, Janine, :) I value your opinion as I know some others do as well. I think mostly we’re speculating about the storyline here. No one really gives a flip about the marketing except as it may indicate a romance of sorts in the movie.

  48. Well, I don’t know what you’re implying. Am not too impressed with Garner’s or whoever’s tweet below, either at the supposed army. I’ve been too busy feeling my shrivelled little black heart melt a little at the pix of RA who’s looking a little less ridiculous.

  49. Well so much for editing…Am not too impressed with Garner’s tweet below, either, about the supposed army.

  50. .I think I need to go back and read comments again, because i think I’ve missed something.

  51. I’m not sure, but I think there may be some confusion about the tweet. If it’s the one about the Army being scared and horny, that’s a joke from another fan and not from Todd Garner. If it’s not that tweet, then help me out by describing which tweet you’re talking about.

  52. Snort. There’s a storyline?

    Robin Hood. I rest my case. :D

    P.S. Again, I have no doubt RA saw something in this. Given his comment at Cinema Con, quietly thoughtful and sensitive, I think we may be surprised.

    And I have no idea why anyone would care what I think.

  53. :D

  54. My mistake, Frenz. It wasn’t Garner. Apologies to him! That’s what I get for skimming. So now I’ll allow myself to call the tweeter a twit instead of a wit :).

  55. Janine,

    Oh, I hear you about Robin Hood, and I hope he can do with this what he did with that only this time he’s really the lead. I don’t necessarily mean a love interest although I know a lot of fans really would like to see that.

    Your opinions are interesting and well thought. That’s why I want to hear them.

  56. LOL! I can see how you saw it that way. And if Todd Garner had said that, yeah, it would have been insulting. He doesn’t know us well enough to joke like that.

    And how the hell have emoticon pics gotten on my blog? I hate those things. Gone to fix.;p

  57. Oh wait, I see WordPress has them on the drop down menu only. NO need to fix Phew.

  58. I agree with Janine and Perry’s very sensible comments.

    I’d also like to chime in that this isn’t the sort of movie you sell on romance. Just watch the trailers for movies like The Day after tomorrow, 2012, etc. Into the Storm seems to be a classic disaster flick in that mold.
    While some disaster movies of 90’s had romance elements (Deep Impace, Armageddon) they weren’t sold on that basis.

  59. As Janine and Perry noted (and our hostess here :-) ) RA and SWC are probably co-stars who get along. It’s typical for co-stars during and after filming to be photographed standing together without it being some sort of pr ploy to indicate romance in the film.

    I also think that this fandom is both overly analytical and sometimes overly-critical. RA is serious, takes his time getting new roles: taking the role of Thorin was the biggest mistake of his career, or he’s done something wrong, etc
    RA is funny and lighthearted (which judging by the photos of him in social situations in NZ seems to be his natural persona) and he’s a phony, or is only behaving this way because he’s been instructed to by pr. *beats head on table like Gordon Ramsay*

  60. I think it’s pretty obvious this movie is not about a romance and I don’t think it will be sold as a romance. But if there is any hint of a romance with these two characters or even another female lead, the Army will be interested, or I’ll eat my hat. LOL!

  61. I suppose some AA’ers will. There are a sizeable number now that became fans (or bigger fans) post-AUJ, which has no romance in it for RA’s character. I don’t imagine that a romance will make much impact on them and it’s probably not going to matter to the real target demographic of the movie.

  62. I know I’m late commenting, and I am feeling like the lone cynic here, but keying off post @Chris:
    Every time I have seen him with female (and male costars), he is
    pretty touchy-feely. I think it is great !!! This IMO feels different…..

    Yep, it sure does, and chemistry or romance “on-screen” may be missing the point. These CinemaCon pics don’t appear staged to me (other than the goofy Getty one with Quale). My gut has been around the block a few times, though I would prefer to be proven wrong here.

    At any rate, I hope the movie does well as it would surely mean a great deal to Richard here stateside & he certainly deserves it.

  63. I’ve seen it. The only movie I saw with my oldest son before I had my second son – so having been able to sit through the whole movie and not being able to pee when I wanted to was memorable enough.

  64. SH,

    Like you, I have seen him with costars, and he is always a bit touchy feely, but this certainly feels different.

    I tried to make a joke of them, and I also wanted it clear that I don’t believe photos always tell the truth. But the impact of those photos is a bit overwhelming. People can make of my comments what they will.

    What I do believe is reality is the critical mass of his fans who are died in the wool romantics and any hint of a romance between the two leads (preferably in the movie) would be a draw.

  65. By “them” I mean make a joke of the photos and their impact on the Army.

  66. Frenz, thank you for your beautifully calibrated response, you are certainly an authority on the Army if anyone is. I understood your context with making the joke. Good actors certainly find a portion of their bread & butter in marketing, and have the skills for it when they choose to use them in that way. And you are correct, pictures can and sometimes do lie, especially in a marketing context. I also feel a little badly about my tone, here after the fact, as I certainly have no crystal ball into the past or future, nor would I want one – no desire here to be disrespectful to Richard. I hope you can sense that. Have you seen any video from the CinemaCon? It would be more instructive than these stills….

  67. I think your tone is fine. If anything, I’m the one who’s being disrespectful by potentially laying something out there that could start a rumor, which is anathema to me.

    I guess these were so compelling they overcame my normal aversion to that. And no, I don’t’ think you’re starting anything. We’re merely reacting to something that is far out of the norm for Richard Armitage.

    I have not seen the video.

  68. All these shots and more were already out there, Frenz, you’re not the one “laying it out” – though your thoughts are always worthwhile. Don’t worry, be happy…. :)

    (I should also clarify that the below portion of my original comment 3/30 9:22 pm is quoted from Chris 3/29 12:50 pm:
    “Every time I have seen him with female (and male costars),
    he is pretty touchy-feely. I think it is great !!! This IMO feels
    – to give credit where credit is due, I forgot quotemarks the 1st time. And I do agree with Chris.)

  69. Thanks for clarifying. I did read Chris’s remarks earlier, and I was just agreeing with you both.

    As to the pics being out, I know I was not the first to post them, but it’s my highlighting of what they seem to convey that may fuel something I don’t intend.

    The point I want to make absolutely clear in this comment is that these photos are so out of the norm for Richard Armitage that I made a post that’s out of the norm for me.Over the course of my fan odyssey, I haven’t been that interested in Richard Armitage’s love life. Oh, certainly there have been occasions I’ve been very curious about that aspect of his life, and even now if someone came to me with some solid information about it, I would probably not say, “Oh, no, don’t tell me. I can’t hear it.” LOL! I’m human and think it’s normal to have a certain curiosity about someone who has been so cagey. But I’ve never been curious enough to pursue the topic. Some of that hesitance is based on having lived a bit of a public life and knowing how weird it is for people you don’t know to be speculating about your relationships and actually prying into your life to find out. Thankfully, the aversion to that sort of activity has not been overcome.

    Interestingly, the number one question I’m asked in private is about RA’s love life, and I did put up a post about that dynamic a couple of years ago. I wanted to highlight something I thought was hysterically funny and which to me puts the rabid need to find out about Richard in perspective. I also wanted to give my thoughts on the matter once and for all — like it really matters what someone like me thinks! LOL!

    SO thought it was not well done of me, which prompted me to take it down. As he put it to me, “Isn’t that blog supposed to be a ‘fun’ place? That doesn’t sound like a fun topic,. It’s a quagmire. You want to wade into that in your ‘fun’ place?” Obviously, the answer was no. To date that’s only one of two posts I’ve taken down. I’d like to keep it that way.

    And thank you for the good wishes! Just know I am not losing sleep over this, but I do have some principles I live by and don’t want to be a hypocrite by violating them here. This post comes right up to the line and may cross it. I’m not sure yet.

  70. I feel terrible…
    Dear Frenz, I have a profound need to apologize to you (and others) because I may have unwittingly fueled the fire a bit with my last sentence at 12:50 pm…When I wrote ” IMO this feels different” I NEVER ,EVER meant to say I thought they were in a relationship (How would I know ?) or that they were pretending to be in a relationship.What I meant was it felt different because Mr.A.seems to be pushing the publicity machine further than I have seen him do before.I (little old me) had a reaction even BEFORE I read Frenz’ blog .My reaction was what kind of games are they playing here ? We have chemistry (great !!) let’s play it up and maybe people will think there is a romance in the movie ( maybe yes,maybe no) If there isn’t, then I feel they are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.Which may or may not say something about the quality of the product they are pushing. I am PERSONALLY uncomfortable with that (and PLEASE,if people are OK with it then I am glad) .I hope this explains my sentence and thus the source of what I think I am perceiving in these pictures.Frenz you write beautifully and are funny as heck !! Apologies to you and the rest of your posters (?) posters (?) Over and out….

  71. The second posters was suppose to be postees (?) I never know….Over and out….

  72. No, no, don’t worry about this! You’re fine. Let’s just talk, and honestly, most people are off looking at all the Jameson Empire Awards media and not spending time here. This may be the best time to talk about it in a public fashion.

    Thanks for the compliments. I try. LOL! Not laughing at you but myself. Writing or being funny are not natural to me at all. That’s SO’s thing. I’m actually a very serious numbers person. Boringly so. Think accountant. No, think of someone sitting in a room writing code. That’s actually what I do most days. And that is not a joke.

  73. Oh my…I will certainly never breathe the same air as either of these talented people, so obviously I know nothing about them either!! Chris, I said I agreed with you as you made great thoughtful points, but I did NOT intend to drag you in with my newfound “biddyhood”. Or whatever it is. Our RA is quite well-brought-up and already has a wonderful mother (and I’m not old enough OR wise enough to play that role!) He’s surely well capable of handling himself! And has lots and lots going on too…..Cheers!

  74. My apologies to any of you whom I’ve made feel funny about discussing this because I second guessed posting about it. I don’t think anyone here has done one thing wrong. I think my cavalier attitude and making a joke about something that may not be funny was probably not a good idea. But it’s done, and I appreciate the class with which all of you have made your comments. In fact, that’s one of the best things about this community is the class with which most conduct themselves. Thank you for that! Don’t feel bad about anything, and let’s look forward.

  75. As I mentioned,I had a reaction even before reading your blog.My reaction was the same as yours.I saw the picture and I kind of went WTF ? Maybe not for the same reasons as others (see above) but that is on me and not on you Frenz…Believe me, I would have had the SAME reaction w/o the text….
    @SH Please, you did not drag me into anything I am a big girl so do not feel bad.As per Mr.A, believe me, I am much too young to be his mother and if you knew what I feel like saying sometimes (but refrain from saying) you would be amazed.People get very emotional about him when others are seemingly being “critical”. Believe me I have been ” put in my place” on a number of occasions :) I felt bad because l thought I had gotten our hostess into “trouble” with my at times badly constructed sentences….Cheers to both (and all of you) !!! Over and out.Chris

  76. I am a new fan of Richard’s and don’t know how he used to be at premieres, events etc.
    I loved that he as paying attention to his co-star and their body language was very inviting to see this movie. I have nothing to add to this discussion but a link to a video of Nicole K. at a national broadcaster
    What if R did something similar live on tv…?
    Frankly, I am ashamed of the shamelessness of Nicole.

  77. @ Frenz – i laughed my head off at your original post so, please, no regrets. If you start policing yourself so as to never cause offence to anyone, you’ll probably never publish anything. It’s a big fandom and someone is always going to get bent out of shape over something- for it would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything.

    @chris – Personally i love people coming up with different perspectives and i think it does us all good to hear others views.Having said that, having been slapped down on more than one occasion for offering an alternative view, i can feel your pain! But because RA keeps his private life private (and good for him, i say) it means folk can become convinced their view of him is the only legitimate one and can become quite affronted when that view is challenged. But he who shouts loudest is not necessarily right so try to pay it no heed.

  78. No worries I’m going to start second guessing every move I make. That would definitely be no fun. This just bordered on an area I have stayed away from in his blog and plan to continue. Everything else is fair game. :D

  79. @Guest,

    I’m trying to imagine R doing that. No, slap me. LOL!

    Seriously, he’s not ever done anything I would call offensive. He’s always been a gentleman from what I can tell.

  80. @ anonymous
    You are very sweet ;-) I must admit that I find the protectiveness hard to understand …I love my husband but criticize him at times .Why is Mr Armitage immune ? Anyways,life is too short and I like to have fun !
    Thank you for kind words…

  81. I can answer why I don’t like to criticize him, which I’m not sure I class as Armitage Protection Mode, but I definitely am hesitant to rake him over the coals. The guy is class act. He hasn’t really done anything to deserve criticism. Frankly, the only thing I’ve ever criticized him for is getting political. I thought that was not well done. Not because he expressed political views, but how he did it. He could have done it much better. But none of that made me dislike him. Obviously. And even those posts were more in the way of a joke.

    And when I say that about him being a class act, I’ve also encountered him face to face and witnessed his aplomb and graciousness first hand. He is a gentleman, and those guys are rare today. So yeah, I don’t want to trample on that.

  82. Anonymous is me, Bollyknickers! I didn’t mean to be anonymous (no idea how that happened) and i’m more than happy to ‘own’ the previous post.

    I agree with your sentiments Frenz – not only because he has proved himself time and time again to be a thoroughly decent person but because i probably wouldn’t do that to anyone. However, i think APM sometimes goes too far – and what is intended as a lighthearted comment is pounced upon as disrespectful, mean, insulting etc… Watching the video this morning of Aidan Turner, Adam Brown and RA being interviewed, it seemed to me that there had been some banter and leg pulling by his cast mates about his hair- to which he responded by joking about it himself and ultimately getting the biggest laugh.Basically, he’s a big boy and can look after himself so people getting worked up over an opinion in a forum he will probably never see seems unnecessary to me.

  83. And as Bollyknickers and Frenz said, that’s why *I* also don’t like to criticize *and* get fed up with the nitpicking of the fandom (which is constant and usually unwarranted and often easily distinguished from lighthearted comments). He’s a class act, a nice guy.

    And most other fandoms don’t do this. I’ve been in a lot of them and they don’t pick apart every single outfit, gesture, word. (Just to be clear here: I am *not* talking about this post or anything from that Frenz has posted, but about general stuff you can read on other blogs, at imdb, twitter). A prime example, some people were all over him about the Anglophile interview before they even saw it.

    This ruins it for other fans too. I’ve had the carping and criticism and discussions of how RA is stupid or vacant or fake take all the joy out of something RA related more than once. So how about some Armitage Fan Protection Mode (or whatever bs name someone wants to stick on it).

  84. On an unrelated note, what’s happened to the emoticons? I noticed that the usual punctuation that generates them didn’t work on my comment above.

  85. I’ve been trying to follow this conversation from the start but keep getting confused on what is actually being debated. I wanted to jump in though and say that I have encountered the fashion breakdown in other fandoms; fans pick apart every article of clothing & hairstyle, for better or for worse, that’s not unique to this fandom. what does seem to be unique in my experience is the constant apologizing for having an opinion. granted, when opinions are expressed sometimes there is a smackdown that is not warranted, but I think if you feel moved enough to state an opinion, you need to follow through. most of us can tell when someone is being genuine and when someone is being snarky, and so can Richard. I personally don’t like the level of constant criticism that some fans seem to convey, and that is why I get protective; a witty jab here and there is one thing, but I’m often left wondering why some fans are even fans: I like to gush about the people I like and admire, not constantly tear them down. that is not what I see happening here though, this is just an innocent debate that encompasses both movie marketing and romantic attachments. I think it’s healthy to speculate, as long as we’re respectful when doing so. *takes breath* having said all that, I originally said it was lonely being the only cynic because I was not buying the romance factor; yes, RA & SWC like each other and are comfortable together, that much is clear, I don’t think chemistry automatically equals romance though :)

  86. Interesting post Frenz. I was soo awed by RA and his hair and the clothes he wore that I didn’t notice the subtle messages in these photographed poses ;)

    And I have to say that I agree with your thoughts as well Mrs E Darcy. I think RA’s agents are in overdrive to get their client more “recognizable” in Hollywood.

  87. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in !” Michael Corleone ( The Godfather part 3)
    Mea culpa,Mea culpa,Mea maxima culpa (you guys can google if you feel like it)
    I actually thought of posting in French but decided against it. Somethings would surely and most certainly be lost in translation. LOL.
    I am not questioning Mr.Armitage’s character. He is a much too rare (sigh) occurrence in this world generally and in the movie business in particular.He is a respectful,dignified,gentleman. He is obviously adored by the peolple who work with him. He is a trooper who soldiers on even when he is obviously struggling with many aspects of the movie business.Lots and lots to admire here…
    What I am questioning,is his professional judgement (at times).What I am also questioning,are his handlers judgement.Tweeter ? Really ? Mr “I do not get Tweeter”. I know there is a goal here but do these people really SEE this man for who he seems to be (shy,introverted etc..) ? Now please,do not get excited if you like to Tweet ! I am talking about Mr.Armitage tweeting.. Not you… So do not jump all over me. Please…. Oh and btw, I was questioning his stylist’s judgement (and sanity) during the promotion of the first Hobbit movie. 1) NY Premiere checkered three-piece suit… Really ? Well put a pipe in his mouth,give him a tan briefcase to complete the look and he can go teach trigonometry !! He looked like a 50 year old dandy professor. 2)Tokyo (I think) shiny blue suit… Really ? Well lets put some Bee Gees on and lets gogo dancing disco boy ! Hilaria U Hilariious U !! Did you just quickly glanced at this man ? Did you speak to him ? Do you not SEE him ? Do you not feeeeeel him ? LOL. He went along with this ? That is what I am questioning. No I am not slicing and dicing, the pictures are out there to see, I most of the times like (especially, believe or not when he dresses himself) and at times I laugh… Mr A. I hope she gives you your money back for some of these suits.
    There you go.. I hope I made some of you laugh with my little funnies (I know I am trying to make myself laugh-because I ain’t having fun right now). Since I am on a roll, I shall put a final nail in my coffin. I mean why not at this point… I think Mr Armitage cares to much about what people (including his fans) think. Lack of confidence ? Deep desire to be liked at all costs ? Who knows ? I think this has hindered his career in more ways than not…I am done here, time to retire the index finger from this lovely blog. Thank you all, be well. Especially you Frenz. It was nice visiting your home. I shall now grab my rosary,kneel in a dark corner and pray for the salvation of my soul. It sure seems like I am going to need it (This is me being ironic-LOL) Really, what I will do is go and pick my beautiful,lovely 8 year old daughter and give her a big hug. Mommy really,really needs it (this is me being serious)
    All the best X

  88. @Chris: I enjoyed your last comment very much! I too have no problem when Richard dresses himself and thought a lot of the looks for the last press tour were aging him unnecessarily. I’ve also suspected a lack of overall confidence on his part, but I think that is changing; he’s coming into his own in more ways than one. and while imagining Richard tweeting might be humorous, I think it will open up many more cans of worms for his fans that I really don’t want to see.

  89. I’m on record a long time ago as being against his advent on Twitter. But I could be wrong. We’ll see.

  90. @guest – wow, I can’t think of another word for that besides just “skanky”. What am I missing here? Her Keith seems like a good man, why not save that for him? Is this really the kind of image that gets people to the theater? More to your point, Richard and Sarah look more like Jane Austen every minute up next to something like that! And good for them.

  91. @Chris, I really enjoyed your last post as well. I agree, if Richard doesn’t want to be on Twitter, why should he feel compelled to be there? As a person who likes his privacy, it may be more than he bargained for. On the other hand, If he gets a social media manager to take care of it on his behalf, that could make him more visible & keep it out of his hair. His lack of desire to focus on himself doesn’t fit with him using Twitter personally rather than putting it off to a marketing person…as long as they don’t try to remake him into someone he himself doesn’t recognize.

  92. I think that Nicole’s lapdance with Jimmy has to be understood in the context of her body of film work. At one time she was notorious for the number of sex scenes she did (eg To Die For, Birth, Eyes Wide Shut, Fur, Malice, Dead Calm, Cold Mountain, Paperboy).

  93. Chris,

    I share your suspicions of what might be hindering his career.

  94. @Cill, that may be true about Nicole, but it doesn’t really change anything for me.

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