Dateline: New York Comic-Con

NYCC_2010_LogoI was not going to post this, but I can’t help myself. Since Peter Jackson announced the Hobbit cast would not be at San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve been thinking one or some of them would show up at the event in New York. I think it’s now a given that there will be some cast members there, but I’ve been telling TheQueen since July that I thought our guy or maybe even Peter Jackson would show up for this shindig. As it draws closer, my gut is screaming at me that something unexpected will happen. Maybe my gut needs to go back to sleep, but right now, I’ve got to do something to relieve its internal rumblings — hence this post.

For those who live in the tri-state area, you can get the skinny on New York Comic-Con over at TheOneRingnet. Unfortunately, the tickets are all sold out, but at least you’ll know which building it’s in so you can camp outside wait discreetly at a coffee shop nearby in hopes of seeing Richard or Sir Peter strolling down the street. Hey, it’s New York; it could happen. :D

Or you could just join the Ringer party. I think there are still tickets available. Even if the cast doesn’t show, this is a fun bunch.

And if Orlando Bloom doesn’t show up at some point, I’ll eat my hat. Yeah, so I don’t own a hat; you get the idea.

note: almost every time I’ve had this kind of feeling, it’s been correct. Now that I’ve published this, it will not happen. LOL! Maybe I should have just kept this to myself, but I needed some relief.

If nothing else so I can stop thinking about the dream I had the other night which featured this. Thanks, Jigga.

No Hobbit at Comic-Con 2013

Just announced on Peter Jackson’s latest vlog here that the cast will not be at Comic-Con 2013.

One of the main reasons, they’re busy getting ready for the Battle of the Five Armies:


A big bummer. However, if you are already going to Comic-Con, and it’s your first time, there is so much more there to see than Peter Jackson and The Hobbit cast.


The new video log in HD: