Timeout for a Timeout

OnLocation-UrbanAtShedCrewtwitter-08Apr14Have you ever been so tired at the end of the day you didn’t care if you ate or bathed? You were like a homing pigeon focused on making it to a certain place, and that would be the bed? And you had to be focused ’cause you were so whipped that any distraction would have completely taken you off task?

Yeah, I know some of you have been that tired, and tonight I’m so there. My whole goal in the next half hour is to make it to bed. A few minutes ago the doorbell rang, and of course no one else is home to answer it. I flirted with the idea of ignoring it and proceeding onto my bedroom, but I felt bad about doing that and decided to see who it was. I’m so glad I didn’t blow it off, ’cause I opened the front door and lo and behold it was my ass finally getting home.

I really am tired tonight. It’s a good tired but a very real tired, so any speculation about Richard Armitage’s future plans will have to wait until tomorrow — at least for me.

And hey, we may hear something between now and then, and a very good chance it will be by the end of this month.


I hope you’re taking a timeout too after that hellacious schedule for The Crucible.

I would write more, but man, my brain hasn’t gotten home yet. I hope it shows up before morning.

A crazy…oh to hell with it; I’m to bed.

I hope one of you will wake me if something really interesting happens. :D

Sometimes You Can’t Help Sounding Like a Frau

Lee Pace and Richard Armitage together at lastPhoto from a fundraising event in NZ in 2012.

This whole Richard Armitage/Lee Pace thing really is a bit comical and disappointing. It’s not the thought of the validity of this relationship being proved or disproved that engenders my response, and it’s not really about these two men. It’s about the larger issue of this maniacal need to assign something sexual to people who are together in seemingly commonplace situations. I’m not strictly thinking of the park bench scenario but of all the scenarios that have somehow been inferred as portending a sexual relationship. Oh, sure there could be a sexual relationship (I’ve never ruled that out), but I’m talking about the “evidence” on which the conclusion it’s sexual has been drawn:

Let me recap:

  • Going to see a movie together
  • Attending a fundraiser with a large group
  • Attending each other’s performances
  • Eating dinner together
  • Eating dinner together with family present (gasp)
  • Wearing each other’s clothes (oh damn, that’s so sexual)
  • Staying in each other’s homes while visiting (don’t grown, middle-aged men know they cannot do this without it being sexual)
  • Visiting each other during the holidays (definitely up to something sexual)
  • Refusing to answer questions about private life (oh shit; trying to hide something sexual)
  • At least one of the parties playing homosexual characters (yep, definitely a sexual relationship going on)

Maybe I’m naive, but can two people of the same sex who are middle-aged and single actually be close friends without someone else assigning a sexual connotation to their relationship?

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was over to visit, and she wanted me to see something on Facebook. She pulled it up, and then we ended up looking at a mutual friend’s photos, and this mutual friend had all sorts of vacation pics with another woman, and my friend said to me later, “I think she’s probably gay.” I asked, “What do you base that on?” The answer was the vacation pictures with the other woman, and that there were no pictures of men. Nothing else. Just the fact that these two women had been on vacation together on three occasions. Oh, and also that they’re both single and middle-aged.

Sadly, I’ve heard people make sweeping statements based on less, and this kind of assessment seems to occur much more often in the last several years. Can’t people of the same sex just be close friends anymore? Probably not since everything seems to be sexualized. That’s sad to me because friendships are so precious, and how frustrating to think that if you’re middle-aged, single and hanging out on a regular basis with someone of the same sex, then there is the specter that it is sexual. What a drain.

And even gay people are tired of the myth (see #3 and #4 and maybe #7) that if they are around people of the same sex it must be sexually motivated.

Then again, maybe it’s good for a laugh. James Franco seemed to give that appearance. Of course he was also promoting a project.

I did say that speculation was a favorite past time, and I still stand by that, but I also like to be reasonable unless, like Franco, I’m unreasonable to get a laugh or make a point.

note: Frau is a term commonly assigned to a certain set of fangirl and often used as an epithet on a particular gay gossip site. Frankly, I’ve found it uproariously funny when I’ve read it.

Diary of an RA Fan — Part 808 The Wayward Lover

August 11, 2014


Entry — Sunday, August 10, 2014:

_______ sent me another song. Every few days she sends one and wants my take on it. Most of them have been great, some good and some okay. But whatever the performance, the sum of her writing is fantastic. Yeah, I’m biased. I can’t help it, but I’m far from alone in that assessment.

She was always a writer and has been successful at it for quite sometime. At barely 20 she went to NYC and landed a good writing job of a few hours a week which more than paid her rent. But writing for someone else was never going to satisfy her. She’s always working on something else, and then she picked up her guitar again and started writing songs. Now SO and I have quite a few on our phones which we can’t stop listening to. They are all rough cuts with all kinds of extraneous noises like her roommate’s hair dryer in the background. I don’t care. They are well written, and some of them I believe could gain something significant.

For the last couple of weeks, part of one song has been on my mind waking up and going to sleep. I have literally gotten up singing it. This prompted me to listen to the whole thing again this evening. It’s about expectations, identity and the desire for acceptance. Despite this song being written for others reasons, I began to see it as something from Richard Armitage and concerning his relationship to us fans. I imagined him singing this song to us and using all sorts of pronouns and of course sincerely but with an occasional sarcastic tone. It made me laugh and think about what may or may not be real.

The lyrics and copyright info, and if you don’t listen to anything else, listen from 3:40 on.

Maybe these thoughts were also brought on by Lee Pace’s interview in May. Maybe it was reviewing Richard’s interview in the Telegraph and the Sunday Times. Or maybe it’s because SO and I live a public life and have for quite a few years. A lot of our moves are watched, and if either of us look at someone the wrong way or reveal something about ourselves the public isn’t ready to see, it can cause some consternation on the public’s part. I don’t worry about this most of the time when I go into public, because some people are going to think what they want to think no matter what SO or I do. But occasionally something comes back to us that we supposedly said or did, and I’m dumbfounded and feel bad that someone read into our expressions and was hurt by them. Obviously, I’ve read in all kinds of things about Richard Armitage during the life of my blog, and I still wonder what he really thinks, and if I should write what I think about that. I don’t wonder this as often as I did when I first started writing. But that song made me wonder, and that in itself makes it a really good song.


Candid shot of the musician in Central Park

Candid shot of Richard by Gundi (and I’m wondering if Gundi is a fan who has shared this photo with us via RichardArmitageNet.com or not and if I’m violating copyright. Someone raise your hand if you know the answer. Thanks!)

edit: I have riddled this post with typos, and now I see RichardArmiteneNet.com. ROFLOL!! It will be fixed by the time someone reads this comment. Sorry about that, Ali. I flat did not see that. Oy

Dateline: New York Comic-Con

NYCC_2010_LogoI was not going to post this, but I can’t help myself. Since Peter Jackson announced the Hobbit cast would not be at San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve been thinking one or some of them would show up at the event in New York. I think it’s now a given that there will be some cast members there, but I’ve been telling TheQueen since July that I thought our guy or maybe even Peter Jackson would show up for this shindig. As it draws closer, my gut is screaming at me that something unexpected will happen. Maybe my gut needs to go back to sleep, but right now, I’ve got to do something to relieve its internal rumblings — hence this post.

For those who live in the tri-state area, you can get the skinny on New York Comic-Con over at TheOneRingnet. Unfortunately, the tickets are all sold out, but at least you’ll know which building it’s in so you can camp outside wait discreetly at a coffee shop nearby in hopes of seeing Richard or Sir Peter strolling down the street. Hey, it’s New York; it could happen. :D

Or you could just join the Ringer party. I think there are still tickets available. Even if the cast doesn’t show, this is a fun bunch.

And if Orlando Bloom doesn’t show up at some point, I’ll eat my hat. Yeah, so I don’t own a hat; you get the idea.

note: almost every time I’ve had this kind of feeling, it’s been correct. Now that I’ve published this, it will not happen. LOL! Maybe I should have just kept this to myself, but I needed some relief.

If nothing else so I can stop thinking about the dream I had the other night which featured this. Thanks, Jigga.

Maybe I Missed Something?

I keep hearing how Richard Armitage went to Los Angeles to pitch an idea for Richard III. That was certainly floated as a possibility when he was on the plane to LA and missed the BBC Leicester Radio interview. But now it seems to have become fact. When did that happen? I’m honestly asking that. Is there some intel that someone has that verifies this indeed happened?

If not, it’s still just a bunch of speculation, and frankly, Richard Armitage and “his people” would be utter fools to talk about him doing this. So again, I’m wondering what’s up?

Yeah, Rich, you’re not stupid, so I don’t think you let this out of the bag if indeed there was a bag. Love the smile:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Portraits

I can’t help myself. This is such a fantastic photo. You all may get sick of it before I’m done. :D


It’s one thing for Philippa Langley to talk about Richard Armitage doing this, but it’s another to call that a fact. I do give her big time kudos for chuzpah, and I mean that in the very best way possible. Actually, I have a complimentary post on her which I wrote right after I watched the special and will post at some point soon, but it’s not for this blog. It’s a better fit elsewhere. At least how it’s written at the moment. Just know this: I like her!

But back to the subject at hand. Until Richard Armitage or someone who officially represents Richard Armitage or who is confirmed as working with him states that he went to LA to make a pitch, I can’t refer to that as a fact. Did it probably happen? Oh, I can certainly see that it may well have happened. No problem seeing that. It’s how I’m referring to it that’s a sticking point.

Speculation — My Favorite Pastime

I immersed myself in over a thousand Post Secret cards to get ready for my last two pieces. The range of emotions this evoked nearly took off my head. Each card is a story much like the six word story attributed to Hemingway although the Post Secret cards are more powerful for being non-fiction. There was a card every now and then that made me wonder if Gary Larson was at work:

For the uninitiated Post Secret is a blog begun in 2005 by Frank Warren, who gave a platform for people’s secrets. Once a week on Sunday, he posts 20 of the cards he receives. Yesterday the site celebrated a half billion visits, and almost countless blogs commemorated. Our own Funky Blue Dandelion was among them and with a little something more.

I have many more thoughts about the Post Secret dynamic, but I’m not quite sure they would fit on this blog.

As for the connection to Richard Armitage, isn’t he in the business of telling someone’s story? Oh yeah, he should be tagged in this post. :D

Postcard from the 2005 Post Secret archive collection.