Is Something Wrong with Me Because I Like This?

My kid gave me the run down on Shakira. Wow. I had no idea she knew all of that. Now I’m wondering what else she knows that I probably ought to be aware of.

I told her I like this song, but before I watched this video, I was prepared to hate it. I heard the word ‘pop,’ and my brain started shutting down, and as I started to listen, I heard Sharkira’s voice go into vibrato and thought, “I will never get through this whole thing.” Oh, how wrong I was. Then again, I like Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. No, I didn’t like the nudity. I felt sorry for the kid. She has become a tool, but I like the song.

At least Shakira doesn’t get naked.

I have not listened to anything else by Shakira, so I have no clue if I’ll like her other songs. Should be interesting to find out.