Is Something Wrong with Me Because I Like This?

My kid gave me the run down on Shakira. Wow. I had no idea she knew all of that. Now I’m wondering what else she knows that I probably ought to be aware of.

I told her I like this song, but before I watched this video, I was prepared to hate it. I heard the word ‘pop,’ and my brain started shutting down, and as I started to listen, I heard Sharkira’s voice go into vibrato and thought, “I will never get through this whole thing.” Oh, how wrong I was. Then again, I like Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. No, I didn’t like the nudity. I felt sorry for the kid. She has become a tool, but I like the song.

At least Shakira doesn’t get naked.

I have not listened to anything else by Shakira, so I have no clue if I’ll like her other songs. Should be interesting to find out.


  1. Bienvenida al mundo de los artistas latinos = Welcome to the world of latin artists. I am blessed that Spanish is my first language, which means I have listened to Shakira’s music (she’s from Barranquilla, Colombia) since she began her career, singing a group of songs she had written in Spanish. Not only were her melodies catchy and infectious but her lyrics dealt with social issues which she found a way to criticize without naming specific governments at all. She also wrote about love and passion (not explicit sex or foul language). Her album ‘¿Dónde están los ladrones?’ *Where are the thieves?) is hands down one of the best albums EVER written, where you don’t want to skip any of the songs. I say this, being a singer/songwriter myself, one who has an extensive music collection (it’s one of my hobbies).

    When she broke into the US market with her first English language album, it sounded strange to my ears, but the music was still ‘her’ sound and her voice was still unique. She became a great success here too and is a highly accomplished and respect artist worldwide. Here is a list to the awards and nominations she has received all these years. As you will see, it is very impressive:

    Shakira is also a humanitarian. I quote from

    “Outside of her busy career, Shakira created the Pies Descalzos Foundation to help children in her native Colombia. She is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and was honored by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization for her philanthrophic efforts in 2010.”

    While she bares her midriff and shakes her hips in a sexy way, your daughter has chosen a very good person to admire. I hope you get to know her music. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t win you over. We are proud of her all over Latin America. :)

  2. I had no idea about this singer until recently, and since I posted this piece a few minutes ago, I’ve gotten almost ten messages telling me how great she is. Wow again.

    Thanks for info!

  3. You’re welcome. Anytime. I love to talk about my favorite artists. :)

  4. I became a Shakira fan back in the “Whenever, Wherever” days (but really only because the background in the video reminded me of LOTR and took me to my happy place). That song is still one of my 3 favourites by her. I suggest you browse youtube and find out more.

    Oh, and Shakira comes by her belly-dancing honestly; she is half-Lebanese. In fact, she is also part Catalan and Italian:

  5. Totally nothing wrong! I have admired Shakira for some time, since just before Whenever, Wherever and I prefer her songs in Spanish (even Whenever, Wherever) and seeing her with her natural hair color, brown. There’s an MTV live performance she did way back and I love how she performs Ojos Asi, and I can’t see how she can keep singing with her hips moving like that. Years ago, I took belly dancing lessons and I learned that many of the women in the class got into belly dancing after seeing her and she sure makes it look so easy (though we discovered the contrary the following day when back muscles we never were aware of suddenly awoke LOL). But she’s really smart and with all the languages that she knows how to speak, such a levelheaded woman it seems.

    My favorite songs of hers happen to still be in Spanish, like No Creo, Si Te Vas, Waka Waka and Inevitable. A great way to learn a new language :)

    Hope you don’t mind I linked to Inevitable. Feel free to remove it :)

    I remember having to go to some city office for a business license of some sort and the young man who took care of me had concert stubs of her concert just the week before and he absolutely adored Shakira! First guy I ever met then to admit he liked her, but then my then-boyfriend, this Mr. Big type of guy (well, he was my Mr. Big) bought Shakira’s first English CD and when I discovered it in his CD libary, it was such a sweet delightful feeling.

  6. I’ve been enjoying her as a judge on The Voice.

  7. The video kind of looks like Sound of Music in some places.

  8. This comment is apropos of nothing other than Alice Cooper just did an impression of Bob Dylan covering Shakira. It was as funny as it sounds. :)

  9. Dylan does Shakira? Gotta link?

  10. No, Dylan doesn’t actually cover her. Cooper was speculating who Dylan would cover and sang “Hips Don’t Lie” in Dylan’s voice. Although I would LOVE to see that.

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